The only thing I and most Nirvana fans used to know about Kim O'Connor was that she was Kurt Cobain's younger sister, born to Don and Wendy Cobain. Brent Seaton e-mailed me about her, as he knew her as they were both growing up in Aberdeen, Washington. Much of what he told me will not be published here, as it is rather personal information that is not fit to be spread all over the Internet, but here is some interesting information about Kurt's only sister:

Kim was born in 1971. She lived happily with her mother, father and older brother Kurt in Aberdeen, Washington until her parents, Don and Wendy Cobain, divorced in 1976. After the divorce Kim was separated from Kurt, who went to live with a great amount of relatives. Kim stayed with her mother, and according to the book "Cobain: By The Editors Of Rolling Stone," she is still living in Aberdeen, close to her mother. Somewhere during this time she changed her last name to O'Connor, the last name of her mother's new husband, Pat.

"As far as personal traits of hers, last time I saw her she was about 5' 8", 110 lbs, blonde of course, with her ever-present freckles on her face. She's not bad looking. And the freckles don't take away from her appearance. She has light blue eyes and a cute nose," Brent told me.

"She liked Kurt a great deal. I can only imagine what his death did to her. Kim is a strong person. She has to be. Too many things has gone wrong with her life that should not have been. Way before Kurt became famous, things had already gone kind of bad for Kim. Not her fault or anything, just some bad fucking luck. You already know of their parents divorce and all that."

"In 1987 or 1988, a close friend of hers was found naked with throat lacerations about three blocks from Kim's house. She sent me the news clipping. Shortly after that, three different high school acquaintances were killed in auto wrecks on New Years Eve."

"Her mom remarried a fairly decent guy, by Kim's opinion, Pat O'Connor. Already hating her real dad at this point, Kim changed her last name to O'Connor, being her mother's new last name. She kept that name up until I lost contact with her." Thanks a lot to Brent Seaton for the info.

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