The Internet Nirvana Fan Club: The 1999 Christmas Present
In 1997 and 1998, a little christmas present to all of you from us at NFC have been put up. So this year is no exception, and thus for the third time you'll be able to download a little christmas present here. This year both sound files and movie clips are being put up which adds a nice refreshment. It was terribly difficult picking the songs but I hope you like the choices. There should be a little for everyone. These files will only be up during the rest of December 1999 and probably a little bit of January 2000. You are not allowed to link to them directly, but please do tell your Nirvana loving friends about this present. Enjoy

To view these files you only need to download one piece of software - one that you most likely have installed already; The RealPlayer will execute both .rm and .ra files - the two types you can download here. Download RealPlayer for free here.
The first file we have for you this year is a RealMedia presentation of the 1990 version of Nirvana's "In Bloom" video. It features Kurt, Krist and Chad Channing who was the drummer at the time. The sound part of the video originate from the 4/90 Smart Studio Sessions while the actual video was shot sometime in 1990. The reason I decided to put it up here is the fact that is has not been on MTV that many times and could be considered a tiny bit rare. It is a very nice video, with an early rough cut and some cool clips of the band, pre-Nevermind. Download: In Bloom [1990]

The next file is also a video. This one is an early and energetic performance of the great song 'Floyd the barber'. It was recorded in Rotterdam, Holland in September 1991. Apparently Kurt was pretty drunk throughout this show and he ends up smashing most of the band's instruments by the end of the set. A very cool show from the happy days of the Nevermind release. Download: Floyd the Barber [09/01/91]

The last movie file is also from the 1991 Rotterdam show. In this clip the band attempt to play the song In Bloom but Kurt is pretty wasted at this point and he seems to have some problems getting the guitar to work properly. So Dave and Krist play their respective instruments while Kurt can't get his guitar to rock. After a few tries they finally get it right ... a very funny moment that you can see for yourself here. Note that the video cuts after they start playing the song 'for real'.
Download: In Bloom [09/01/91]

Next up is a song, in the RealAudio format. I picked the semi-rare "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" cover conducted by Krist on vocals sometime in the 1980's. When exactly it was done is not known but this gem definitely belongs among the very early stuff. It came on the same tape as the complete 'Montage of Heck' that I surfaced about a year ago. A pretty nice song and a hilarious cover by Krist. Download: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves [Cher cover]
Earlier this year, a nice show recorded in Scotland in 1990 popped up. The show featured a rare live performance of the song "Son of a gun" from the Incesticide album. You can download it here: Son of a gun [10/26/90]
As it was established recently, a song performed a couple of times - including the soundcheck for the 08/17/90 show - has the catchy title "Verse Chorus Verse". This great song, previously called "In his hands", can now be downloaded in its entirety. Its taken from the above mentioned show (08/17/90) and since it is a soundcheck there is no audience sound. It was lifted off the "Outcesticide V" bootleg where the song was re-mastered. You can download it here: Verse Chorus Verse [08/17/90]
Another recording that surfaced not so long ago was an upgraded and complete version of the 09/21/91 show in Montreal, Canada. An ok show with Dave Grohl in a great mood, making a joke between the songs where he is saying "This song is called Negative Creep" before a bunch of the songs - even though they obviously don't play "Negative Creep" every time! They do play it one time, though, but not the ordinary version. It starts out in 'falsetto' mode (I think its called that) in which Kurt is singing like a little girl and Dave is hardly touching the drums. Do they continue this throughout the entire song ... or ? Download and find out! Negative Creep [09/21/90]