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January 27, 2005

The Australian Triple J radio will air a recording of Nirvana's February 1, 1992 concert this Friday (tomorrow) at 8 PM. It is a special in their 'Live at the Wireless' series. Check out the Triple J website for more info, here. Thanks to Troy. In other JJJ news, the radio station recently aired an interview they did with the band in 1992. It had been deleted from their reels because it was deemed 'shit' back in the day, but with the help from this website, a recording of the interview was eventually uncovered. Thanks to Luke for info.

On March 20, 1990 Nirvana went to Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA to record a handful of songs that were intended to serve as low-budget music videos. Behind the band was a screen playing some various footage that Kurt brought along. Although this video has been available in the trader's circle for a while, it is now also online in good quality. You can view the video here. Thanks to Rex.

Apparently a movie about punk legends The Germs is in the works. The band featured former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear. In the movie, Pat will be played be the unknown actor Victor Rasuk. Shane West has been cast as Germs frontman Darby Crash. Shane can be seen starring with Mandy Moore in A Walk To Remember and he's also featured on the show, ER. More info about the movie here.

January 20, 2005

Interesting news: "For all Nirvana fans in the Los Angeles area, there will be three FREE screenings of Nirvana's in-store performance at the old Rhino Records store in 1989. Exclusive photos may be obtained upon request. Screenings are on February 2nd, 2005 at 5:00PM, 7:00PM and 9:00PM at the current Duck Soup/Rhino Records location 2028 Westwood Blvd, just north of Olympic. Store phone number is: 310-441-8544. There will be a limited number of first edition posters (photos of the band taken from that show) available on a first come, first served basis! Shot by Sam Epstein, filmmaker and former Rhino employee, the performance took place prior to their release of 'Bleach' and two years before their huge 'Nevermind' album was recorded. (Sam is available for interviews)." Thanks to Cori.

News from photographer Charles Peterson: "my first museum show, Touch Me I'm Sick: the Rock and Roll Photographs of Charles Peterson, opening Feb, 3rd at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia and running through May 1st: Info here. I will be giving a presentation at the opening, as well as later that weekend (Sunday the 6th from noon to three). In other news: Chosen as Editors Choice at PDN Photo Serve by Paul Hirsch, creative head at Leo Burnett: info."

As reported widely in the media, Courtney Love has regained custody of her daughter Frances Bean. On January 13 she released a statement "expressing her happiness at regaining custody of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Love said, 'Life is about choices, and I've chosen to move forward with my life in a healthy and positive way. Having my daughter back with me is exciting. I am looking forward to the future and continuing to entertain and create great music. I really appreciate the encouragement and support I've received from my fans and the community.' Love was awarded custody of 12-year-old Frances on Monday (January 10) after a 15-month legal battle with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and Frances' grandmother, Wendy O'Connor. Love's attorney, Howard Weitzman, said, 'Courtney Love's daughter, Frances, has been returned to her after a judge indicated satisfaction in Ms. Love's efforts to turn around her life and found it was in the best interests of mother and daughter to be reunited.' " Story courtesy of Launch. More info here. In other news, murder theory conspiracy-maker and raving lunatic Richard Lee was present at Courtney's most recent court appearance (where she regained custody of Frances). Apparently, upon spotting Lee, Courtney said "That guy's stalking me. Arrest him" and so he was in fact arrested. For many years, Lee has been stalking various personalities in the Nirvana community and posted various 'interesting' theories about Cobain's death on his website.

January 11, 2005

According to a story in the Tacoma News Tribune, Krist Novoselic might be working on a solo album. In an interview with the paper, Novoselic said: " 'I'm still making music. I have my studio, and I'm recording things and I have as much fun as possible. But I have that luxury, and I can work on political things. So I can basically just go where my passion takes me.' He referred to solo material he has been writing. And when asked if it might surface, he replied, 'You might be surprised, like later in the year. It might all come together. Right now, I'm just doing it for myself, and that's what it's all about.' " As for Nirvana and the box set, Krist limited his comments to a fitting conclusion: "I'm just gonna let the music do the talking." Story courtesy of The News Tribune (Tacoma, Washington). Krist is a keynote speaker at the Grammy Career Day on January 13 at the University of Puget Sound Concert Hall in Tacoma, WA. More info here.

January 4, 2005

Here is some exclusive information about the "Classic Albums" DVD about the Nevermind album which is scheduled for a March 22, 2005 release. I believe this is the European release date. Here's the info: "Nevermind: Classic Albums takes an in-depth look at the making of the album that raised the bar for Hard and Alternative Rock in the 1990's. The program features cuts from Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Territorial Pissings, Breed and more. It also features exclusive interviews and performances with Novoselic and Grohl." Other DVDs in the Classic Albums series have dived back into the studio where the album was recorded, offering unique interviews with the producer(s) and playing back the multitrack masters when available. I am not sure if this is also the case for the Nevermind DVD. Thanks to Koen.

January 2, 2005

In Jack Endino's latest newsletter he talks about working on the Nirvana box set and explains why the fabled Fecal Matter Demo was not included (you guessed it - Courtney): "This past summer, we got word that the Box Set was going to happen, yes, really truly this time. Having been semi-officially researching material for the box with co-conspirator Gillian Gaar since 1998, it was hard to believe it, but sure enough, the starting gun was fired, and it became a frenzy to make sure we had the best sources, and the correct credits and dates. A deadline crunch happened at the end, with Silva Artist Management (for Krist and Dave) and Courtney's people (Peter Asher, for Sanctuary) trying to agree on a final track listing for the box set, as the deadline for the booklet art and layout got nearer. That's why there's a picture of the Fecal Matter cassette in the booklet, but no music from it; Courtney's people decided that it was not really 'Nirvana' (i.e. it's Kurt and Dale only, so why share it with Nirvana LLC?) and held it back at the last minute, which is why the set starts with 'Heartbreaker', which would not have been my choice. At the VERY last minute, Silva Mgmt got access to a trove of 'Kurt cassettes' that Courtney has been talking about for years. That's where 'Mrs. Butterworth' and a few other things on the box (mostly acoustic stuff) came from, literally out of the blue in the final weeks of preparation for the box."

Endino notes that Dale Crover is most likely not the drummer on Mrs. Butterworth and that, unlike what it says in the booklet, it was probably recorded in 1987. Finally, Endino speculates that future releases will be complete concert recordings as the box includes most of the non-live rarities, outtakes and demos available. So, yeah, I don't think we should hold out for any more releases of Kurt demos or other unreleased demo/studio stuff. Including the Fecal Matter Demo. Of course, one can argue that all the solo acoustic stuff (and garbage such as Beans) is "not really Nirvana" either. While not a member of Nirvana, Dale Crover certainly had a significant part and actually plays drums on parts of Nirvana's debut album. Check the box set section for a list of some of the most wanted recordings. The complete Jack Endino newsletter should be available from his website soon.

Chuck wanted me to post this: "Enslow Publishers, Inc., a children's nonfiction book publisher, is seeking a capable author to write a biography of Kurt Cobain. Candidate must have at least an undergraduate degree and an avid interest in Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Writing experience is preferred. We are looking for someone to write an objective biography of Kurt Cobain, which discusses both sides of any issues or controversies. An author that goes to contract will be compensated with an advance and royalties. Anyone interested can contact Chuck Pizar, social studies editor, at Please attach resume or C.V. and writing samples, if possible. Thank you."

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