The New Nirvana Quiz
This Nirvana Quiz is made by Andreas Ericson & Rasmus Holmen.
If you get the whole quiz correct, you will be on the Winners Page, so
please remember to fill in all the information below correctly!
Ok, here goes.......

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1) What's the name of the serious girlfriend Kurt had before Courtney Love?

2) What was Kurt's Favourite Cigarette Brand ?

3) Which one of these songs was written By Nirvana?

4) When did Nirvana Sign up with Geffen?

5) Where was the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' first performed Live?

Check back often to see if yr a winner!
Idea By: Rasmus Holmen
Html By: Andreas Ericson
Questions By: Andreas Ericson & Rasmus Holmen
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