NFC Competition #9

The 1st Prize:

"Heavier Than Heaven: A biography of Kurt Cobain" - book by Charles R. Cross. This book is a detailed biography of Cobain, based on more than 400 interviews with the people who knew him best, including close family members, friends and former band mates. "Best on more than 400 interviews; four years of research; exclusive access to Cobain's unpublished diaries; and a wealth of documentation, Heavier Than Heaven traces Cobain's life from his early days in double-wide trailer outside of Aberdeen, Washington, to his rise to fame, success, and the adulation of a generation. Cross reveals the familial turmoil that fueled Cobain's creativity, the generational history that forged his character, and the unusual love story that shaped his relationship with wife Courtney Love. Drawing from medical and police reports, and Cobain's own private writings, Cross also reveals the truth about Cobain's health struggles and his tragic final days. More than the history of a rock and roll star, Heavier Than Heaven is a portrait of creative genius and the will to turn pain into art." This book should belong in every home of a Nirvana fan. Now you can be the lucky winner of a free copy. Much thanks to Robin Moses, Hyperion Publishing and Charles R. Cross. View cover here.

The 2nd Prize [two winners]:

"NIRVANA" - A photo book by Steve Gullick and Stephen Sweet. This book is a collection of photos by the two esteemed photographers who followed Nirvana on some of their most famous tour stops. This book is a sort of follow-up to 1999's "Winterlong" which featured photos of the same photographers along with Martyn Goodacre. Though, unlike it's predecessor, this book features several color photos and a much longer introduction by legendary journalist Everett True. The photos in the book were shot at Nirvana shows such as 12/03/89 London, 10/27/90 Nottingham, Reading '91, 12/04/91 Manchester, Stockholm '92 and MTV's 12/13/93 show in Seattle. Not to be missed if you like Nirvana photos! "What was Nirvana? A celebration of much that was glorious about our lives. How can that be captured in a couple of grainy frames? It can't." Two lucky winners will be getting a copy of this book. View cover here. Special thanks to Sarah Marusek, Vision On publishing and Steve Gullick.

The 3rd Prize:

"UNCHAINED - The story of Mike Starr and his rise and fall in Alice in Chains". This is not actually a Nirvana book, but a book about Alice in Chains, based on countless of interviews with bassist Mike Starr. The book, by John Brandon, is quite interesting for fans of the Seattle music scene and it contains several funny stories about Kurt Cobain. The book "uncovers many mysteries and much of the mystique of Alice in Chains and what role heroin played in the band's fate." - "'Unchained ...' is the life story of the Grunge band's founding bass player. It details how fame and fortune can go awry when heroin enters the mix. It's based on interviews with Mike, his family, and his close friends." The copy of the book that you can win is of course signed by the author. Special thanks to John Brandon. View cover here.

The 4th Prize:

Kurt Cobain T-shirt. This interesting T-shirt features not an actual picture of Kurt Cobain, but a very well done drawing. The black T-shirt's front is covered by a print of this drawing, and looks very nice. Look at the scan on the left to see what the picture looks like. The T-shirt is size Large and obviously brand new (never worn). Special thanks to Brad for this one. View the t-shirt cover here.

The 5th Prize:

Nirvana: "Bleach" CD. This is simply a copy of the UK edition of Nirvana's classic debut album; "Bleach". The album, recorded in 1988, was released on the Seattle label Sub Pop long before Nirvana became a worldwide success. The album features classics such as "School", "About a Girl", "Floyd the Barber" and "Big Cheese". It should have a place in every Nirvana fan's record collection. Special thanks to Matt Chocqueel-Mangan and Esprit for this prize. View cover here.

The 6th Prize [two winners]:

"NFC Compilation: Volume II". Two lucky winners will be getting a copy of this double-CD. The CD is a compilation of songs, submitted by people who post on the NFC Discussion Board. These people, or their bands, have recorded a lot of great songs that have - for the most part - been re-mastered and collected on two CDs. Among other things, the CDs offer a lot of nice covers, of songs such as "Old Age", "Everlong", "Verse Chorus Verse", "Disarm" and others. Thanks to all the talented artists who contributed.

Out of the 1125 people who entered their name to this competition, and answered all questions correct, the following winners have been randomly selected on October 1st, 2001:

First Prize: Mark Martin [ ]
Second Prize: Stefan Churbetdji [ ]
AND Jens Peter Risaul [ ]
Third Prize: Pascale Vallee [ ]
Fourth Prize: Jake Mathis [ ]
Fifth Prize: Håvard Edvardsen Hellerud [ ]
Sixth Prize: AH AND Matthias Christian Richter [ ]