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The lead-singer of the band INXS,
Michael Hutchence, has killed himself
in a hotel room in Australia. He was 37.
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Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" #1
on MTV's Top 500 chart of all time.
Foo Fighters play an awesome gig in
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The surviving Nirvana members play some songs at a concert in Seattle,
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Kurt Cobain 1967-1994

Welcome to the Internet Nirvana Fan Club.
This was formerly The Danish Nirvana Page, but it moved here and is now a part of this.
The same files plus many more are now here.
This page first opened on April 8th 1997, but I had to close it a few days later. This time it will stay up though! You can bet on that.
You can Join The Nirvana Fan Club to get access to many rare files, and Free Speech on the Internet get many other Nirvana goodies. Here you can read full details on how to join the club.

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"That's a hell of a page you've got there"
- Jack Endino, Producer - "Bleach".

"Corporate Rock Web Sites Suck,
The Internet Nirvana Fan Club Doesn't"

- Jim Griffin, Geffen Records.

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