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This WWWBoard is closed until further notice. The webmaster and other administrators of this website are sick and tired of the abuse and discouraging usage of the free WWWBoard service. We are grateful beyond words about the fact that certain people use the board daily and follow the rules, creating worthwhile and interesting discussions. But we are saddened by the number of people who post spam constantly, break the simple rules, and turn the board into a worthless pile of crap. Of course we can just sit back and don't do anything about the spam and remove all rules, but I don't think that will benefit anyone. Certain other WWWBoards with no rules or any sort of control are not worth spending time on, IMHO. We are currently working on either changing WWWBoard script or implementing a form of user registration. If you happen to own a complete version of the UBB script please E-mail us promptly at: webmaster@nirvanaclub.com. More info about the WWWBoard changes will be put here as its available. As of today we don't know yet when the changes will be complete. We're still considering if keeping the board online is even worth the trouble. Again, thanks for all the support. The, presumed, temporary shutdown of this board is not something we thought of sporadically, it has been considered for months due to foul usage. If you have Nirvana news to submit please direct it to: webmaster@nirvanaclub.com

Thanks for your time.
- Rasmus Holmen, May 28 1999.

Ps: If you'd like to read some of the old posts, go here. Replying to these is not possible.


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