NFC Fan contributions Nirvana and Kurt Cobain tribute - Part 1
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I really love Nirvana. Kurt was a wonderful man who just had problems like everyone else but took the quicker way out of them. Their music is brilliant and RIP Kurt!
The existence of Kurt Cobain proves that it is possible to for a someone to escape the rhetoric of male superiority. I have never met anyone else(male/female, liberal/ conservative) who has fully rebelled against ALL norms (not just the easy ones) and refused to internalize the bullshit myth of male superiority. It makes me sad that there are legions of Nirvana 'fans' who miss this point about Kurt and Nirvana while identifing with so much else. I imagine these people are the guy who can't love himself in a dress and the woman who refuses her own voice and is part of the "legion of traitor women". -PMK
He was stupid 2 kill himself and now his daughter is growing up without a father.millions of people now cannot listen to him sing new songs.all i can say is that he was good but he killed himself!!
Nirvana should stay together and try to find a new lead singer like Kurt.
Yeah i have something to say.. they kick ass.
Nirvana,the best group in the history of the music. Kurt Cobain...el mejor musico de la historia. un simbolo.un idolo. ¿no pueden resucitarlo?
Soy uruguayo,tengo casilla propia en las bbses uruguayas que estan adheridas las redes southnet y fidonet. me pueden encontrar como maximiliano de muro hoy es 15 de agosto Montevideo,uruguay
I Love You Kurt!!!!! Romana
He was a cool son of a bitch!!!
I'm so happy, cause today I find this site I'm so grinny cause Kurt Cobain is fucking dead
Kurt will never be dead in our minds @>-->---(
Kurt was the poet of the 90's telling all about how fucked up some things are, how much sadness he had, how much hate and anger he felt. Those were the things that I could relate to him with. Kurt will forever live inside me. Peace, Love, Empathy, KURT COBAIN.
Speedily, I run from the pain What have you done, its insane I cry, i try, i try to die Why did you do this? Kurt Cobain You still make me feel the pain
Nirvana, the best rock band in the world. Kurt and Nirvana started the "grunge" era, and elevated the music industry and rock music in particular to a higher level. Even though Kurt took his life away from us, his music and spirit will remain engraved in our hearts forever.
I just wanna say that Nirvana will always be the best - Doug Biekx
Remember it's better to burn away than to fade away.
I love kurt. He is my hero.
I have no tears any more, but I wanna cry about Kurt! I feel really pain listening 'Polly'. Oksana AKA Nice Girl
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain Time has halted now for you, Vindictive Lover Cast aside your shadows and face what you've created If only you had closed the vein But now you lie Beneath Us See what you've destroyed in all you self destruction You're a dreamer still i hope Sink into dreams and may your vindications rest I Love You
Well, first of all I want to say that Nirvana is the BEST DAMN BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! And Kurt was murdered by that basketcase Courtney. That's all I gotta say, and anybody that disagrees can go to the LAKE OF FIRE hehe.
Nirvana is the best band that ever was their music has really affected me I hope Kurt is always remembered and honored for starting the whole gruges scene. They kick as soooo hard
Nirvana es lo mejor que hay en el mundo... indiscutiblemente indiscutible... Dejen comentarios loco... Kurt es lo mejor!
Kurt was a rock god who hated all his fans for idolizing him. I dont care though cause I love him any way. He ruled so did the band. Nirvana affected my life as well as the lives of many people. I had a poem but I lost it so you wont get to hear the fucking thing. Sorry I'll look for it. I have a message to all the people who only liked Nirvana cause of their hit over played song "Smells like teen Spirit" - You need to pull your head out of your ass and listen to a different song! -I travel through a test tube and end up in your infection- Its better to burn out than to fade away. Peace love empathy Kurt Cobain - A true fan
Kurt is God, and your page is a worthy altar!!
Poem in memory of Kurt Cobain: All cool and style , but deep inside He was fragile , he semmet happy , or so i guessed , but deep inside he was all messed, Until one day , it was to much , he couldnt wait , he had to rush, He took a shotgun up to is head , he squeezed the triger... Bang... No more idol no more moon , end of shit , end of pain No more Kurt...Kurt Cobain
feelings I was feelin so low but know im high as the clouds I thought you were the only one but you couldnt stand us why why couldnt you talk or just smile you could have just said you hated it all but you took it all out on yourself hello? how low can you bring us? r u happier in hell god was there we loved you cause you hated us - ben
Kurt was cool man!
Out of all the Nirvana pages your page RULZ!!!!!!!!!! (LUV YA KURT R.I.P.) ---NEHA CHHABRA
i think that kurt cobain was a good person down inside he was the only person that hated kurt cobain
Kurt Cobain Lives With Elvis On Mars !!!. @>-->-->--(
I miss him so much!!! Peace, love and empathy!
This page kiks ass..and nirvana rules and like every thing else sucks.. ok thats it =)-~
"Time to load up on guns and sell the kids for food. Take your time hurry up.I love you I'm not going to cry. Polly wants a cracker maybe I sould get off her first. Everybody get together try to love one another right now." --scott-ca.
