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October 25, 2005

Soundclips from the upcoming "Sliver" album have now been posted online. This includes 30-second clips of the three previously unreleased songs. You can find the clips here. Click the "preview" button next to the song and the file should open in Windows Media Player or a compatible player. You can find some different clips here.

October 24, 2005

Proud Galleries, London, are holding a fantastic exhibition of Nirvana photographs by rock photographers Charles Petersen and Ian Tilton. It is the first time these renowned photographers have collaborated to bring a unique and personal insight into the career of a band which changed the music industry landscape forever. The exhibition proves a fitting legacy from those that knew them best and the ultimate testament to the power of Cobain who would both inspire and challenge the Middle America he despised.

The exhibition runs from Thursday, 27th October, until 20th November 2005 at Proud Central, 5 Buckingham Street, London, WC2N 6BP. The gallery opens between 10am-7pm Monday to Thursday and 11am-6pm Friday to Sunday. The prints which will be exhibited are also available for purchase online. You can contact the gallery on 0207 839 4942 or email The gallery's website is

October 16, 2005

Record producer and former Geffen A&R guy James Barber recently did an interview with the Poptones website. In the interview he talks about the Nirvana box set and his thoughts with respect to potential future releases. He also talks about working with Guns N' Roses and the infamous "Chinese Democracy" album. You can read the interview here.

Next year there will be a very special "Nirvana Day" at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, UK. The special Nirvana convention will take place on September 9, 2006 and only 250 tickets are available. There will be live music, tribute bands, book signings, a photo exhibition on a big screen, a special guest with a Q&A session, charity auction, official merchandise, vendors selling Nirvana CDs, live concert footage on a big screen and much more. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster. Visit the Cavern Club website here. Thanks to Gary.

October 1, 2005

The Summer 2005 issue of Classic Rock Magazine featured an article on Soundgarden which includes a comment from bassist Ben Shepherd where he talks about almost joining Nirvana. You can read it here. Also included is a different comment from Ben (from a different piece) where he talks about Kurt Cobain. Special thanks to Greg Prato for these.

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