The InterNet Nirvana FanClub
Review & InterView With The Owner

The Review

As the title might tell you, the page is about, the band Nirvana. Even though Nirvana doesn't excist anymore the music is still really popular and loved by millions of Nirvana- and music fans around the world. The page is the largest Nirvana page i've ever seen and contains tons of great files free to download and info on Kurt Cobain and the group.

Some files are only for members, it costs 15$ to become a member and then you get access to almost 200MB of Nirvana files, like rare AU, WAV and MOV files and a lot of other stuff. Some people might think that it's stupid that you have to pay for that, but thinking of all he's expences ie. The Domain, and phonenill i think it's okay. But even though your not a member there are still many many files free to download. Files like a very big picture, sound and video gallery, interviews and articles, lyrics for almost all the Nirvana songs, and a lot of tab's too. Rasmus Holmen who own the page also tries to keep up with the latest news on Dave Grohl and the other guys who used to play in Nirvana.

Most things on the page is updated everyday and theres no dead links (what i know of). But the front page i so large that it's really hard to find some of the things your looking for. even though he did one hell of a good job on the front page layout.
I give Him 4 Out Of 5 Possible Trophy's - Here Ya' Go.
If i had a half trophy he'd probably get 4.5 (o;

The Interview
- InterView With Rasmus Holmen, Owner of the Internet Nirvana Canclub

Tukani = Claus Jensen - - RH = Rasmus Holmen

Tukani : ok let's begin
Tukani : your the guy behind the internet nirvana fanclub right ?
RH : yeah that's right
Tukani : good!
Tukani : why did you decide to make a nirvana page, what inspired you ?
RH : well, I started on my first Nirvana page over a year ago and I made it because I have liked Nirvana for quite a while, so I thought I wanted to make something to get in touch with other Nirvana fans. Nothing really inspired me, except I saw some other web pages with Nirvana and I thought it looked really cool, so I decided to try making one myself :)
Tukani : do you think Kurt cobain was murdered?
RH : no, the evidence to prove the murder theories are too weak. I still believe he shot himself, I don't see any real signs that says he was murdered
Tukani : why did you decide to move from the danish nirvana page to the internet nirvana fanclub?
RH : well I have always wanted to get a "domain" of my own, but I thought it would be too expensive. Then I tried to find out how much it would cost me, and I realized it wasn't that bad. So I made this domain and made it a fanclub, so I could earn some money to pay what it costs to maintain it. Besides, now I can have much more stuff on the site than before, which is really cool.
Tukani : do you find your page "complete" or do you think your missing some stuff?
RH : hm, good question. Well I think it's pretty complete, but of course there are some more stuff I want on it. It's just hard to keep up with some of the other sites, and the new "Opinion" magazine which is really cool and very professionel.
Tukani : speaking of the opinion mag. what do you think about the review they made of you page ?
RH : well, I have posted my thoughts and comments about that review on my page (, but I basicly thought it was a good and fair review David and Brian made. Although David focused too much on the whole "pay" thing, instead of looking at the hundreds of files you can get for free.
Tukani : yeah i think so too.
Tukani : how much time do you spend working on the page ?
RH : too much! I work on it and update it almost every day. I recently re-designed my sound gallery and added a total of 77 new files, that took a lot of time to make. But I think I usually spend about an hour every day working on it. Sometimes more when I make stuff like the "new" sound gallery.
Tukani : do you think it's worth the time and money?
RH : sometimes I don't, because I don't get many members. But I get a lot of support through e-mails and my guestbook, and from my friends and I can also see the page gets many visitors every day, so yeah I guess it's worth it.
Tukani : i know you like the foo fighters, is it possible that you will make a page about them, or another band?
RH : Nah, I don't think so. I can't keep up with the news with Foo Fighters. Besides, there are some good pages with them on the net, including the semi-official one at, which is hard to keep up with. I thought about making a page sometime with Metallica, but I don't know yet ...because there are also many good Metallica sites out there and I haven't been a fan of them for so long.
Tukani : ok, since this i an interview from my P.U.S.A page, i must ask what you think about Them? RH : hehe. Actually I haven't heard much of their music. I've only seen a couple of videos with them on MTV. I kinda liked that "Peaches" song, but it's not a song I would want to buy on CD. So I can't say I like 'em much, but I don't think it's a bad band at all.
Tukani : which Nirvana song is you favorite
RH : I'm not sure anymore, after I have heard all the "rare" songs from the bootlegs I have collected. The ones I really like are "Heart-Shaped Box", "Verse Chorus Verse" and a live version of "Floyd the Barber" is always excellent!
Tukani : do you think you'll ever get tired of Nirvana, cause they wont make any new songs i guess (o:
RH : yeah, I think I will someday .. and actually it's not the band I listen to most these days. Except when I get some new bootlegs and stuff like that, but I don't listen to them as much now as I have and I don't listen much to their albums either, I am kinda tired of listening to those. But I enjoy getting a "new" concert with them or a new bootleg
Tukani : ok i guess that is it, thanks for the interview!
RH : you are welcome, I enjoyed it!