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Once again, The Internet Nirvana Fan Club QUIZ is back! This time with 20 questions. I have now made 20 brand new questions where some are easy and some fairly difficult. I have improved the quiz greatly since you will now be informed instantly how many questions you answered correctly. So when you have submitted an answer to all 20 questions you will be informed how many you got correct. If you get them all 20 right; your name will automatically be added to the special winners page! Here is a full list of the winners so far. List of old quiz winners is available here. This Quiz was made by Rasmus Holmen 1998-1999 for The Internet Nirvana Fan Club -
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01) What is the name of Nirvana's record label ?
Virgin Records
EMI Records
Geffen/DGC Records
Elektra Records

02) In which song does the sentence "I'm not worth it" appear ?
Scentless Apprentice
Big Long Now
Heart-Shaped Box

03) At what hotel did Kurt Cobain once work as a janitor ?
The Polynesian Hotel
The Holiday Inn
The Sunnydale Resort
The Polynosi Hotel
The Seattle Hotel

04) From what Nirvana show is the picture at the right ?
04/17/91 Seattle, WA
08/24/90 Seattle, WA
02/06/92 Sydney, Australia
06/26/92 Roskilde, Denmark
09/22/90 Seattle, WA

05) Where was Krist Novoselic born ?
Seattle, WA
Aberdeen, WA
Compton, CA
Daly City, CA
Tacoma, WA

06) When was the 'Love Buzz' single released ?

07) When did Nirvana sign with their current record label ?
April, 1991
June, 1992
March, 1990
October, 1991
May, 1991

08) Which song did Nirvana play at the MTV Video Music Awards 1992 ?
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rape me
Drain You
Territorial Pissings

09) Who directed the "Sliver" video ?
Anton Corbijn
Steve Brown
Samuel Bayer
Milton Lage
Kevin Kerslake

10) Which song did Nirvana play at the British 'Jonathan Ross' show ?
Territorial Pissings
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Heart-Shaped Box

11) Which movie - Starring Drew Barrymore - begins with "Love Buzz" playing ?
Boys On The Side
Mad Love
The Wedding Singer
Poison Ivy
Bad Girls

12) Which Nirvana song is on the compilation, "No Alternative" ?
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Sappy (aka. Verse Chorus Verse)
Pay To Play

13) In which song does the sentence "I feel stupid" appear ?
Been a son
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Verse Chorus Verse
Smells Like Teen Spirit

14) What's the name of the baby on the "Nevermind" cover ?
Mark Hughes
Spencer Eldon
Sinai Jones
Ed Rosenblatt
Lynn Hirschberg

15) Where was the MTV Unplugged session with Nirvana recorded ?
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA

16) When was "The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" released in the US ?
June, 1996
August, 1996
September, 1996
October, 1996
November, 1997

17) Who wrote the Nirvana book "Never Fade Away: The Kurt Cobain Story" ?
Suzi Black
Michael Azerrad
Dave Thompson
Krist Novoselic
Hank Harrison

18) In which song does the sentence "I'm not Santa" appear ?
Moist Vagina
I hate myself and want to die
Hairspray Queen
Oh, The Guilt

19) What is the name of the other song on the "Oh, The Guilt" split single ?
Jesus Wants It
Beautiful People
Smells Like Teen Spirit

20) Who, from the list of people below, is not interviewed in "Kurt and Courtney" ?
Tom Grant
Wendy O' Conner
Tracy Marander
Courtney Love
Mari Earl

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