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- - - August 15, 2003 - - -

Just when you think you've heard it all ... "Courtney Love said last night she was 'totally shocked' to discover Marlon Brando was her grandfather. The 39-year-old rock singer and actress learned of the link with the Oscar-winning actor in a new autobiography by her mother, Linda Caroll. She added: 'I've heard Marlon Brando has more than 30 children. I can't begin to imagine how many cousins I have that I didn't even know about before.' Caroll reportedly had a DNA test which proves Brando is her father. She was born after the Godfather star had an affair with her mother, author Paula Fox, in the 1940s. Fox gave her up for adoption and it is not clear whether Brandon, 79, knew anything about Caroll." Story courtesy of The Evening Standard.

- - - August 5, 2003 - - -

A new Nirvana book is out -- this one comprising a number of interviews with the band: "334 pages - Over 60 major interviews - Analysis of interviews, providing background, factual details, recording session information, release history and cross-reference assembly - Fully indexed. Funny, fascinating, incisive, revealing and heartbreaking: The inside view of the phenomenon that was NIRVANA by the men who were NIRVANA."

What sets this book apart from other interview collections (on websites or other books) is the comprehensive index which allows you to, i.e., find all interview references to Reading Festival, Kiss, MTV, Guns N' Roses or whatever you may be interested in. In addition the interviews are accompanied by a number of footnotes that provide you with interesting background information to better understand the situation at the time of the interview, the person who conducted it, or other pertinent details. The interviews range from one of the first (if not the first) from Backlash in 1988 up till an interview Krist Novoselic did for Slovenian TV in February 1994.

It's an extremely interesting book that provides a lot of facts and funny stories from the horse's mouth so to speak - and the index and footnotes provides for easy access and understanding. What sets the book apart also, is that it was made by fans for fans. There's no big corporate machine behind this - and the people responsible for the book had to spend several months coming up with the cash for printing costs and whatnot. Also, a second book - Interviews 2 - is currently in the works.

The book is limited to just 200 copies but visitors of The Internet Nirvana Fan Club (NFC) are guaranteed the first 100 copies out of these. The book is priced at 14.95 (about $24 USD) plus 1.00 for shipping if inside the UK (2.57 for shipping elsewhere). To order the book, simply send an e-mail to To receive a signed and numbered copy of the book, make sure to mention The Internet Nirvana Fan Club in your mail. Anyone who orders a copy of the book through NFC will get their names in the credits section of the second book: Interviews 2! Thanks to Sarah and Paul for everything.

As it was mentioned here a while ago - a new Nirvana DVD was released recently. Nirvana: The Untold Stories is an unauthorised DVD offering a number of interviews with people related to the band in some way. The people interviewed for the documentary include Tim Appelo (Seattle journalist), Jack Endino (engineer of the first Nirvana album), Leland Cobain (Kurt's grandfather), Steve Fisk (producer of the Blew EP), Slim Moon (of the Kill Rock Stars label), Paul White, Steve Shillinger and Darrin Neathery (childhood friends of Cobain), Charles Cross (author of Heavier Than Heaven), Robert Lang (producer of You Know You're Right), Ryan Aigner (first 'manager') along with a handful of guests who were present at the party that would be the site of Nirvana's first show. Although most of these people have previously been interviewed for Nirvana-related documentaries and/or books - they offer a lot of interesting stories and details along with previously unknown facts. Over the 70 minutes the documentary runs for - topics that come up include the fabled 'Fecal Matter Demo', the January 1994 session that produced You Know You're Right, the Endino session in January 1988, and of course all the stories about Kurt's childhood. As it's usual for such specials, there's a lot of focus on Cobain and less on the actual band -- in fact the better part of the DVD chronicles Kurt's younger days. Even so, there's some interesting interviews on there and a display of pictures whereas many are fairly uncommon and rare. The DVD also contains a quiz and a discography (including a handful of bootlegs). It was released in the UK by Chrome Dreams Productions. You can order it from Amazon here.

- - - August 1, 2003 - - -

Cover by tingting NFC Compilation: Volume III has now been released!! The first compilation in more than two years is now available. The compilation basically contains songs made by the people who visit this website or, more precisely, the NFC Discussion Board. As it turns out there are a number of musicians roaming this place - and once again, the very best talent has been collected on a compilation. Over a period of six months more than 140 discussion board users submitted material for the project. Ultimately, I had gotten a little over 550 songs to choose from. Needless to say, it was difficult to determine the best ones and decide on what to use for the actual compilation. There were so many good songs that I had to use 3 CDs to house them all.

In the end, 60 songs were selected, with the help of a couple of polls and intense listening sessions. The 60 songs represent more than 3 hours of amazing music - all from the hands of people who visit the NFC Discussion Board. The songs range from crunchin' rock n' roll songs - recorded professionally in a studio - to slow acoustic ballads by a teenager sitting in his basement with a guitar. In my humble opinion - the better part of this compilation offers finer music than most of what you hear on the radio these days.

All songs are available for download as high-quality mp3 files. Though, if you're on a slow connection, you should arm yourself with patience: each CD is about 100 MB so you'll have to prepare for a hefty 300 MB download! Unfortunately, we're unable to offer the compilation on CD at this time. Should that change, you'll be the first to know, and consequently the compilation webpage will be updated with info. A big thanks to all the artists on the compilation!

NFC Compilation: Volume III

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