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Hello and welcome to The Internet Nirvana Fan Club. This site is dedicated to the legendary band Nirvana (Kurt Cobain: vocals & guitar. Dave Grohl: drums. Krist Novoselic: bass). The purpose of the site is to offer the fans a large amount of information, pictures, sounds and much more. Also presented is material exclusive to this site, such as interviews I have done with people who were related to Nirvana in some way. This is just a fan site, and there is no longer a fan club to join. For a detailed explanation to that, just click here.

The website was made by Rasmus Holmen ©1996-2002. I can always be contacted by getting e-mail here. For more general information about this website, please check the FAQ. I highly recommend browsing through the FAQ before e-mailing questions. Concerning the ad banners, read our statement. If you want more information about the next Nirvana album, go here. The site is best viewed in a resolution of 1024x768 [32bit] with Internet Explorer 4.x/5.x. You'll also need a Verdana font to view the site best. Make this your browser start page. Please click here to view the 14 most frequently asked questions.

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This site has been visited times since April 8th, 1997. NFC was formerly known as The Danish Nirvana Homepage which opened in April, 1996.

The original files on this site are ©2002 Rasmus Holmen, The Internet Nirvana Fan Club. Material by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana is copyright the End of Music LLC, the estate of Kurt Cobain and Universal Music Group. All rights reserved.

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