Track # 1
"No One's Around"
By: East of the Equator

NFC User: Equator

Member(s): Travis North (lead vocals), Ric Autumn (lead guitar), Erik East (rhythm guitar), Mike West (bass) and Chad Channing (drums and background vocals).

Song info: First single from the incredible new band, featuring former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing. Recorded and mixed at Greenhouse Studios in Canada. Published by Dinnertime Records.

Track # 2
"Gotta Getcha"
By: Black Box Pilot

NFC User: hc foerster

Member(s): H.C. Wilcken (vocals/guitar), Kai Uebing (bass), Tobias Pirk (drums), and Marie-Isabelle Ferreira Godinho (backing vocals).

Song info: The song is about alienation, being left alone and being unable to get along with that, getting along with other people.

The song was recorded at 'Institut für Wohlklangforschung', august 2002. Remixed and mastered in February 2003. Producer: Willi Dammeier. Lyrics by H.C. Wilcken, music by black box pilot. Originally available on "rigor mortis", on unterm durchschnitt, april 2003. distribution by bluNoise.

Track # 3
By: Vallium

NFC User: lithiumsinger

Member(s): Rick Rodemacher, Steve Donze, Joe Hipperson and Mike Rodgers.

Song info: The song was recorded at 2 relaxed studios in O'fallon Missouri. The song was written about Rick Rodemacher's grandfather, Sam Catanzaro, passing in the years before. Its a song about reuniting with the one's you love in the after life and paying tribute to their years on earth.

Track # 4
"Instant Luck"
By: Aberration

NFC User: Dreetje

Member(s): Jesse Koops (vocals and guitar), Vincent Krouwer (vocals and guitar), Laurens Benning (drums) and Andrea Van Emmerik (bass).

Song info: From the "Liars in the Sky" EP. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ernst van Wageningen at the Basement Studio, the Hague.

Track # 5
By: Nascent

NFC User: Nascentjunkie

Member(s): Andrew Wulff (guitar and vocals), Mike Hart (bass) and Robert D'Alessandro (drums).

Song info: Shades was recorded at Sleepless Nights Recording Studios in Madison, WA. It was engineered by Matt Fay.

Track # 6
By: Man Without A Band

NFC User: mrscorpio

Member(s): Chris Hickman.

Track # 7
By: Mod Lang

NFC User: Francis_Farmer and lazy_@hole

Member(s): Brandon Schneider (guitar and vocals), Leighton Peterson (bass), Drew DeCamp (guitar) and Scott DeCamp (drums).

Song info: "Seraphin/m was the first song on our December 2002/January 2003 (we did it over New Years) home recording (along with Panic Button, (Love, Kinetic), Before I Go...). It was actually one of the first songs I had written for the new project which became the permanent entity known as Mod Lang. It was recorded with Cool Edit Pro (special thanks to Peter Quistgard for that one) in Scott and Drew's basement with an external computer mic. The finished rhythm guitar tracks are comprised of both acoustic and electric guitars. In all, were about 8 guitar tracks used (including one for feedback ;) ). All stringed instruments were played through a Fender Twin amp." - Brandon.

Track # 8
By: Yellow Snow

NFC User: Mads

Member(s): Mads Ellgaard Knudsen (vocals), Mads Theilade Pedersen (drums), Lars Ole Thomsen (lead guitar), Martin Vinge Jakobsen (rhythm guitar) and Steffen Griepke Dam Nielsen (bass).

Song info: "With our music we try to combine the melodic with the agressive, but basically we just want to play rock n' roll. As a band we have been together for about seven years but due to the members being busy with studies, there's rarely time for more than one practice a week. Our demo was recorded in one day in June of 2001. Most of what you can hear on it is the first take (we're all poor students!). Therefore, the songs on the demo are rather rough and are filled with small errors that we didn't have time to correct while in the studio. Even so, we believe this doesn't compromise the overall quality of the songs which, on all accounts, is pure melodic rock.

The song 'Happiness' is about the exact opposite of what the title suggests: disappointment, breakdown and misfortune. The song was originally intended for acoustic guitar but is here presented as electric." - Mads Pedersen.