Nirvana is the most great group in the world. --DIEGO NICOLAS VALLEJO. south america
come as you are,as a friend, now you are gone,you can't come you only left memories,but in my heart you still live,in your music,in your songs i love smells like teen spirit,polly and heart-shaped box,time is past now you are gone you only left memories.
I will always and forever love Kurt --Love, AlternaChic
I think of Nirvana as the god of grunge and therefore I consider Kurt Cobain a real good guy. I think it's a shame Kurt Cobain is dead. I was hoping the group would make more albums and become the most successful group in history. Well, it's all I can say... The Raven: "I'm not weird, I'm MARGINALLY DIFFERENT"
to hate or not to hate that's NIRVANA !!!!
It makes me proud to see this page uphold the greatest artistic GENIUS of our generation. Keep the dream alive. Long live his music... -- MALICE Lord of Hate
THE MOST POWERFULL RIFF OF HISTORY OF ROCK - N N IR NN N (D7) N N N VA N N N N NN NA Why Daniel Johns is so likely Kurt? He's just a kid , but Silverchair rules ! (MADMAN) . Oh ! but SEPULTURA kick any ass !
anyone who thinks that nirvana still isnt a force is wrong .... and also anyone who thinks nirvana can be put into a musical type, they are also wrong .... nirvana is nirvana and thats all
Kurt Cobain was the coolest son of a bitch in the world! R.I.P
Why does the best always goes first?
Nirvana was the fucking greatest band ever! They kicked the living shit out of all of those pussy bands. Long live Nirvana!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Genghis
I am a danish boy and I am 14 years old and I think that Nirvana is the best
stoners live and stoners die most live for a high in the sky so to speak, by the by, it's all in the eye of the beholder,the music's already in my head the next part left usaid -the cat in the hat?
Kurt Cobain changed my life...its a sad thing that he had to go away forever but it was his decision. His passion will always be around ... around us all -azlee-
This page rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kurt Cobain was so cool and still is!
Nirvana is the best Heini Saar,Haapsalu,Estonia,Europe.
Nirvana was really cool, and i'm sick of all those wankers running around saying that they're Nirvana fans, when all they've heard is SLTS. These people have no idea what Nirvana's music was about. Kurt was pissed off about this as well, as he shows in 'In Bloom'. That's all i've got to say.
Kurt Cobain is/was a god
Kurt Cobain was a brilliant man. His musical talent is not to be forgotten. Nirvana is more than a band. I encourage everyone to buy their CDs, or any such items to remember them by. Ever since that day in '94, when he committed suicide, he has been in a legend in the hearts of millions of us. And his music will be remembered forever.
Well Kurt is unfortunally dead, but because of this page we can still recall him Bella, and Lotte
This is great, I have been totally lost in Cobain Rumors until now!!
Hello, I'm a boy from Alma in Quebec, Canada and I really love Nivana and Kurt Cobain. Yesterday, I'd find the Deadnote and The Death Certificate in another Web Site. Alone and Lost for all the time and over the world Bruno Lussier Guitarist
this page is good but the hole in my heart (once filled by kurt) shall remain empty for eternity... nadia ali australia
Why does everybody see the death of Kurt as a symbol? Why are you sad? Kurt had a great pain in his heart and he took it away! He`s not suffering any more. I would do the same................. LOVE......MASSI IN SWEDEN.
Kurt Cobain is dead. We must accept that, but his music lives forever. And we may morn his passing, however, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will continue to influence people all over the world for many years to come. LEGACIES NEVER DIE! Jay L.N.
I thought kurt was a great musician. I will always remember what he did for me through his music. I have trouble with my mother saying I worship him, I don't, but I can not just all of a sudden forget who he was. He will be with me always. It's better to burn out than to fade away, right?
There have been two men in my life that have greatly affected its course, Jesus Christ and Kurt Donald Cobain. My feelings and appreciation for Kurt can never be expressed in words because he did not touch my mind, he touched my heart... Travs Hackett 754 main street Dayton, Indiana 47941 USA
Nirvana: It can be described as the budas heaven, but thanks of a man who changed all his pain into music it can also be described as the music paradise in earth.
Kurt Cobain, maybe you are dead in body, but you are always in my mind and everybody minds, I love you Kurt! KURT COBAIN, NOT DEAD Estefania Canale From Argentina
"The Bird flYs north, bUt the the pickeLs are purple. the grAsS grOws down, buT my shoEs arE too biG" -- Kurt Cobain
This page rocks, the tribute to Kurt Cobain is really sweet. With people who contribute to pages like this, Kurt will never be forgotten. Grunge will never die --Carol the Unknown and Haidi the Stranger, Adelaide, Australia
It's not what a lotta people did for me, it is what i did for a lot of people...only if everyone thought like this... this world would be a better place.
Don't expect me to cry for all the reasons you have to die. KuRT iS gOd Greg ShOReVieW sTOnEr
Kurt would've liked it. --Mirza Molberg--
Kurdt Cobain was the best and always will be - I say we don't let his genius rot in record valts !!!! Why the phuck is some rapper on Kurts page what's up with that?? He may of been alright but this is punk NOT RAP !! KURT IS GOD AND I HOPE TO GO TO HELL TO MEET HIM --TOM PAYNE-205 STATES AVE ROGERS C.T.
Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will live forever in hour hearts!!!!!! --Brad Lober
Kurt was God, and maybe if we had realized that in time, he would still be here. --Zor
I will keep it plain and simple... Nirvana Rules. --N.S.
your page is quite cool, i think it would be a cool idea to talk about Foo Fighters although they cant be compared with the group that rules even when their vocalist passed to better life, "NIRVANA". -- Sebastian. Mexico, Df
Really, what right did we have to get so attached in the first place? Courtney says now that she blames herself. Every single fan including his family contributed to his death. It wasn't just her. His own mind pushed him to the very limits of what he could sustain. I'm not trying to be a bad-ass know it all, especially since I know as much as you do, so don't get me wrong. I prefer to simply believe that there's only so much a person can take, before something has to give.
Nirvanas music will be in our hearts forever This page is for punks!! --Andrew Mcguire
Kurt thought he could not socialize without crack! Now look at him! The bloody fool is dead SUPPOSEIDLY because of the shit. I rekon Courtney hired a killer and got him killed.
Kurt was a God to all of our generation It's nice to know we all remember who he was, what he did, and how much we all loved him. Kurt was the best there was and the best there will be. Thanx Kurt, we love you. Peace, Love, Empathy, Mr. Bubba
Why couldn't Kurt take his bitch of a wife with him?
He is still alive in our heart, and in this page
Kurt set the tone of what was, what is and what become of rock and roll. Music will never be the same again.
We will never forget him his words gripped at your soul his feeling traveling through you as he throated out his words but now the sound has gone silent the words still there but the maker is gone we can never forget for his words still ring inside us we will never forget him he will live forever in our souls we will never forget you KURT you will live forever inside our souls
Kurt is definitely the greatest goddamn musician to grace this earth. Nirvana will always be the greatest rock band.Rip in peace Kurt. --FrEd
I Really think it is a shame that such a compassionate caring man had to die if I could die to bring Kurt back I wouldn't even think twice about doing it it's a sure thing
NIRVANA are the best mother fuckers on this planet.Although Kurt is gone physically he is not and never will be gone spiritually. As long as we all cherish their emotion sticking music Kurt and the rest of the Nirvana group will be alive for the rest of all our lives. NIRVANA kicks ASS!!!!! NIRVANA RULES! --Ceci F. Evart Guatemala City,Guatemala
Nirvana was, is, and always will be one of the best bands on the face of the Earth. The unmatched talent of raw, grunge, "fuck you" attitude, along with some of the most beautiful, heart-filled emotional combo of lyrics, guitars, and drums truly make Nirvana fans filled with a state of Nirvana. Fuck you, metalheads. Nirvana rules.
I think that Kurt cobain is the BEST guitar player in the wold, it a shame that he is dead.
Kurt Cobain.... u are my life and death... see u soon... I can't wait to see u ... I love u...forever Love: -Sari from Finland
Kurt was a great man, a revolutionary, a poet, and a musician among other things. Sometimes I can't help but cry when I see pictures of him with that patented Kurt-look. I, among others, will miss him forever
Spring is here again, tender age in bloom, he knows not what it means, sell the kids for food, we can have some more.The water is so yelow,I'm a healthy student,you're my vitamins. Take your time hurry up,the choice is yours,don't be late. And just maybe I'm to blame for all I've heard but I'm not sure,I'm so excited I can't wait to meet you there but I don't care. I don't care if it's not old, I don't mind if I don't have a mind, get away from your home. Have to have poison skin, give an inch take a smile. Never met a wise man, if so it's a woman, gotta find a way to find a way, Ihad better wait. One more special message to go, as defense I'm neutered and sprayed, what the hell am I trying to say? I got so high that I scratched till I bled. The second coming came in last and out of the closet. At the end of the rainbowand your rope. Don't hurt yourself, I want some help to help myself, she's just as bored as me. I've got this friend you see, who makes me feel, I don't regret a thing. And the animals I've trapped have all become my pets. Our lottle group has always been and always will until the end, with the lights out its less dangerious, here we are now, entertain us, I feel stupid and contagious, here we are now, entertain us, a mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido, yay, yay, a denial, I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed, I found it was hard to find, oh well, whatever, nevermind. --CHRIS HOLMES
Kurt, ti ricorderemo per sempre, per sempre le tue canzoni saranno nel nost ro cuore. --Ruben "The Shaman"
Many of my friends laugh and joke about Kurt Cobains death, and some just say how pissed off they are about what he did. Few people realize how much the music has affected the lives of people and the music world in general. Kurt was one of the most talented and gifted musicians that ever lived and with his death we lost more than just another musician, we lost a piece of ourselves. Kurt, I hope you have found peace at last and remember you will live on in the hearts of those who truly loved your music, you will always be remembered. --ThE jEff
I think that Kurt was one of the best, if not the best name in rock. And I hope that, and partially now that his name will ALWAYS live on. In the hearts of all, good or bad. But for most of us, only the best. Love you, Kurt. --Jackie J.
