Chat: 29 October 94

LUCKY Steve, why is your "production credit" always "recorded by" as opposed to "produced by"?

BENNETT I play in a power trio......and we just recorded a demo on my Tascam 4 track.

TOM PATTERSON I'm confused by Action Park. On my turntable, it sounds like compressed crud.

DALTON ROSS But the packaging is slick

TOM PATTERSON Tascam 4trks rule

BENNETT And it sounds pretty big, but not REALLY big...

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, I do not consider myself a "producer" in the classic sense. I have met a few of them, and they're assholes. I prefer to let the bands do the "production," with me solving technical and creative problems along the way.

BENNETT Any suggestions??


TOM PATTERSON I'm wondering if it's my turntable or is it supposed to sound like that? It sounds so different from the singles...

DALTON ROSS Steve, what's your favorite type of microphone?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, you may have a bad needle. There is also the faint hint of a possibility that you have a bad pressing. If so, it will be cheerfully replaced.

TOM PATTERSON No offense, Steve, I'm really just disappointed...I sounds like it was recorded under a blanket or something. This is a serious question.

LIZ ELLISON My copy sounds great through a tube amp, BTW -- singles, too.

LUCKY I think you're an overly modest producer - which in these days is rare...but you do have a distinct sound ... or try to not overproduce..correct??lk

STEVEN ALBINI Dalton, I have a romantic attachment to a particular British ribbon microphone, the STC 4038, but there are others I use as much and think are as suited to their chores.

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, I'm sorry.

BENNETT Steve, any suggestions on miking guitar amps?

TOM PATTERSON I liked the "bird" single, recorded through one mike. I thought you should've done the whole album that way

DALTON ROSS steve, my friend dan mitchell wants to know where you, john mohr, and bernie get your hair cut.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, I don't think _I_ have a distinct sound. I think most other records sound very similar, and if you pay attention to the details, you will notice that there is a wide range in the sounds and styles of the bands I've worked with That other people's records sound so similar is why you think mine sound "distinct." Shut up, Tom.

MODERATOR Steve, what's up with Duelin' Firemen?

LIZ ELLISON Steve, do you know of any good women engineers? I'd like to learn, but...

STEVEN ALBINI Actually, Tom, we plan on doing more simple recordings like that one. I like them, and not just on Shellac records.

LIZ ELLISON there don't seem to be too many women in the field. Why? l

DALTON ROSS steve, did you and david yow do some cd rom thing or somethin'?

STEVEN ALBINI Duellin' Firemen is a CD-Rom videogame I make a cameo appearance in (with David Yow) as a pilot on Air Force One, flying into a building in Chicago. The project is being funded by noted techno-hack producer Flood.

CYBERBABE Answer Liz's question pleeeeeeaaassseee Steven.

PRISCILLA hi, I have a question...steve, are you a fan of 6 finger satellite?

STEVEN ALBINI Liz, you're right, and I'm tired of all the dick jokes that fly around control rooms because of it. There are more women getting into recording daily, though, and some of them are getting more attention lately. Are you an engineer?

MO FESTUS everything is moving so slowly.

LIZ ELLISON I have my own DIY 4tk studio, but I'm not a pro. lee

TOM PATTERSON There should be more girl engineers with all the girl bands going on out there

STEVEN ALBINI Priscilla, I am an enthusiastic and rabid fan of 6 finger satellite. They are the only thing keeping Sub Pop above water in the aesthetic puddle these days.

MO FESTUS yet, I'm dizzy.

BENNETT Steve, do you like Neil Diamond?

MO FESTUS dizzy like "static taffy"

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, you're right for once. Now shut up.

PRISCILLA I like the title "the finger is the most popular bird". They are a butt kickin band.

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, you've slipped a cog.

MO FESTUS steve, what's your view on the new garage psychadelia

LIZ ELLISON Steve, what were the In Utero sessions like? Not the flack, just the music?

MO FESTUS you, know, like Sebadoh

BENNETT Nah, man. Listen to the Jazz Singer soundtrack really loud through some expensive Senneheiser cans or something and I promise you'll find god.

TOM PATTERSON Since you're such an analog enthusiast, what do you think of the future of electronic net distribution of music and other media?