Track # 9
"Soul In Chains"
By: Reek

NFC User: reek

Member(s): Per-Ola Bengtsson (vocals, guitar, bass), Kent Bengtsson (vocals, guitar, bass) and Klas Hendberg (drums).

Track # 10
"Shine On Me"
By: Curse Icon

NFC User: Kristen

Member(s): Kiana (lead vocals), Armand (lead guitar), Kristen (rhythm guitar), Leo (piano) and Marco (drummer).

Song info: "This song was recorded in our rehearsal space. It was inspired by a drum loop that no longer exists in the song, and was gradually built by me, the keyboard player (Leo Farinas), and the drummer (Marco Bowman). It's one of our few 'ballads', involving piano sounds and strings. We believe this song to be one of the possible marked Curse Icon songs." - Kristen.

Track # 11
"Nocturne In C# Minor"
By: Phil

NFC User: Phil

Member(s): Phil.

Song info: "The piece was composed by Chopin (early 19th-century composer). A description of my experiences behind it: I don't play much piano anymore and haven't for 3-4 years, but I was classically trained throughout my childhood, and much of what I picked up, both in appreciation and knowledge, stuck with me. As I got into casual recording with other instruments, I decided to give the piano a try, and this is what came out of it.

I first learned this Chopin nocturne around ten years ago, and it's an old favorite for which I felt I could provide a clear interpretation. I didn't prepare much for this recording, but barring the poor sound quality (good ol' computer mic...) and slight rustiness, that was probably for the best. Revisiting this piece was a great slice of nostalgia for me, and I hope that others enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed playing it." - Phil.

Track # 12
"Black Box"
By: Graeme Mullen

NFC User: Graeme

Member(s): Graeme Mullen.

Song info: "The song 'Black Box' is a cheesy Radiohead-ripoff wannabe that came out sounding like a bad Coldplay B-Side. I recorded this song by myself, in my basement on a digital 4-track and then mixed it down on my aging PC. It's just me singing with an acoustic guitar, with a dash of echo thrown in with Cooledit. It's the first song I've recorded, so look forward to similar feel-good radio hits from me in the future." - Graeme.

Track # 13
"Misplaced Love"
By: Antoine Mills

NFC User: Git2k1

Member(s): Antoine Mills.

Song info: Misplaced Love was recorded in Antoine's office on a laptop in like February. The song stemmed from a poem he wrote of the same name. And it's basically about wanting someone you know is wrong for you, and trying to tell yourself why they are wrong for you, to basically convince yourself not to want them ... if that makes any sense :)

Track # 14
"Summer Soccer Tryouts"
By: Slow Driver Down

NFC User: Quesnelle

Member(s): Scott Gallagher.

Song info: "This is a song I wrote about how my parents used to force me to go to soccer. Then once I was there the coach would yell at my mom. It transformed lyrically into a song about feeling alone." - Scott.

Track # 15
"Treasure Box"
By: Tower Hill Committee

NFC User: towerhill

Member(s): Nick Magee (vocals), Tim Young (drums), Owen Gleeson (bass) and Chris Magee (guitars).

Song info: Lyrics and music: Nick Magee. "Old school THC. Starts like other old school THC, but is the first time Nick found ‘that’ voice when it suddenly kicks in. No effects. The voice is just double-tracked out of each speaker for the hard bits. It’s played live as usual, and the guitar is a very cheap beat-up Fender copy with humbuckers that I stripped and filed the frets down on. It only has four strings, and the two highest ones are tuned to the the same note, which is how the ‘solo’ sounds like two guitars but it’s not.

The lyrics are about someone who is too scared to face up to what harm they have done, and so just pushes it down and puts an aggressive face on it. This song’s about that person on their deathbed with all the shit they’ve caused haunting them. ‘Pushed a button inside that don’t be needing pressure’ means that they feel the guilt rising up and they just push it back down again." - Chris Magee.

Track # 16
"Shades of Gray"
By: Lipid

NFC User: r13

Member(s): Rick Ruth (all instruments).

Song info: "While it seems somewhat like a barrage of thoughts about nothing, it is actually based off of a poem I had written years earlier about living in rural Illinois and feeling like every day was insignicant and blended together with the prior. The meaing behind the 'Shade Of Gray' in this song includes the hick town that I lived in, the dreary weather during the later part of winter, and the feeling of being a societal outcast. I actually completed this song around 1998, but had no instrumentals written until 1999.