"Endless, Nameless" is one of the greatest songs that I have ever heard. It's just so freakin raw and pure and so basically simple that it kicks ass! To everyone on the Internet - "GO TO HELL!!!" ..Just kidding --Travis Hackett (I thought it was funny)
Nirvana was one of the most revelutionary bands of the 1980's and 90's. In other words, Nirvana RULES!!
I really don't understand why Kurt killed himself. A lot of people think they can cover the pain by saying that he was murdered but it doesn't help, you need to try and think about it. We ask ourselves, "Why?" his music was, and still is, very, well, kick-ass!! and he had a daughter, who is 3 or 4 now, growing up without a father. He could have waited a couple years, and there are cures to depression, but why? --Zack Rose, ScrEaM nG on IRC
No matter what anyone says Kurt Cobain was NOT a loser. He is still one of the all-time greatest musicians I have ever known. Kurt Cobain's memory will live on in the peoples hearts only if they believe he's there! --Melissa
Nirvana is the band that is responsible for all of the influences ANY alternative or grunge artist may have... they are the roots and they will always be remembered. But im pretty sure that if Kurt decided to live... they wouldnt be so great now... but like he said, its better to dissapear and be great in a flash better than fade away and be forgotten.
*POEM* They called him a speacker of the generation He tried to accept our appreciation He was thought of as a suicide But he was murdered by his wife I talk to his spirit, nobody belived it His spirit visited me Now I think I've found the key What do you mean? He hasn't been seen His death was April 5 I wish I could have just one kiss But he's gone too mush has now been done Melody Medau 1982-1995 I love you Melly and Kurt!!! --love, Gentry
Kurt was a brilliant guitarist. I'd like to see everyone who says he sucks play Radio Friendly Unit Shifter or Endless Nameless. I used to hate Nirvana but that was because i never heard their music. Now that he is gone i regret that.
I like this, i might seriously crack Nirvana's gone, i might seriously crack Kurt is now one, i might seriously crack Courtney killed him, she is high on crack What happens now, i'm gonna' seriously crack It's over now, Kurt won't get to crack Breed again, i am gonna' crack Lith-ium, why did he have to craaaack? -A little crude composition with the tune of Lithium. Nirvana should be in the "Rock Hall Of Fame". In a little over 4 and a half years they made 4 great albums and 1 Unplugged album. Now their music is regenerateted with "From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah" which i must say is great.
KURT COBAIN fuiste y eres lo mejor siempre estaras en el corazon de todo verdadero "GRUNGE" nunca olvidare tus cansiones como las del BLEACH y todas las que siguieron siempre te tendre en mi corazon --JASON MARTINEZ (CHILE)
Kurt was the awesomest,greatest and most beautiful person in the world and will never be replaced. I love you Kurt!l
The man, like the band, lives on in spirt and in our hearts. --Dave M.
Nirvana rules the world. It is just to bad that Kurt left us in such a hurry. He could have given us so many more great things
Kurt cobain will never be forgotten. You can tell by his followers. You can tell by the music. You can tell by the culture. His life, his family, and his legacy. signed by a great fan of Kurt's
Kurdt Cobain (May he rest in peace) was the best guitarist I've ever heard and the day i found out he died, I didn't do anything but stay in my room and listen to their music.All I can say is that he was the greatest.He is still alive in the hearts of his fans Thank You, SK8R3192
In a daze I heard him sing, a last song for me, why am I alone? Where has my happyness gone? For a second I caught a glimps of him, he smiled at me, and I smiled back, no thoughts crossed my mind, I'm empty, alone, confused... It has been so long now, It feels so strange to me, Let him rest, and feel at ease, think of him as he was, not what you'd want him to be, love him, and charish the gift he gave to us, don't ask why, but believe in tomorrow, and take comfort in the music, let it al fall down like yellow, aged newspapers, and move on, move on to the light Kurt, and remember that we love you... Love, peace, empathy....farewell my friend... --Billy.
Nirvana has made a real difference in the world of music, and this page certainly shows it! Nice Job!!!!!!
Kurt is a very talented and beautiful person. He is still alive in the hearts of his fans, and always will be. If we would have given him some privacy he might still be visible, but because we were so selfish ,and thought we had to know everything that went on in Kurts life, we didn't stop to think maybe we should let him have his privacy. Because of this we lost one wonderful human who helped many people realize they weren't the only ones out there who have troubles. All he asked for was a little love and ,being the inconciderate people we are,we haunted him by making up his life and giving him no time to himself or with his family. I hope someday we realize how much he really did for us all. To Kurt, we love you!
Taking advantage of the child, reliving my past again, timeless (relalatenes) is in my mind , but I do try to find, anything that won`t fit into my mind. Eat my shit, Iàm not scared, but it makes me seem so wierd. Could you see if I was me, I just don`t have a clue about you, but I do promise to agre. Please make me free or let me be you, my nirvana is here too. --Dan Damgaard
Kurt taught us dignity, commitment and being respectful towards every human being.