LUCKY Steve, I think it's really great that you're working with a young band like do you divide your production time between projects? & what does TRIPHAMMER sound like?..before & after?LK

STEVEN ALBINI Mo Festus, do you mean Mummys-style stuff? That's been around for ages, or are you talking about the British Psych/noise tangent, like Skullflower? Liz, That's a long story, and I don't type too fast.

MO FESTUS like skullflower, baby

LIZ ELLISON OK, here's a quick one -- did you really set Dave Grohl's hair on fire? le

STEVEN ALBINI Mo, I'm an indifferent listener to the Sebadoh aesthetic. I think some of it is okay, but merely being poorly-recorded isn't enough to justify listening. I like things like theShrimper stuff and Drag City stuff better than most.

MO FESTUS how do you define "poorly recorded"?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, that's enough out of you. Lucky, Triphammer sound like this morning's fresh-baked bread, which is as good as any description, and the record's coming out fine.

BENNETT Is it like rye bread or corn bread?

STEVEN ALBINI Liz, no, I set Dave Grohl's _ass_ on fire.

LIZ ELLISON Hah! Tres cool! Thanks. le

PRISCILLA hey mo, have you checked out the Jon Davis Folk Implosion record that Barlow worked on? One of his best current efforts , I think. PQOD

CYBERBABE Do you think the attention is because of the high profile a lot of women have

MO FESTUS haven't hear it, yet, Prisc. but I am eager

STEVEN ALBINI Mo Fester, I would define "poorly recorded" as that which doesn't sound convincingly like the sound that took place, or that which doesn't flatter the music and aesthetic of the band.

MILTON Hey george, are you wearing my lucky t-shirt for your rocking recording?

BENNETT Steve, any advice on recording vox on cheap equipment?

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, George said your shirt is in the laundry. Sorry.

MO FESTUS where does the sound take place right in front of the amp?

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, you'll have to either come to grips with the "cheap" sound or bite the bullet and get good equipment. There is no way to cheat. There is also nothing rong with "cheap" sounds, if you don't try to pretend they aren't. Mo Fester, the sound is where the microphone is.

MILTON George, how's the trash situation out there in the WIndy City?

TOM PATTERSON I like toy karaoke mikes myself

STEVEN ALBINI Cyberbabe, I think it's rude to mention a woman's profile as though she were a piece of meat on display.

LO-KI Steven, I heard that you had a band called "Buttress" in the studio a couple of months ago, any comments on the session?

BENNETT Steve-maybe cheap was the wrong word. It's just that recording vox always seems to be thre most problematic part (even when the singing is good). Do you fell this way too?

MO FESTUS how could a sound be unconvincing , then

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, You have puzzled George with your question.

MO FESTUS hey, lo-ki--does your name.. refer to the norse god..

TOM PATTERSON So, had any power lunches with Butch Vig lately?

LO-KI yes

LIZ ELLISON Steve, how do you mic drums? You always seem to get a great sound. le

LUCY Mr. Albini -- apocryphal or not that you did an art project consisting of a lucite box, handy weapons, and inciting passers-by to try to break the box and kill you by insulting them? if so it sounds like an excellent project.L

STEVEN ALBINI Lo-Ki, Buttress were very entertaining. A jillion songs, with a jillion different takes on the same couple of ideas. I think Buttress are an excellent band, though not in a very classic way.

MO FESTUS or is it a musical refereence...

BENNETT Yeah-how DO you mic the drumz...

MO FESTUS or, perhaps, sexual?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, I've warned you before. Now shut up.

TOM PATTERSON I can't help it, I type fast

LO-KI all of the above lh

STEVEN ALBINI Liz, that's also a very long story. I'll try to summarize it in a future article, but I'd rather write a book. Drums are so demanding it'll make you go crazy. Lucy, that's about the size of it.

MO FESTUS sorry about the sexual. mf

LIZ ELLISON Yeah, I know -- I'm a drummer ;) le

BENNETT Are you really gonna write a book? Steve Albini's 12 Steps to a Better Demo.....It would sell TONS.

LUCKY Steve, how many tracks have you cut so far with

PRISCILLA S, PLEASE write the book today!

LUCY Bennett are you in publishing by any chance?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, we've recorded 10 songs, and have mixed about half of them. We'll be through by dinnertime.

BENNETT No, I'm in guitarring

MO FESTUS steve, a serious question

MILTON Steve, do you have any plans to extend your projects into mulitmedia formats?

