The Internet Nirvana Fan Club: The First Annual Member Awards

Important Award News

1. The closing day for the NFC Awards has changed from March 1st to February 1st.
2. The Awards Discussion thread is not accessable anymore, but it can be found in the archives.
3. The Award Resutls shall be made public on February 1st.
4. Make sure you've used all your votes before January 31st.

Welcome to the NFC Member Awards. Here, you can stare at the rules as long as you wish. Doesn't that rawk?
Our motivation for creating this 'contest', was solely good fun. Be sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Rules and information:

These rules are quite simple, quite reasonable, and quite logical:

1. You can not vote for yourself (yes, we just read your thoughts)
2. You can only vote for 1 member per category, and only once per category. You can not change your vote, so do it right at once.
In order to participate, you must have been registered at least 3 months. That counts for both voting, and being voted for.
4. You must be registered and logged in at the NFC Board to vote
5. Votes can only be submitted by clicking on the icon, which is on the right of the green "add buddy" icon located above a post on the messageboard.
6. When you click on a certain user's vote icon, you will automatically be taken to a page where you have to specify the category that you want your vote to go in. So don't be afraid when this happens, you are not being abducted.
7. If you win, your name and category title will shine on the Member Awards' main page!!! You'll have to agree: That's awesome!


The25 categories:

01.Most Feminine 02.Funniest 03.Most Intelligent 04.Biggest Pothead 05.Politest

06.Weirdest 07.Most Artistic 08.Best Hair 09.Most Innovative 10.Handsomest (male)

11.Prettiest (female) 12.Most Spontaneous 13.Most Noticable 14.Punkasfuck! 15.Biggest Wannabe

16.Most Likely to Stay a Virgin 17.Best Username 18.Biggest Pain In The Ass 19.Most Unnoticable 20.Rudest

21.Best Custom Title 22.Best Signature 23.Horniest 24.Most Retarded 25.Most Political

DISCLAIMER: The NFC Member Awards was NOT created to lower your self-esteem. It is solely here for the purpose of amusement. If you, in any way, take this seriously then you automatically should receive the "Most Retarded" award.

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The NFC Member Awards created by Axle Brain Slut and Jason,
in association with The Internet Nirvana Fan Club and Rasmus Holmen.
Copyright 2001. All rights reserved

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