Kurt was a one and only.{especially in his great talents! I never heard about NIRVANA until after Kurt's death, but I can see how bad it must have been for him. I read alot about Kurt, in articles, books, etc. Kurt was not some lousy crack-pot on the street, smoking joints. He may have done this once in a while, but he had so many major problems that are so hard for any of US to live with. If you-{anyone reading this message} think that Kurt is "stupid" or "crazy" for killing himself, you may be right, but that does not mean he's a creep or a terrible person....If anyone else had the pain he was going through for 20-some years, trust me---you would be more than suicidal. Kurt was a loving, caring, innocent, and sensitive person. He was born with many talents. Trust me...Kurt did not want to kill himself, but if someone is suffering {like Kurt was} at the highest level, something needs to be done. Not suicide, but therapy, etc. Kurt went through therapy and so on, but he still suffered so many problems. You would not beleive what happened when Kurt walked into the hospital for his pain pills, medication, or whatever. The doctors were actually talking about Kurt behind his back--on how "This guy {Kurt} is just another lousy, drunk bum off the street." Now, does this kind of language support anyone on their problems? NO. Kurt had worse problems than just pains in his stomach {which I won't get into right now, and Courtney...if you are reading this {which is doubtful}, or if anyone reading this letter knows Courtney {Love} I want her to know that I understand how bad it must feel to have had this happen to you. I hope you {and Frances} are recovered from this sad incodent. Courtney, keep up your cool music, and hang in there! Sincerely, me sometime, people! See ya! ------ This letter is refering to some of the people who posted comments--------- The fact of some of you saying that Courtney killed Kurt REALLY upsets me! Would you like to die, and be known as the man who's wife killed him? First of all, it's untrue, and second of all, Courtney is not responsable in any way for Kurts death. Her overdoses on herion have nothing to do with him, plus even if she was trying to get him to overdose, he would not be influenced. It was his problem on overdosing, and Courtney had some problems too, so don't blame her!!! Sincerely, {I WROTE THAT LETTER BEFORE, TOO} Check out my Web site its under construction, though
that fateful day in april never seemed to end. i went through so much pain..anger, frustration, hopelessness.. i just didn't understand why he would end it. it made me practically insane. i blamed everyone..Kurt, Courtney, God, myself... but now i know that it was no one's fault. now i can say, i understand.. i feel no anger anymore, only joy that he touched my heart and soul. all things legend never die... -jamye
Kurt Donald Cobain was the voice for a generation that had no voice It felt as if he was everyone put inside of him. The day he died was the most tragic day of all. Some believe (like me) that he was murdered. By who no one can yet explain. All we do know is that to most he will live on forever in hearts. Peace,Love And Empathy --Tonie
In my opinion, Nirvana was quite possibly one of the only honest rick bands i have ever listened to. it's a real shame things had to go down the way they did. so much more could have veen accomplished. but i respect kurt's decision and stand behind him 100% because no one but him truly knew what was going on inside. their memory will live on forever. r.i.p. kurt. we love you.
Dear Kurt, Burning out was not the answer because You would never fade away from our hearts. --Steve and Josh-K.S.C
I belive that Kurt was a interesting,colorful person who was nowhere near the death rocker he thought he was. He set himself apart from the demonic, high, druggie bands and I belive if everyone had his vigoris spirit the world would be a better place.
Dedicated to Kurt: You played like you really meant it you left without saying goodbye you made us all cry but you will never be forgoten Kurt cobain will never die --Todd Clancy
Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on the snow, I an the sunlight on the ripened grain, I am the gental autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quite birds incircled flight, I am the soft stars that shine in the night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die. -Kurt
And I will awake Your highness, I'm so high, I cannot walk And I will awake You cripple, you take away my time, my peace, my empathy No babies sleep on atrophy Your unborn love and fetal stress My bitter [ ] legless caress...
I'm really sorry that Kurt killed himself because I believe that they still had a lot of really good stuff to do. It was a great tragedy. I'm only thirteen, and when Nirvana was hot, I was only nine and I didn't even hear them once. But now I'm listening to them and can really appreciate the lyrics. Thanks for listening. --Todd
Kurt Cobain is the king of Rock for our generation. He could not only entertain the youth, but he could comfort and understand us. He will always be remembered.
I know how kurt felt, depression can be a nasty thing. i've gotten help, though i'm not really sure if it's better or worse. Nirvana is a great band and kurt wasn't the macho bastard that alot of men are. he was a sweet, caring and loving person who killed himself because life was too sad to live. he will allways be in my heart-shaped box. --kc
Why didn't you just quit making music if you fucking hated it?!? Why didn't you just tell your fans to fuck of if you didn't like'em?!? Why KURT?
Kurt Cobain's lyrics are what I can relate so many things in my life to. He will always be important to me, and I believe that his life has and will change many others. If he did kill himself, he had his reasons, but I know he did NOT intend to hurt us.
kurt was one of the most beautiful persons that ever lived. he ruled the world, and he didn't want it. but he left us all with the most wonderful music. and for that i thank kurt donald cobain. kurt will forever live in the hearts of fans, family, and friend.
damn damn damn I said as I heard a wisper say as I heard on the news my hero was dead I had freinds who died becuse of him as a of payback and so now I say damn damn my hero is dead. kevin fowler
I really don't think Kurt wanted to die, I think he felt he had to. All the hate in his life just pushed him overboard. Like he said in his suicide note, he just wasn't into his music anymore. He didn't feel as involved or the spark before he went onstage like he used to. It just didn't happen for him.
