Kurt and Courtney to Sue Over Daughter

Melody Maker - September 5th, 1992.

Kurt and Courtney's daughter taken away

Nirvana and Hole manager Danny Goldberg has taken the unprecedented step of speaking directly to Melody Maker after The Sun reported last week that Kurt and Courtney’s baby had been born an addict. The manager is furious at this latest intrusion into the private lives of his clients. He claims that the story contains many inaccuracies and he is consulting his lawyers with a view to suing the newspaper.

Last Thursday, August 27, The Sun's Bizarre column quoted insider at The Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Hospital who allegedly claimed that the baby, Frances Bean, was "high on methadone when she was born". The some alleged source continued: "The quickest way to get her off the drug was to let her go cold turkey. She suffered cold sweats, shivering, cramps and muscle spasms, but she should live."

However, nobody that The Maker spoke to at the hospital recalled speaking to The Sun. Furthermore, there are strict laws in America concerning the confidentiality of medical records. Goldberg told The Maker:

"First of all, it is illegal for a hospital to reveal hospital records and we will be looking into whether in fact this was the case. Given the reliability of the publication, I think that there’s a very good chance that the story was completely invented. Why did this so-called insider only speak to The Sun? Why not Rolling Stone or the L.A. Times? I have an extremely low opinion of British tabloids. It’s one thing for people to write things that so-called unnamed friends have said. That's sleazy. This time I think it may have stepped over the line from sleazy to libellous. Probably we will sue.

"I don’t like to sue people for the fun of it. But I've personally seen the baby three or four times in the last week, and she’s completely normal. Her condition requires no special attention. All this stuff about cramps and chills is a complete and absolute lie.

"Courtney was under a doctor’s guidance throughout the pregnancy, and did everything the doctor told her. I’m sure following that advice is one of the reasons why the baby was born perfectly healthy.

An official statement issued by Kurt and Courtney through Goldberg’s company, Goldmountain, read: Because we were stupid enough to do drugs at one brief time, we realise that we opened ourselves up to gossip by people in the rock world who want desperately to pretend that they have some 'inside' information on famous people. We never dreamed that gossip would be reported as if it were true without us even having the ability to comment on it, especially when the gossip reflects on such a personal and important event as the birth of our first child."

Rumours that Nirvana would pull their Reading festival appearance because of the fuss generated by the article were laughed off by Goldberg. "Why would Kurt blame his fans for what the British tabloids say about him?" he said.