References - The problem with the Internet is the fact that the people who write stuff that is later used or reproduced by other people are not thanked. These are the people, the books and the magazines who have helped me make this page as good as it is, or inspired me to make the different sections on this page:

Kurt & Courtney: Pictures taken from various uncredited sources. The page was made using information from various magazines.

Heart-Shaped Box: Pictures taken from video footage directed by Anton Corjbin and copyright Nirvana 1993. The page was made with help from Teen Spirit by Chuck Crisafulli, Details magazine, Musician magazine, Rolling Stone magazine and Come As You Are by Michael Azerrad.

Nirvana On SNL: Pictures taken from video footage by NBC, copyright NBC Network 1992 and 1993.

Anarchy In The UK: The page was made with help from MOJO - The Music Magazine and Guitar magazine.

Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!: Picture in logo taken from the paper sleeve cover of the video cassette.

Kurt Cobain: Howl: Interview and article was written by journalist Jon Savage.

Youri Lenquette: Pictures were shot by photographer Youri Lenquette himself in 1994.

Kim Cobain: The page about Kim Cobain would have sucked majorly without the great help I got from Brent Seaton. The picture was taken at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards by Marina Garnier in 1997 or 1998. It was scanned by Enrique Blanco.

Satan's Little Helper: Page was inspired by a short article in British MOJO - The Music Magazine. Author Charles R. Cross, currently writing on a new Nirvana book, helped out on the page.

Perfume: The book which this page is based on, also called Perfume, was written by Patrick Süskind.

The Lost Interview: Was written by Gilbert Blecken. Was first published by Kerrang! magazine in March 1999, but it does not seem to be known on the Internet so I decided to transcribe it for this page.

Main page: Image of Kurt Cobain shot by photographer Charles Peterson at the Reading Festival 1992.

All HTML and graphics on this page is original and made by Reidar. Please do not copy. Thanks to everyone who has donated their work or inspired me to make this page what it is today.

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