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Posted by RH on (
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Reply to "Viva La TYLER 1999 - VOTE VOTE" posted by pLuTo on October 21, 1998 at 18:59:31.

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: Hurry boys and girls, men and women, ladies and gentlemen!
: Your time to make the right choice is coming near. On November 3rd, the big vote will be tallied. Don't you want the canidate who stands for your issues to be the one to prevail? That's why we all need to vote for TYLER, because he is a man of trust and compassion, and loyalty to fellow fans.
: Tyler will vote no on hoarding.
: RH encourages hoarding, and wants to act as a dictator.
: Tyler will vote yes on bad trader punishment.
: RH shows no concern about the rising number of bad traders in our community.
: Tyler will enforce strict rules on the board, preventing spammers and posers from posting on the board.
: RH spams his own board.
: Tyler will lead NFC into the next millenium, with great bootleg projects planned aimed at benefitting the entire Nirvana community.
: RH has no plans for the competitive millenium ahead which will face NFC.
: Tyler will ban all homophobes and those that discrimenate from the board, creating a more enjoyable environment for all users.
: RH believes in silience on important issues such as this, which can not continue!
: You know the facts now. And only you can make the most important decision, to decide to vote Tyler president of NFC 1999! The oppression, tranny, hording, dictatorship, they must all come to an end!
: Tyler... a man of his word.
: Tyler... a voice for the Nirvana community.
: Tyler... the RIGHT choice for president of NFC 1999!
Hey pLuToTOtoTo, can you say banned ? :o)

Anyway I'm probably not gonna vote for Tyler. Why? Because his compaign is a smear job towards me and the other staff at NFC. Tyler and myself agrees upon one key issue: no hoarding. I do not support nor encourage or practise it, which is why I will support Tyler in his compaign against fighting tape hoarders. I suggest he becomes president of the HIH instead (Hoarding is Hell). Yes, I spam my own board, indeed, but I do not spam it more than the other users of this board. I refuse to comment further on this matter. I have a list online of bad traders and those people have been through a living hell from my side, I support beatings and rapings of the bad traders; their families and their friends. I support hanging and death by lethal injection when it comes to a bad trader. I currently distribute bootlegs through sales and 2:1 trades to a number of people which is above 100 and keeps growing, though I have not yet set plans for the next millenium, however getting a CD-burner would be rather nice.
Vote for RH as taking the second period of president for NFC and you'll justify the following important issues:

- I do not support hoarding, I support surfacing new shows. I have done so and will in a near future.
- I do not support large amounts of spam, however brief small talk and enjoyment is allowed.
- I do not support gay hates, but I refuse to ban a large amount of people.
- I do support punishing bad traders, either by sending dead chicks or by murdering the individual and close family.
- I do support celebrity porno and I encourage people to submit their nude photographs of Alicia Silverstone to NFC.
- I do not support sellout'ism as supported by other Nirvana domains. I do not support multiple banner ads on several sections of the site. In fact I support having only one sponsor banned ad, located at the near bottom of the main page. I REFUSE TO BECOME A CORPORATE SELLOUT!

Vote for RH '99 and you will be able to walk safely home at night.

Thank you and good night.

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