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Main Menu Picture [77.436 bytes] Hello and welcome to The Internet Nirvana Fan Club. This site is dedicated to the legendary band Nirvana. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a large amount of information, pictures, text and much more. This site is completely free now so you don't have to pay for access to anything here. The former member area is now closed and can't be accessed. Currently this is just a fan site, and there is no fan club to join. This site was made by Rasmus Holmen 1996-1998. Best viewed in 640x480 [24bit] with Netscape 3.x/4.x
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10/98 The Nirvana Movie Gallery was finally updated.
10/98 My listing of Good and Bad Traders was
10/98 I just did an interview with former Nirvana drummer
Chad Channing's parents. Read the interview here!
09/98 The layout of the Sound Gallery was changed
quite a bit, and several new sounds have been added.
09/98 New IRC channel for users of this page has been
created by Jorge Rivero. Visit #NirvanaClub on DALnet.
09/98 The complete list of all songs was finally
09/98 "Celebrity Skin" by Hole has been was released.
You can still get it cheap at CDnow. Click here for info.
08/98 I have updated the facts and information page.
The articles and interviews page was updated as well.
08/98 The 11th Nirvana Club newsletter has been made.
Another issue will be released soon. The disclaimer
with more info is also available. These newsletters will
always be free. Just click here to subscribe to the list.
If you missed some of the newsletters, visit the archive.
06/98 The former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing
checked this site out and told me - "It's definitely the
best page I've seen"! Be sure to check out Chad's new
band 'The Methodists' - visit their official website here
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