The Nirvana Quiz

The Nirvana quiz is BACK!, with some brand new questions.
Due to many requests, I have decided to make another quiz !!!
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01) What band is Dan Peters, who played with Nirvana at some gigs, in now ?

02) What date was Krist Novoselic born on ? (According to the "Come as you are" book)

03) What's the name of the CURRENT members in Foo Fighters ?

04) What's the first line in the song, "Love Buzz" ?

05) Where was Nirvana's first concert ?

06) What's the first song on, "Hormoaning" ?

07) What/Who was Frances Bean Cobain named after ?

08) What was the name of the members in Fecal Matter ?

09) What's the name of the first song Nirvana played at the MTV Unplugged concert ?

10) Who was the original maker of the song, "Plateau" ?

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The quiz was made by Rasmus Holmen and Andreas Ericson