Welcome to the Christmas present to you from Nirvanaclub :)
This will just be a few cool and rare songs in the MP3 format.
To play the songs you need an MP3 player like WinAMP
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Live in Rennes, France - 2/16/94
- [2.5 MB] Rape Me
- [3.3 MB] Verse Chorus Verse
Live in New York, NY - 7/18/89
- [2.7 MB] Floyd The Barber
Funny version of the song, where a guy in the audience finds his way up on the stage and screams out
"Fucking Shit" in the microphone while the song is played.
Live in Bologna, Italy - 11/21/91
- [2.1 MB] Sliver
This is the show where the crowd kept singing along, so Kurt begins this song by singing "nah nah nah", to piss off the audience a bit. Cool!
Live in Salem, OR - 12/14/93
- [3.8 MB] In Bloom
Great live performance of this hit song. Good quality too!
Live in Mezzago, Italy - 11/26/89
- [3.1 MB] Big Cheese
Pretty cool version of this old "Bleach" classic.
Note: The ID3 tag on the file has the wrong date !!
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