The latest news & updates

April 25th 1997:
- Added more movie files.

April 24th 1997:
- Added some more stuff to main page, and fixed links to some RA files.

April 23rd 1997:
- Added 5 rare pics from shots in Aberdeen, added the Quiz again.

April 11th - 20th 1997:
- Rebuilt old Nirvana page (The Danish Nirvana Homepage) - and added new files

April 10th 1997:
- Closed the Internet Nirvana Fan Club, cause of financial trouble
- It should be back up again soon though.

April 8th 1997:
- Opened the Internet Nirvana Fan Club on a new domain.

May 1st 1996 - April 1997:
- Started the Danish Nirvana Homepage, and added more stuff all the time.

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