The Nirvana Fan Club Christmas Present 1998

Welcome to the Christmas present to you from The Internet Nirvana Fan Club.
This will basically be a few of my favorite Nirvana songs, and some rare ones. Every song was recorded in the Real Audio format. You can get a player for the RA files on this site. Please don't make direct links to this page, or the files since the sounds will only be up during December. Get them while ya can!
Hormoaning - Japanese EP
From this you get the great song D-7 and a track also put on Incesticide, Son of a Gun.
No Alternative - Compilation
This AIDS benifit album features the great Nirvana song, Verse Chorus Verse.
Live in Olympia, WA 04/17/87
This very early show brought along the only performance of the Thunder and Roses cover, White Lace and Strange.
Live in Hollywood, CA 08/17/90
The soundcheck for this show featured the rare and very good song, In His Hands.
Live in Tokyo, Japan 02/19/92
Two songs from a concert in Japan. First a funny version of School with alt. lyrics and then the classic Territorial Pissings.
Live in Chicago, IL 10/23/93
The highlight of this show is
the only recorded Nirvana
performance of the brilliant song
known as You've Got No Right.
Live in Seattle, WA 01/08/94
The final US show had many great
songs. Here is a cover of the Bowie
song, The Man Who Sold The World.
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