LIZ ELLISON Yeah, do write a book, please! I'll even buy TEN copies if you'll do it. le

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, no. Yes mo?

LUCKY That sounds pretty painless- do you always record that quickly?lk

MO FESTUS STEVE, for someone who's starting out. what's the best literature..available for home recording?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, I'll work at the pace the band want to, but usually faster than most hacks who don't know what they're doing or sponges who like to eat up time.

PRISCILLA good question!

MO FESTUS sorry, I am slowness personified.

BENNETT Steve, are you more of a hack or a sponge (although I know you're neither..)

STEVEN ALBINI Mo, please write your question as one sentence. f*ck this "..." crap.

LUCY where did you meet all these studio hacks for whom you have (probably justified) contempt?

MODERATOR We like our "..."'s

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennet, I try to be neither.

MO FESTUS steve, we were instructed to write this way.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, I've met them in studios, on airplanes, at technical seminars, on the bus, and in my own goddamn house.

LUCKY Can you name any of these hacks? or better phrased - who are your most honored other recorders/producers?lk

LUCY sounds like persecution

MO FESTUS also, my computer is slow, thank you very much

STEVEN ALBINI Mo, the authorities are often wrong. They're wrong about "..." They make it hard to discern whose line is what.


TOM PATTERSON "..." sucks

BENNETT f*ck "..."

LUCY Shut up tom

MODERATOR "..." you!

MILTON George, how does performing live with an audience compare with "performing" in the studio?milt.

TOM PATTERSON lucy is cool

LUCY danke

MO FESTUS thank you for the lesson in preprepusbent radicalism

BENNETT Lucy, does your name have anything to do with Lucille Ball or is it just coincidence?

LUCY not as far as I know

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, I think these people do an excellent job of recording rock bands: Brian Paulson, Bob Weston, David Barbe, Conrad Schultz, Jim O'Rourke and f*cking few others.

MO FESTUS Bob Weston recorded some of the new Sebadoh album

LO-KI what do you think of Arto Lindsay's production? lh

BENNETT Steve, are there any producers in the NY area who will work with unsigned acts that you could reccomend??

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, George says, "No big difference, only a smaller room." Mo Festus, You're right. He's worked with Sebadoh several times, and I think they work well together.

MO FESTUS are yolu a Vocano Suns fan?

STEVEN ALBINI Lo-Ki, I'm not that familiar with anything other than his own stuff, which I think is appropriately-recorded. Triphammer, what are your plans with this recording?

LUCKY Steve, have there been any bands that you've worked with that were "painful" to record & why?LK

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, there used to be a guy named Jim Waters, but he moved to Arizona. He did the last two Blues Explosion albums, and they sound excellent. A bit much compression on the new one, for my taste, but otherwise it smokes.

TOM PATTERSON What indy record companies are the most notorious ripoff artists?

PRISCILLA I agree - Blues Explosion rules my world.

LO-KI good question!

VERONICA Good question. Or major artists.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, Yes, there have been. I'm not too keen on gossipping, but you probably know how indecisive, touchy and childish musicians can be.

MO FESTUS excellent, pris. love you.

VERONICA Sorry, I meant "or major labels" v

LUCY I thought that's what they say about engineers

LUCY just kidding

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, _Most_ record companies have well- deserved bad reputations. I'd be opening myself up for litigation if I said specifically who is criminal on a public forum, but I've had particularly horrible experiences with Dutch East India (Rockville, Homestead .

LIZ ELLISON Steve, what do you think of the Lexicon Vortex for small studios? (I just got one and I think I'm in love with it.) le

VERONICA Because they owed you $ for Big Black?

STEVEN ALBINI Homestead ...), Twin Tone, Warner Brothers, and any company. Liz, I'm unfamiliar with the device.

MO FESTUS no, folks, I am not an explosion. nor am I blue

STEVEN ALBINI Veronica, my bad experiences have little to do with money and much to do with lying, which I find very distasteful, and power, which seems to be an obsession for industry weasels.

LIZ ELLISON Interesting about Dutch East -- they're busily screwing over a friend of mine now. What was your experience? le

TOM PATTERSON He just said "I can't discuss it"!

LUCY how much "power" does homestead have?

