01. Let the Noise Begin (Intro)
     : NirvanaSappy_STP

02. NFC Promo
     : Pennyroyal

03. Hey Yay Yay
     : mrscorpio

04. How to Breathe
     : HiHowAreYou

05. I'm Sorry
     : Francis_Farmer

06. Con Fest
     : jaylee

07. Even Enough
     : love_hate23

08. Marigold (Dave Grohl cover)
     : Asylum

09. Dying (Hole cover)
     : girl

10. Red Velvet
     : rebel_grrrl

11. Spider Groove
     : Josh X

12. Screwed Over
     : outshined

13. Teacher's Preach
     : Echo Flanger

14. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
     : Mike Ziegler & The Melvins

15. Never Been the Same
     : mrscorpio

Copyright 2001 www.nirvanaclub.com

Cover art by jaylee.
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                            -*- Chris' liner notes
                            -*- RH's liner notes.
                            -*- Tracklisting in text.
The acronym "NFC" may mean different things to different people. To a lunatic, it may mean Nasty Fucking Cats. However, to hundreds and thousands of people, it means "home". Every day, a microcosm of high school gathers and flourishes. It has it's peaks and valleys, only the valleys are called "spam". There is a hierarchy also. Many users aspire to be "mods", and there is unquestionable respect for Rasmus Holmen. Yet, who the hell are these people? Are they 12 year-old computer nerds, hunched over their chairs staring for hours on end? Are they 42 year-old pedophiles, looking to chat with "littluns"? One would normally guess the pedophiles, but the answer may shock you.

These users are real people, with real feelings. They look to the board as a place where they are not judged by looks or cliques, but by the content of their posts. Others just believe it's a fun place to be, to interact. And as always, there are a few middle-aged pedophiles sprinkled throughout just to make things interesting. The users post about music, celebrities, pop culture, naked celebrities, porn stars, etc. But they are all brought there initially thanks to their love for Nirvana. One user may come to ask about a bootleg, then stay a year and become a regular poster. The users post frequently about personal problems, like depression. Most receive sincere empathetic answers. But one question remains. How do they fit all that cookie taste into "Cookie Crisp"? Also, why make a compilation?

This compilation is testament to the talents and qualities to the real people who post on the board. Some will hear a "famous" poster's voice for the first time. This will show all, that the posters are not just words on a computer screen. They are real musicians, real teenagers, that have real talent. Once regular users hear this, they may see the music stand out in the posts. Some may be able to distinguish who wrote the lyrics by just listening to them. A collection like this will only strengthen the bond of friendship and communication, in which these people from across the world, have, over a place called the NFC.

From my time at the NFC, I've learned many things. I've learned some dead baby jokes, and how to fix up a leaky faucet with a cracker and a dead bee. I've read impeccable wit, and absolute dribble, and learned from both. I just hope that my time at the NFC is long and prosperous. And I sure as hell hope I don't get run over by a bus. Thanks alot,


16. The Side of Me
     : Monimino

17. Built to Serve
     : Skarekr0w

18. Stereotypical Clones - Track 2
     : Mike Ziegler

19. Drown
     : Franklin Morris

20. Scurvy
     : jk

21. Cool
     : kemo

22. The Man Who Sold the World
     : (David Bowie cover)
     : ScentlessApprentice

23. Smells Like Teen Spirit
     : (Nirvana cover)
     : Sicky101

24. Apology (demo)
     : Vietnow773

25. Poetry's Inside
     : rockgoddess

:: Bonus Tracks ::

26. Quarentine
     : Antitoxin

27. Salmon Song
     : Tom Green

28. Resignation Speech
     : Francisco Chavando

:: Off-CD Tracks ::

29. Give It Up
     : Bad Medicine

30. Intro by Buzz
     : Mike Ziegler & The Melvins

Note: If you download these MP3s, feel free to convert them to WAV format and burn them to a CD. Just make sure to use the Disc-At-Once option. If you trade a CD sourced from these MP3s, make sure to tell the receipients it was made from MP3s. You will need a 80min CD to fit the first 28 tracks.

To download these songs, click the track number. To get more info on the artist, click the colon next to the name.

Copyright 2001 www.nirvanaclub.com

This is a collection of songs, made by people who post at the NFC Board. With each song, the NFC username of the person who submitted it is noted. This means that the person either recorded the song on his/hers own, or made it with a band. Initially, the compilation was being compiled by Mr. James Barricklow as he came up with the idea - and the plan was for him, and possibly Frank Morris, to complete it. James quickly ran out of free time for the compilation, however, and I was asked to help. I offered to 'take over' the job, and here is the result. Most of the songs were collected in just a couple of weeks. Even so, it didn't take long to fill the whole CD - and I still have several submissions that there just wasn't room for! I hope you like the choices we made. The majority of these songs were not recorded professionally, and most not in 'pure' stereo, so the quality is obviously not the best. Still, none of the songs are hiss-filled 5th generation recordings that were made with some old boombox. The songs came from a number of different sources, mostly computer files such as MP3s, Real Audio clips and low-quality WAV's. For those interested in technical specs, all the songs were converted to a 44100 khz sample rate, a 16-bit resolution and stereo -- unless the song was already in this format.

