Kurt Cobain: All Apologies. New DVD

A new unofficial Nirvana DVD is coming out. Here's a few details:

"DVD UK Ltd is delighted to announce the release of Kurt Cobain – All Apologies. a moving tribute to the man and his music from those who were inspired by his extraordinary genius. Retailing at just £15.99 the title will be released on DVD only [in the UK] on 6 November 2006.

Featuring a critical reassessment of his work, ‘All Apologies’ attempts to understand why Cobain still continues to be a role model for disaffected youth. It also analyses Nirvana’s contribution to the annals of rock history, from the early days of Bleach to the multi-million selling album Nevermind, and beyond.

In a series of exclusive interviews, Nirvana members, Cobain’s family and media pundits comment on his life and values, revealing the inspiration behind his music and how fame affected him both personally and artistically.

Special Features Include: Superb performance footage. Original music by the Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and Gang of Four. Interviews with Kurt's grandfather Leland Cobain, Tracy Marander (Kurt's ex), booking agent Russell Warby, Anton Brookes (Nirvana’s UK publicist), Chad Channing (ex Nirvana), David Frike (Rolling Stone), Steve Sutherland (NME) and Terry Christian."

The DVD runs for 120 minutes plus 60 minutes of bonus material. Thanks to Sara.

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