STEVEN ALBINI Liz, mostly that they lied to us constantly and used every cheap trick to avoid paying us (even crass shit like sending checks with no signature).

VERONICA Not much since Pony just broke up, BOX left and New Radiant Storm King left.

LUCKY Hey TRIPHAMMER - how do you feel about working with Steve Albini?LK

LIZ ELLISON Yup, that tracks -- thanks. le

LUCY now they HAVE to lie

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, that depends on how much power the band cedes to them, just like any business relationship.

LUCY yeah, i guess if they own the rights to yr next 10 records they have plenty.L

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, Triphammer say, "everything you've heard about him is true and he has a cool cat."

MILTON I looooove cats. milt.

MO FESTUS I would band on it

VERONICA no Mo! no Mo! Pun alert...

STEVEN ALBINI I do not want to discuss specific companies on a level that might encourage malicious conversation. Most people will tell you their experiences if you ask them, and you should. In person, in private.

VERONICA What other producers' work do you like? Sorry if this came up earlier. v

MO FESTUS I moed the lawn and the lawn won. mf

STEVEN ALBINI Veronica, it did.

LUCY why are you recording Triphammer? are you beating bad bands off with a stick?L

BENNETT You could beat my band off with a stick as long as you produce us afterwards...

LUCY i meant, how do you choose projects...sorry for th'opening

MO FESTUS you could beazt my stick off with a band

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, I'm not terribly selective, but I don't think Triphammer are an inappropriate band anyway. I don't think I need to be a rabid fan of a band to understand them and do a good job. Sometimes that ends up being the case, though.

STEVEN ALBINI Shut up, Mr. Bennett.


MO FESTUS lovely ellipse

BENNETT Is that any way to speak to Tony Bennett?

MO FESTUS static taffy

VERONICA Or William Bennett.

MO FESTUS or bennett helm?

LIZ ELLISON Steve, I read your article on ribbon mics in EQ. Will you write more for that mag soon? le

STEVEN ALBINI I work on things in the order they're presented to me. I try not to accept jobs I know I will hate, but usually if a band approaches me, they've already determined that they're appropriate.

STEVEN ALBINI Liz, I'm working on an article about phase relationships right now. A little arcane, maybe, but important.

MO FESTUS what kind of job would you hate. please be serious and specifiic.

LUCY Steve, are you making $ off In Utero?

VERONICA How are things between you and the Jesus Lizard and what about that video that video project I heard about. v

VERONICA Sorry, video game project...

LIZ ELLISON Thanks, I'll look for it. The ribbon mic story was very helpful, BTW. le

MO FESTUS to follow Veronica, what's the "Rape Man" like to work with?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, not additional money, no. I was paid $100,000 initially, and that's all I'll ever get. That's fine by me. That's also about 10 percent of what a regular "producer" would expect.

BENNETT Steve, did you record the cello on Utero with a piezo or a mic or both? (Serious question so dont tell me to shut up again please...)

LUCY So why don't you call yourself a "producer" and get more money?

STEVEN ALBINI Mo, I would hate working with a band who didn't know whatthey wanted, but expected me to. I would hate working on music I had no appreciation for and no grasp of. I would hate working with dope fiends. Mr. Bennet, I used a Soundfield microphone and a pair of Neumann KMV563 ambient mics.

LO-KI So it was real fun working with ol' Kurt then, eh?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, I don't think I deserve any more, and I think "producers" are grossly overpaid leeches.


TOM PATTERSON Did you really call Courtney Love a "talentless cunt" or does Spin magazine suck as much as I think it does?

LIZ ELLISON Nice deflection, M ;) le

STEVEN ALBINI Lo Ki, I enjoyed working on In Utero. I did not enjoy the maneuvering and manipulation that occurred after we finished, and I'm notpleased with the final sound of teh record, but I enjoyed making it, and I am proud of the job I did.

VERONICA I don't know if "talented cunt" is any better...

BENNETT And you should be. All hooplah aside it sounds

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, I don't remember ever saying that. Honest.

VERONICA so what's with you and the Jesus Lizard now?

LO-KI but you should have

LIZ ELLISON I liked "psycho hose beast", myself ;) le

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Moderator, I don't have anything in work for the Baffler, but I wouldn't mind.

LUCY Who inspired the Baffler piece?

TOM PATTERSON I honestly got pissed off after reading every PJ Harvey review that said "steve albini ruined this record". f*ck those people.