Otherwise, some of the songs were left untouched while others were spiced up a bit - ie. by amplifying the sound, or reducing hiss. A song like "Dying" suffered from having a lot of hiss in the background, and some other wierd noise (a TV perhaps?) that was removed. This left small traces, but the beautiful singing shines through. One song even went through my MiniDisc recorder as my PC and all the sound editing software I could think of refused to convert the file to pure wav format! The Minidisc record/playback approach worked smoothly though - and preserved the quality.

While browsing around my old sound files, I also came across a couple of things that I thought would be fun to add. One is a little promo for the NFC that was made about a year prior to this CD's release. Another is the "Resignation Speech" from Mr. Francisco Chavando - also known as "casper" on the old WWWBoard. The story behind this, is that (almost) every year there has been an election on the board, to determine a "president". The first year, Chavando won. He later resigned (as the speech documents) and eventually left the board after some problems. Otherwise, apart from the bonus tracks, all the songs are by people who currently post on the board. "Quarantine" was submitted by a person who frequently visits the site, and whose band got more attention after being mentioned in the NFC News section. The "Salmon song" has nothing to do with NFC, but I thought it was pretty funny, so I added it.

The compilation also offers 2 bonus tracks that couldn't make it to the actual CD - but is available on the website for the comp. One is a song by a band called Bad Medicine that my brother has been drumming for. The song was recorded with a camcorder (by me!) at a surprise party, thrown when my brother turned 30. The quality is not very good, but it's a pretty cool song. The other was some talking, cut out from the Melvins and Mike Ziegler rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".
- Rasmus Holmen, February 2001.

This CD was officially released on February 20, 2001. Note that the name listed prior to the song title on the left is only the registered username of the person who submitted the song, and not necessarily the name of the artist or band who made the song. The real names of the artists and all band members (when available), is noted in the credits section in the bottom of this page.


"I have heard about eight songs or so, and I really like a few of them ... one that stands out in my mind is 'hey yay yay'. Song is very good ... I also like the rest of em' ... good job!"
- Grandma_Take_Me_Home

"Wow, this is fabulous ... great job ... and many thanks."
- Asylum

"This is great!!!"
- jaylee

"Looks awesome. Good work to everyone involved"
- Tyler

"Wow ... I've just downloaded the first 3 tracks (its very quick for me yay!). I've just listened to 'Hey Yay Yay' by mrscorpio ... wow ... this is gonna be great! My little bro is even singing along!"
- hAiRsPrAy QuEeN

"I finally got to listen to it. Pretty damn cool. Spider groooooovy, even. Cheers to everyone!"
- Monimino

"I love the album, I'm listening to track number 12 so far and I think it's really good! I'm going to burn it to disk tomorrow and then lend it to a couple of friends, who I think will like it!"
- Jack


Copyright 2001 www.nirvanaclub.com

More Reviews:

"I just wanna say I heard the NFC Compilation and I gotta say that this is the most original music I've heard. Good work to you all!"
- dive

"Everyone did a great job"
- James CGIL

"The two tunes of Chris Hickman are great. Gotta say that my personal fav is 'Screwed over' by outshined. Frank Morris' tune is good too, along with 'Stereotypical Clones' of Ziegler. I really like the comp, I've been listening constantly to it for the two last days."
- dada

"I've heard about half of the compilation and I think all of the songs are great. jaylee's song is probably my favorite so far. I think it's incredible."
- concave77

"I found the compilation and spent a couple of hours gettin it and was very pleased. It is a masterpiece - everyone involved did a more than perfect job!"
- Vission9@aol.com

All artwork by Jay Lee. Liner notes by Chris Robbins and Rasmus Holmen. Design by Maria and Rasmus. Special thanks to the following artists for contributing their songs:

Erik Bianchi, Alex Vance, Ultraviolet (Chris Hickman), Blithe (Jon Farrell), Chiba City Blues (Scott, Drew, Brandon and Leighton), Jay Lee, Joseph K Murphy, Matt, Betty Chamberlain, Maria Perez, Josh, Marvin's Pickled Merkin (Tim Hall, Andy Baldock, Dave Lelliott, James Ellis), Exhausted (Tommi, Arttu, Juha, Andy), Mike Ziegler, The Melvins, James Barricklow, Suislide (Ron, Tim, Andy, Danny, Mason), Franklin Morris, Schlasp (Jeremy Kratsas), Distrbnce (Brian Newman), Stray Spirits (Ashvin and Nitish), Moon Lily (Ross Myran), Casey Lynne Ewart, Cacophony (Ryan Adams, Phil Feinman, Brian O' Connor), Antitoxin (Adem Smith, Miles Dittberner, Ben Sulu), Francisco Chavando & Thomas Holmen.

Sorry to Tyler Oakes, Alex Vance, Simon Taylor, 'SmellsLikeINeedDeodrant' and 'Third_eye' whose songs there wasn't room for!