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February 28, 2005

This Friday (March 4, 2005) BBC2 in the UK will air the new documentary about Nirvana's Nevermind album which is part of the popular Classic Albums series. It is being released on DVD on March 22 as previously reported here but for some reason BBC2 are airing it on TV prior to that (though, without the DVD's bonus material of course). The show airs at 11:35 PM and is 50 minutes long. See the February 14 story for some more info about the documentary. Click here for more info about the DVD.

February 20, 2005

Today, Kurt Cobain would have turned 38. Happy birthday, Kurt! And to Sara; rest in peace my darling. You will be missed.

February 14, 2005

A few more details have emerged about the Classic Albums DVD: "[The DVD] is due March 22. Along with a documentary featuring interviews with bassist Krist Novoselic, drummer Dave Grohl and producer Butch Vig, the DVD will include mini-docs on Grohl joining the band, the album's artwork and the song 'Drain You.' " Info courtesy of MTV. Apparently the DVD also features interviews with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Gary Gersh (former A&R for DGC), Jon Poneman (Sub Pop), Nils Bernstein and Jack Endino. Thanks to Adam for info.

February 2, 2005

A string quartet tribute to Nirvana's Nevermind album is being released later this month: "Exhilarating and haunting, The String Quartet Tribute to Nirvana's Nevermind takes you back while taking you forward. Few albums have occupied the cultural consciousness like Nevermind. And though this landmark album is hard to hear with fresh ears, The String Quartet Tribute to Nirvana's Nevermind gives you the opportunity. Spring is definitely here again on this latest release from Vitamin Records. We have lovingly distilled Cobain's songs down to their purest essence. Intricate melodies accentuate unusual chord progressions, while the dynamic arrangements performed on violin and cello translate grunge into classical punk. Exhilarating and haunting, it takes you back while taking you forward. Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours." You can find more information about the cd, as well as a couple of sound clips, here. Thanks to Mark.

"On February 4th, Playwrights Horizons, an off-Broadway theater in New York City, begins performances of ON THE MOUNTAIN, a new play that we believe will be of interest to Nirvana fans. In ON THE MOUNTAIN, a former rock and roll wild child, haunted by the suicide of a Seattle Rock Legend, struggles with the rebellion of her iPod-obsessed teenage daughter. When rumors of the rock star's final, lost song bring a charming young man with questionable motives into the picture, an intriguing mystery begins to unfold. In recent interviews, playwright Christopher Shinn has spoken candidly about the effect that Nirvana, the grunge music scene, and Kurt Cobain's suicide had on him when he was a teenager. The following is a link to an article Mr. Shinn wrote about the play and the influence of the suicide: read. We are offering discount tickets starting at $15 (reg. price $55). Tickets available at the box office (416 West 42nd Street, between 9th & 10th Avenues), in person, one hour before curtain. Valid full time grad/undergrad ID required. Limit one ticket per student ID. Subject to availability." Click here for more info.

An article on the special heat-sensitive color change ink used for the Nirvana box set, here.

February 1, 2005

Following his new book, Krist Novoselic continues to fight for election reform in the US: "Novoselic now spends his time pushing for voting reforms that he thinks could change the cynicism many people feel about U.S. politics. 'Once music becomes predictable and a formula to sustain the establishment, people tune out, they become cynical and they stop buying records. But then a new wave of bands come in, and that restores vitality to the music scene,' Novoselic told Reuters after a recent appearance at a Washington think tank. 'What we need is a new wave of democracy, because elections are predictable and they're formulas for sustaining the establishment,' he said. In a slim book, 'Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix This Broken Democracy!' Novoselic outlines two approaches that he believes would breathe new life into politics.

Instant-runoff voting allows voters to pick several candidates for the same office, ranking them in order of preference. If no candidate wins a majority of first choices, second choices are considered. Supporters of third-party candidates like Ralph Nader could feel like they're not throwing their votes away because their secondary choices would be considered in a close election, Novoselic said.

The second method, known as proportional representation, would allocate legislative seats based on the percentage of votes a party receives -- if the Republicans win 60 percent of the vote in a district, they would get 6 seats out of 10 available. These methods could give greater influence to third-party candidates, other election-reform advocates say."
Read the complete story here, courtesy of CNN and Reuters. Thanks to Jeff and others for the link.

A tsunami care relief concert is currently being planned in Seattle. Presented by K-ROCK 96.5, the concert will feature a stunning reunion of Alice in Chains with a new lead singer. Original AIC frontman Layne Staley passed away in 2002. The three surviving members - Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney and Mike Inez will regroup with an as-yet unnamed singer. As for other Seattle legends appearing at the show, some interesting names have been announced: Sir Mix-A-Lot, Chris Degarmo of Queensryche and Krist Novoselic. Krist will be master of ceremonies since he is no longer performing musically. The show is scheduled for February 18 and the tickets that go on sale this Thursday will be priced at a mere $40. All proceeds will go to the international humanitarian organization CARE and its campaign to aid victims of the tsunami in South Asia. You can order tickets here. The event will take place at the Premier Club in Seattle (1700 1st Ave S.) Thanks to Blabbermouth, Ben and Andy Savage online for details.

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