The Internet Nirvana Fan Club: Vote For Your Favorite Song
The voting is period now over, and I have counted the votes together.
I stopped the voting a couple of days before announced, but I think the winning song would still be the same. The voting went on for 3 months, and during those 3 months I got a total of 1155 votes The winning song is, as expected, "Smells like Teen Spirit" that won with 146 votes, and the follow-up "Lithium" got 128 votes. So it was a somewhat close race between those two songs, both from "Nevermind". "SLTS" also won the last time I did this favorite song survey, so I guess it is indeed the most popular Nirvana song. Here's the list of the Top 10 Songs:

01: Smells like teen spirit                    : 146 votes
02: Lithium                                    : 128 votes
03: Heart-Shaped Box                           :  72 votes
04: Rape Me                                    :  54 votes
05: Come as you are                            :  50 votes
06: Verse Chorus Verse                         :  48 votes
07: Drain You                                  :  47 votes
08: All Apologies                              :  32 votes
09: Polly                                      :  31 votes
10: Aneurysm                                   :  30 votes

Two of my favorite songs are in the Top 10, "Heart-Shaped Box" on the number 3 spot and
"Verse Chorus Verse" as #6. For a full list of the votes for each song, click here!
Now, I also did a little survey of how people would rate my page. 634 people thought my page was the best and 407 thought it was "Pretty Cool" - while nine people out of 1155 though it sucked :) The rating votes are as follows:
(5) It's The Best                             : 634 votes
(4) It's Pretty cool                          : 407 votes
(3) It's Okay                                 :  92 votes
(2) It could be better                        :  13 votes
(1) It sucks !!                               :   9 votes
That's about it, I also got a few invalid votes - for example when people voted for more than one song .. or when they "forgot" to fill out some of the fields.