I think Kurt was not sane when he kissed the gun. He said he didn't want to die out slowly. That is a bunch of bull. WE LOVE YOU KURT AND ALWAYS WILL Robby Rhoads South Carolina US of A
Kurt Cobain Lives forever! No matter what RAP-loving Irish people say!!!!! Kurt Cobain lives in the minds of those who believe.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Kurt D. Cobain 1967-1994 ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(kurt was the hero of millions) kurt was here,now he's gone. he left his memory to carry on. all those who knew about him knew him well, all those who didn't go to hell
Kurt is gone but he is here we all miss him but he is in our hearts the love we all have will never die alot of people were into the Monkeys or theBeatles( i am too) maybe even Elvis. Thoes people never forgot about them and we will never forget Kurt or the wonderful things he left us to listen to, look at, and or think about. -Alice Tronu Tree hugger
kurt had it made,but he had already done what he wanted to do,and he just got tired of it.he didn't want his kid to grow up like him.he was ashamed of himself,but he was still the best that ever lived,and for that i respect him.
Nirvana always will be the greatest band of all time, fuck Oasis Your page rules aswell JASON HORAN (IRELAND)
kurt is a god, he has touched my life. his song
scentless apprentice once stopped me form killing my self.
This is a true story. Music is a very powerful medicine,
and can bring you up or take you down. if it wasn't for the feeling,
and heart of kurt i don't know if i would be here today
You people can laugh at this don't know the first thing about music
or the power it posseses

Thanks, travis stanton

This suicide has sided with me the blood is dry and in my eyes they are so easily amused im stuck on this trigger pull me off, squeeze real tight hear me blah here i stand on the other side i wait breathing too much for calm i miss the comfort too.
Unfinished itís like an ache in your head, so far off you hardly see it, but it fucking hurts like bubble gum machine gunfire going off inside your ears. itís like this dull sensation, too remote to see the truth, but it feels really good, like carbonation bubbles off a glass of ginger ale. it's like the nothingness of putrid, salty, sea water at night, dark enough to reflect your dreams onto a palette of vanilla wafer. -amanda g.
I didn't know much about Nirvana before I found this page.
I read Kurt's suicide message. I feel sorry for him, I really do.
I don't know what to say. I think he was right - about everything.
Kit VP.
This is a poem I wrote about Kurt, it doesn't have a name, and it's a limerick, so you have to read it over a couple of times to get the rythym for it. He turned away, His soul won't stay, He's left crucified on this cross. It's like an eternal stain, Unending pain, There's nothing left, He cannot talk. You crawled inside, You sucked him dry, You're pathetic, You're a whore. "I love you", you said, But just to get him into bed? And he's crawling back for more. And because he beleived, His life you seized, You told him once inside, No more pain. So fuck off God, piss off world, He thinks you're all insane. So he looked in the centre, Things weren't better, And he found himself in bliss. Something he figured, If he pulled the trigger, We don't know who we are in this world of piss. So my point is, He didn't want to live, That you can't see his misery. Inside his head, Things were dead, There's nothing left, He cannot see. And if only you knew, His pain through you, He couldn't help but to see life different. He couldn't understand, Why he was put on this land, Because sometimes death can be efficiet. And if only you knew, It just takes a few, Shots to turn him this way. But once inside, They fucked his life, But his love is here to stay. He has turned away, No time to stay, Underneath our skin. We are so alive, A plan he contrives, To finally put the needle in. The gun he loaded, His head head exploded, The mess does not wash out. You don't see, His misery, You do not know what he's all about. And to this day, I can feel a ray, of warmth, And it feels new. We look up to the sky, And we say goodbye, Because Kurt, We can't live without you. By: Laurie Taylor
Kurt D. Cobain is the ultimate musician. And he will always be remembered for all the things he acomplished in his all to short life. A fan
I'm sure that enough people have said how much they love Nirvana and especially Kurt Covain blah blah blah, but I would just like to say, that with the loss of this great musician I'm sure alot of fans of the legendary band Nirvana will be shattered. Even though Kurt may no longer be living, I'm sure that he still is in alot of peoples hearts, including mine. Kurt lives on!! R.I.P Kurt, we all love you.
Kurt Cobain Te saludamos donde quiera que estes en el cielo oel infierno en otra vida o en otro planeta te estamos muy agradecidos por haber nos entregado lo mejor de ti y de tu musica porque tu siempre has sido y siempre seras nuestro idolo y el numero 1. Te quiere la mara GRUNGISTA de COBAN A.V. GUATEMALA.