Recorded at No Moving Parts Studio in Portland, Oregon on 07/27/01. Commonly referred to as the second track on our first demo titled 'Daily Abductions'. Recorded nine songs in a two day session for demo purposes. All song were done incredibly fast, most all in just one take. Mark Kaedar was the engineer in the studio for the recording, and the recording came out very raw, but people still seemed to like it. It was the first trip for our 'band' (myself and drummer Joe Longfellow) to a real studio, although we had no idea at the time that the studio we picked was shitty." - Rick Ruth.

Track # 17
By: Space Needle

NFC User: spaceneedle

Member(s): Lex Riders (vocals and guitar), Nicolas Taieb (drums) and Kris Wilsford (bass).

Song info: "The song was recorded in Paris by Rouslan Tsar at Liberty Rock Studios on March 17th and 18th 2003. It's strange that you've choosen to put these two songs because they're connected! Both talk of someone who feels like a prisonner and who thinks that good things of life are hidden from him. He wants to get free by taking some kind of stairs (a passage) and walk away. I wrote those songs seperatly (Honesty was written in 2001 and Ashamed in 2002). I found the connection between the two songs afterwards!" - Lex Riders.

Track # 18
"Just A Trip"
By: B.I.T.E.


Member(s): Adam (vocals), Roman (guitars) and Tomek (drums).

Song info: This song doesn't need any clarification, it is self explanatory. Basically it is about mind expansion in anyway that the listener wants to understand it, either if it's through a substance or any other way that might bring one's pleasure.

Track # 19
By: Exhausted

NFC User: Echo Flanger

Member(s): Andy.

Song info: This song is written by Andy and Waldemarx. It was a demo that Andy did all on his own, programming the drums and bass, playing guitars and singing on the computer. The song isn't yet in Exhausted's live set but will be soon.

Track # 20
By: Curse Icon

NFC User: Kristen

Member(s): Kiana (lead vocals), Armand (lead guitar), Kristen (rhythm guitar), Leo (piano) and Marco (drummer).

Song info: Pipe was a song written by CurseIcon before the singer (Kiana Prestol), Kristen, or the Keyboard player (Leonardo Farinas) had joined. This band had its roots formed 6 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and they had a LOT to do with the emmergence of Pop Rock. Believe it or not, Curse Icon used to share a practice space with what was Fred Durst and would eventually become Limp Bizkit, so Durst actually owes alot to our Drummer, Marco, who got the Jacksonville area to accept live shows as a fun and acceptable practice. Who would have thought?

Cover artwork by tingting
Released August 1st, 2003

Alternate artwork: #1 (_Nonsense_), #2 (Darch_Pulto), #3 (gzuf),
#4 (JJFrosty), #5 (JJ Robot), #6 (Judas) & #7 (tingting)

Once upon a time there was a man named Jesus.

Throughout the land people viewed him as a prophet and revolutionary thinker. That is until the NFC opened to the public and blew that bitch Jesus out of the water.

In case you do not know, every year (almost!) a great album is compiled from songs submitted by people that regularly visit this site. This year is no different and is shaping up to the best yet.

Now I know what you're asking, how were we able to release a Nirvana related album this year without being sued? Is the NFC too small and obscure to be noticed? I for one suspect that Jim Barber is too dumb to operate a computer, while others feel that our beards just aren't "creepy looking" enough to attract attention. However it happened, here it is -- The NFC Compilation vol. 3 released on time and delivered with zero litigation.

I have to admit when I first came to the NFC Board, I didn't know what to make of it. The people can be, to put it nicely, a bit odd. Most seem to have poor hygiene and I'm pretty sure we have enough slang to apply for our own officially recognized dialect. But in my years here I've learned a lot, and my stay here has been memorable to say the least.

The most important thing about this site though is the people.

I think one thing that's been forgotten about over time is that this is not the official Nirvana web page. This site is made by the fans and for the fans. That spirit is definitely captured in the album as well.