STEVEN ALBINI Questions, anyone?

VERONICA Did you think the story would get as much attention and reprints as it did?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, you're right again. now shut up. Veronica, no I didn't. I didn't think anyone would struggle through the stylized prose of that magazine.

VERONICA The PJ was hands-down my favorite album. Kramer was shocked when I played it for him in his car. I turned the stereo up real loud and waited forthe first track to blow out his speakers. It was worth it to see him almost drive off the road... v

BENNETT Steve, not to harp on Utero, but were there ever any HIWATT amps used in the guitar recordings at all?

MILTON Steve, when is Shellac coming to New York? That Thread Waxing how was the best concert of all time.

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, no.

LIZ ELLISON Steve, are the tracks on the In Utero, um, boots actually your mixes before they were tinkered with? le

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, I don't know. We don't have any plans to come out again yet. Thanks for your appreciation. Liz, I have no idea, I've never heard it.

VERONICA What's the most embarassing record in your collection?

BENNETT What do you think of bands/acts that use 'homegrown' sorts of technique, like Beck or Ween or something?? in Chicago & do you work with other Chicago luminaries such as Martin Atkins & Brad Wood?LK

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, the bands you mention are as processed andstylized as Styx, just in a different style.

MILTON Steve, what recording projects do you have coming up?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, what do you mean? I have recorded Martin with Pigface and Murder Inc., but I haven't done anything with Brad.

VERONICA What do you want for Christmas?

BENNETT Wow Steve, that was really Zen. Mr Roboto AND Loser do come from the same school, somehow, I gues..

MILTON Steve, what are some of your favorite up and coming bands?

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, I'd prefer not to soil my clients by association. They are welcome to tell people about their plans. I don't think that's my place.

LUCKY What I meant I guess, was do you feel an integral part of the "Chicago" scene? & is there a close knit community there?LK

STEVEN ALBINI Veronica, I want about 40 bucks.

VERONICA I'll send you the cash today. Fave sex album? Fave method of death? Fave pick up line?

LUCY What are Triphammer doing, playing Nintendo while you're online?

STEVEN ALBINI Milton, I love Tortoise, Dolomite, Blumfeld, Mt. Shasta, Bedhead and many others.

MILTON Steve, we should get together--we have quite a few things in comon. Ring me sometime. milt.

LUCY Steve can spell.

BENNETT Steve, you should take the mix from the Letterman episode where Neil Diamond sings 'America' in a hard rock version and remix it and distribute it. You'd make a million bucks.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, no I feel no kinship with most of teh well-publicised "chicago scene." There is a large continuum of bands and people I think are vital and important, but those you read about probably aren't among them. Mr. Bennett, shut up.

PRISCILLA milton spells well considering he is a purebred husky.

LO-KI milton just doesn't SEE too well

LUCKY Ok, I see- you prefer to let your work do the talking.LK

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, Triphammer are breathing down my neck waiting for questions.

VERONICA Triphammer, what are you all eating in the studio?

LUCY OK - did you know exactly what you wanted when you came into the studio or is it changing as you go?

BENNETT Steve, I'm not making fun. It was the best performance I'Ve ever seen. Better than Nirvana at the colisseum or anything!

STEVEN ALBINI Veronica, they're eating Thai food and "each other."

MILTON ewwwww

VERONICA Bennett, that's not saying much. It was like seeing them in a HS gym.


VERONICA Pad thai! Pad thai! Spring rolls for everyone...

BENNETT The sound wasn'T bad up front...

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, they knew what they wanted, and they're getting it.They always do.

LUCKY So, TRIPHAMMER, Have you come up with more material working with Steve along the recording process?LK

VERONICA How do songs evolve if Triphammer disagrees with what you want to try? Do you try it different ways and vote or just slug it out in your underwear at 4am?

MILTON Trp, what are your plans for the material you recorded at my pal S.A's place?

LIZ ELLISON Steve, I loved the sleeves on the Shellac singles. Will you do more like that? le

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, In the two days they've been here, they say they've"written a couple of love ballads and a whole 'nother album." They're lying.

PRISCILLA Triphammer's live show is pretty cacophanous - I mean that as a compliment. Q: is the record equally cacophanous?

LO-KI Steve, I liked the cover on the "Headache ep" will you do more like that?