Kurt may be gone to a better place, and Nirvana may not be a group any longer. But Nirvana's music will live on in our hearts, minds, and souls forever. Kurt was a great poet and he spoke great words that we can not somtimes express for ourselves, and i owe him everything for the fact that he accomplished the art of putting his thoughts down on paper, and at the same time capturing the thoughts of a generation. Thankyou Nirvana. Later, Christa Connors (
An influence to all musicians, The late Kurt Cobain, And all rappers can go and kill themselves but they won't be legends. Just a few less bad singers. SPORK A.K.A, Jess Raines, Brandon Summers, Ryan Boudreuxe, and Brandon Tallent. P.S. It is better to burn out than to fade away!!!
Early April of 1997 will mark the 3 year aniversary of Kurt Cobain's death and as much as it hurts us all to think of that great loss we must all remember Kurt when he was happy not just as someone who's life ended much to early we all miss him, and we all mourn the loss of our beloved KURT COBAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We must also remember Nirvana 4 thier great music that spoke 4 a whole generation!!!!! -- Celeste Glacose
He had a child:Frances Bean,she was his joy,we have seen. He had a wife,but above all that he had his life. Now he's gone a legacy left never to perish,and his memory we will forever cherish. We felt his love,we felt his pain,now he's gone our KURT COBAIN!!! 1967-1994
Life isn't Fragile Only the people in them When the People Break So Do their lives We All Expected Kurt to Be More Durable Than The Rest When We Found Out that he has the same weaknesses fears hopes dreams That the rest of us do We cried We cried because our hero was gone We cried because no one else would speak up and scream the truth through a set of fire-eaten lungs And still, we weep. Because no on else Will ever do it again With such Granduer. R.I.P. --7Sliver
Some people think it's stupid to keep believing in Kurt/Nirvana. But Kurt still lives in all of us, as long as we keep listening to his music. he will always live inside each of us. It's hard to imagine music with out Nirvava. All Kurt wanted to do was to please his fans, and he did we all loved his music and always will! Just think of all the songs he would be makin now if he was still alive! He was a genius when it came to writing songs. And really upsets me when I hear people say Kurt Cobain is dead so get over it. And those who still believe in Kurt and his music your doing the right thing! KURT ROCKS ON!!!
Keep Kurts soul living by playing his music for others to hear so that others can hear his feelings
His life was like a snow flake It was in the air for all to see then he landed into his fans hands and melted away --kevin bradlee fowler
Where in the world is Kurt Cobain? Could he be in France or Spain? Has he lost something in which he can not find? Is it his mind? Is he somewhere in the rain? Going insane Did he feel his life was done, and shoot himself with a gun? Tragically he blew his mind, And his wife and child where left behind! ----Brian Johnson, Buffalo New York
So many people hate Kurt for killing himself, but no1 really understands him at all. So many people take this for granted, it makes me sick to think of all the ignorant people out there who diss Kurt. He deserves respect, so leave him the fuck alone.
I'm not quite sure about why so many people hate Nirvana and Kurt Cobain... I mean people say it was stupid of him to kill himself but no one knows what all his problems were and if they had the same problems, and the same emotional problems, I'm sure they would one knows the whole story so i feel that no one has the right to judge him, don't you agree?
just want to say that I can't stand all those posours out there. Now that Wishkah has neen released they are back. And when they get the cd, first thing they play is "Teen Spirit". Nirvana has released many songs ten times better! Some still act like it's the only one. Songs like "Drain you", "All apologies"and"Negative creep" are better. Kurt wrote the song as a joke in the first place! read the book "Cobain". That's all. Thanks.
"The Epitomy Of My Soul" In the grass there is a silence The flowers hold the pain And we are sheltered from obscurities Our depression is our love Candles by night And you float away My heart has become your wings You fly by instinct Wishing all for you Soul flavored macaroni Bitter tasting apathy The guilt stricken rain Falls from the sky In uncontrolable numbers And the poppies all drown They take our love with them And float away I am numb with laughter He was alive with depression I stay home Alone And I miss my world -For Kurt who has changed my life...despite the fact that he wouldn't think so... I wrote that on April 8, 1994 when I heard the dreadful news that Kurt Donald Cobain had left this cruel, cruel world. That poem means more to me than anything else I have ever written and I would be honored if you would choose to enclose that in your brilliant page. Kurt has changed my life. Because of him and his ingenius music I now see the world through exuberant color, as opposed to lonely black and white. I can understand and accept now. His death has taught me alot, too. I know that I am strong and can survive most anything I am faced with. Kurt is my hero not because he was famous or any of the other stereotypical reasons, but merely because he was a mortal who showed the world how it wronged through music. And music is what most people can identify with, so in that respect he was a genius. He knew how to get people to listen without offending or insulting them, and for that I respect him. As a 15 year old Pisces, myself, I can sympathize with the pain Kurt felt and the isolation and despair which he was faced with each and every day. I understand his pain and I understand the reasons behind it. Kurt is like a Jesus to me in the way he died for our sins. He never wanted anything more than self-gratification, and when, in the process, he gained wealth and popularity, that frightened him and made him feel as though he and his precious music were being exploited. And that is why he took his own life. I respect the measures he took and understand why he felt he had to go to that extreme. And, unlike other Nirvana fans, his death has not made me mad at him or the world...on the contrary it has made me open my eyes to the teenage angst, rage and despair that exists in this world. I regret to say that I must be going now...I hope this pissed you off... --Blythe Gilmore
I came across this song by 4 non blondes and it reminded me a little about Kurt Cobain here are some of the lyrics "what a wonderful hesitation who would bear feel sorry for me" those first two lines made me think about Kurt Cobain in words meaning that he was going through a lot of pain and know one would dare take time to see it and maybe take the time to see that he was crying out for someone, anyone to help him but no one was there not his wife, not his baby and most of all not his friends. "find myself awake counting sad days 1-2-3 thats to many for me" those lines make me feel like in his last few days of life that he would be awake sad and alone . "dropped another pill just to kill me collapsed to my knees and fell fast into sleep" these last lines bring feeling of saddness that the gun that he put to his head is like the pill that is trying to kill the women in the song and did as like, it did to Kurt Cobain.