In my 4 years here, I've seen legends being born, retards turn into funones, and assholes being driven away with sticks, pitchforks, and once with a bizarre stick/pitchfork hybrid device (I doubted it at first, but its poking powers are unparalleled!) The one thing that's remained over time is Rasmus Holmen, the webmaster of this site and the glue that keeps the NFC together. But enough with the mushy stuff, let's get to the rock.

A friend of mine once said that good music can make you laugh, cry, and dance like you have an ass in your pants. This compilation does this and more.

Like Led Zeppelin 4, the Stooges Raw Power, and other monumental recordings, listening to the NFC album is like getting your ass kicked in full stereo.

There's over 59 songs presented here, all of which are drastically different in style and performance (kinda).

I had no idea, but apparently some of the people that visit this hellhole are pretty talented. Though the sound quality might not be perfectly polished, just remember, at least it's not an album by a Creed website.

Although some will just download a few of these songs and casually toss them to the side, I think it's important to keep in mind that the souls behind these recordings are real people making music for the love of it, not paid professionals. The thick veil of digital technology that is the internet shouldn't cloud that fact.

So what's next for the NFC? A box-set for the fans or a greatest hits record (sans Been A Son) to cash in on our own legend? Well, probably both. But regardless of what happens in the future, this is a document of the present, of life and art. That's what's most important of all.

Thanks for listening.

- Kage.

After more than 2 years in the making - the time has finally come for another NFC Compilation.

What is the NFC Compilation? It's basically a collection of songs by users of the NFC Discussion Board (or their bands).

The project was conceived in January 2003 when I began collecting songs from the NFC Discussion Board users.

Basically, a notice was put up, inviting everyone to send me their songs online or in the mail. I spent the next six months waiting for mp3s, CDs, MDs and cassettes to arrive. Ultimately, when the deadline on June 1st had been reached, I had accumulated more than 550 songs by some 140 different artists - all of which use the board.

It goes without saying that combing through these songs to determine the best would be a lengthy and challenging task. About a month later I had narrowed it down to a little over 100 songs that I thought offered high quality - but technically and artistically.

I had originally envisioned a single-disc compilation with only the absolute cream of the crop. Nothing more, nothing less. However, it turned out to be simply impossible to fit all the good songs on just one CD. When I had listened through these 100 tracks many times, I dropped about 40 of them and ended up with 60 songs.

A 3-CD compilation took shape. So I figured what the hell. The first compilation was one disc, the second comprised two discs, so after all it made sense to have a 3-disc compilation this time around (even though it required a lot more work!).

A couple of polls were put up on the website where the discussion board users could vote for their favorite songs from a batch selected out of a "should?/should not?" list. From the very start I was against me having to decide on everything ... ideally, the whole board population should be involved in the selection process. It was, however, a bit complicated to realize this, as there were so many songs, and so many different opinions. But, even so, some of the songs made it to the compilation based on votes in various polls.

What I ended up with in late July was a compilation comprising 60 amazing songs. Most of the songs have been EQ'd, some noise reduced, others have been through various filters to ensure optimal sound quality. This time, a lot of the tracks have been recorded professionally in a studio by the various artists and accordingly most songs are served in good quality. I also had to bug a lot of the artists for upgrades (what good is a 128 kbps mp3 file?!?) and some even offered (or were forced into!) doing re-recordings.

The 2nd compilation contained a very beautiful song called "Here Lies" which, at the time, was unfinished and missed a verse. Even so, I liked the song so much that I had to put it on there. After bugging the artist for some 2 years, he finished up the lyrics and re-recorded the finished song in July 2003. It was ready a couple of days before this compilation's release date.

Although rock songs dominate the compilation - since that was simply the genre that dominated the contributions - there's also a touch of classical music, soft ballads and some heavy shit. These artists deserve all the attention they can get and who would have thought a bunch of Nirvana fans could come up with so many good songs.

I hope you'll all enjoy this as much as me - and that you'll have enough patience to download all 60 tracks. Could take a while! I would have loved for this compilation to be available in Tower Records, next to Britney and Avril, but NFC's financial situation is not quite equipped to realize such a scenario.

But if some rich guy wants to pay for getting the CDs pressed professionally and released to record stores, I'm game :)


- Rasmus Holmen, August 1st 2003.

(Ok they aren't on the comp, but they kick ass)