STEVEN ALBINI Veronica, if teh band disagrees with something, IMcapitulate. It's that simple.

VERONICA or decapitate.

TOM PATTERSON The first two singles were impossible to close and open.

MILTON trip?

VERONICA I should send you a copy of "Fat Greg Dulli" zine. You'd laugh.

LUCY Triphammer -- are you doing lots of overdubs, etc. or is it like your live sound?

STEVEN ALBINI Priscilla, "Yes, sure." "Give me a moment to look up'cacaphonous'"

BENNETT Steve, if you got a tape of my band and dug it heavily, is there a snowball's chance in hell you would even touch our music?


MILTON bennett, chill.

VERONICA Not if he knew it was you, b.

MODERATOR WEBSTER'S - CACAPHONY: harsh or discordant sound, noun

BENNETT Shh. Don't tell..

LUCY now i feel badly for bennett

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, "We hate overdubs. Very minimal.Like our live sound."

VERONICA sorry bennett. you're probably deeply talented. and tormented.

STEVEN ALBINI Mr. Bennett, that's what I do for a living. I'd lose my house if I didn't record other people's music.

BENNETT I'm deeply tormented and slightly talented.


LUCY Who's putting out the Triphammer record?

BENNETT I know...But it's so hard to break through that 'next level' , if you know what I mean...

PRISCILLA and when?

VERONICA when's your birthday steve and where should I send your $40?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, George says "You sound very familiar. Did I serenade you in the moonlight once?" They don't know which label is putting out their record. Probably their own, Radio Enema. Veronica, My birthday was July 22, 1962.

LUCY I say, "no."

TOM PATTERSON You said you hate dope fiends. Have you ever done any drugs or drinking when recording your stuff, presently or back in the day?

VERONICA Where do I send the stripping buddha-gram next year?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, I haven't bothered with drugs or liquor since I realized I didn't like being high or drunk (1982), so I'd say no.

LUCKY TRIPHAMMER, when is your record going to come out & how are you going to get it out & where can we get one? -are you going to just sell it at your shows or get it distributed?LK

LUCY I know -- Triphammer, who are yr influences? who do you sound like?

MILTON Triphammer, considering your plans to start a small recrding label,what have you learned out there in the studio?milt.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, They don't know. "It's up on the air."

VERONICA must go back to slugging rats. bye+thanks. v.

LUCKY Hey, more height to the flight!LK

LUCY and how many "hammer" bands ARE there, anyway?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, they like "Mule, Jon Spencer, Jesus Lizard." They're not learning anything here.

LO-KI steve, but what about the joints & bowls on,"The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape" cover?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, George, your lover, says, "Twenty- seven. Exactly."

LUCY steve, do they sound like Mule, JSBE, and Jesus Lizard?

TOM PATTERSON you should rename your band "hammerhammer"

STEVEN ALBINI Lo-Ki, those are what the photo department calls "props."You know when you see a photo of a glass of scotch in an ad, those probably aren't even ice cubes in it.

PRISCILLA There's prob. a distinction to be drawn b/w references to pot in the 80's and the current dope craze bullshit.

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, no, they don't. Except the backing vocals sound a little like Mule.

MILTON Don't do drugs. Use you lose. milt.

TOM PATTERSON and what about "steve uses and endorses heroin"? sarcasm? no kidding?

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, you're a bright one, aren't you?

PRISCILLA As Lemme once said, "Stay clean."

LUCY ouch

MILTON Priscilla, I think I love you. milt.

STEVEN ALBINI We should get back to work.

LUCY Triphammer, is this ON THE CLOCK?

STEVEN ALBINI Lucy, everything's on the clock. This is America.

TOM PATTERSON Do me a favor and yell "shut up tom" in the background of your next song

LUCY He earned it

STEVEN ALBINI Tom, how about "f*ck you you pushy idiot"?

TOM PATTERSON that'll do

LUCY ...

STEVEN ALBINI good night. We have work to do.


LO-KI later!

LUCY bye thanks good luck Triphammer


MILTON ruf ruf. milt.

PRISCILLA kick butt George!!

LIZ ELLISON Thanks for talking with me, Steve. le


STEVEN ALBINI Lucky, I don't think _I_ have a distinct sound. I think most other records sound very similar, and if you pay att...

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