Kurt Cobain, we still feel your pain. On April 8th 1994, an electrican found Kurt lying on the floor.Across his chest lay a gun, a twelve gauge to be exact, it was a case of a suicidal act. Fans were shocked, they couldn't believe what they saw, everyone that day was left in a apal.Courtney read the note at a family only service, she was upset and crying and a little bit nervous.WHY?He didn't have a crappy job like being a mime.The answer is he just thought it was his time. Thank you Kurt. By Patrick Waller and Brandon Fizer
I was only 11 when Kurt died, so I bearly remember it. I remember hearing it on the news, and thinking not a whole lot of it. But now I'm 15, and see why the world was saddened by this. Just the other night I was sitting in my room, listening to "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah", when "Aneursym" came on, and the lyrics, like, totally hit me like a ton of bricks. Kurt had something to say, and he put all of his energy and emotion into saying it. He spoke what goes through everyone's mind at one point or another, whether he was "so happy", or just wanted "to be alone". We all relate to his words and I think that that's why he was (and still very much is) so popular. Kurt may be gone, but his soul will live on in old and new fans forever. I'm proof that Nirvana's songs will always influence people, even those who never knew them when they were a whole. We love you, Kurt.
Kurt has changed the way music is writen and performed. He is the only man I can think of that has had such an impact on so many people. It's just as Patty Smith said, " The departed live on in the minds of the living" We love you Kurt.
Dear Cobain, I wish I could have talked to you. I wish I could have felt your pain. I wish I could have said "I hurt too." I wish I could have been there. All I can ask you is "Why?" I would have told you how I care. I know how it is when you can no longer cry. I know how it is to look out and see. This world is so confused it's you they all wanna be but look at you, you're not amused by now you're probably in hell I never thought you knew tears or ever looked up and realized you fell Look I care, Cobain I know it's too late writing this has no gain and won't change your fate but I had to, because I cried for you P.S. anyone who reads this, no matter what NEVER kill yourself I care and so does GOD It's true
Hello! My name is Agathe,I'm a french girl,big fan of Nirvana. I was very sad when I knew that my favourite singer had commited suicide. His death is so cruel. Kurt, we love you, and we miss you so much. Your music simbolizes youg people, hat you perhaps wanted to become like you. Nobody will forgive you, and everybody feels the same as Dave and Chris, sadness,cries,and constrenation. I will always love you,we will always love you... --AGATHE FROM FRANCE.
I wrote this thinking about Kurt... Itīs Called 'NiRVaNa' (excuse the grammar) What were you feeling when you died, was it pain, was it fear, was it anything at all? What were you feeling when she died, were you sad, were you away? or you never realized. Keep stand, don't cry, lost in the shadow of your mind did you feel the darkness in your heart? was that all or there's more road to walk. Remember how it was how much pain, how many lies with no light, all alone where are you now? How many dreams you had how many of them become true are you just dreaming as I am? I think, therefore I am, when you don't know if you really are. - SmELL -
I just wanted to say that Kurt was a great Human being. That's just what he was. It took more than one human to produce something as great as Nirvana. Just remember that please. -NIRVANA J2
Take all you can of my tortured soul What is left you hope to own Although your grasp holds tight The fire that burns shall burn all night The grasp you have shall not be tight Yet I feel not to put up a fight By: Andy Bishop
I think that this is the most wonderful page in the Web, because its about the most incredible man that ever been in the face of this planet... With all my love to you Kurt, wherever you are!!! Mariana Barreto from BRAZIL If someone want to send me something...
if i kill myself today will you miss me tomorrow if i kill myself today will you come to my funeral if i kill myself today nothins coming my way if i kill myself today will you miss me tomorrow with everything i do nothing pleases you enough so how do compare a life like yours to a life like mine you are so high in class and i am just a follower and followers like me don't deserve to live if i kill myself today will you miss me tomorrow if i kill myself today will you come to my funeral if i kill myself today nothins coming my way if i kill myself today will you love me tomorrow probably not so why do i bother i love you kurt! M.M.
Kurt was so much more than can be described in any lyric, any poem or spoken word. He far surpasses any boundry the human language gives. And I know he'd probably think this page was too much, that our respect was out of line, and our love existed without base. How per say can we not flock after the rarities, the memories, anything, any ...any shread of hope that's left? Without his presence, even though the music remains, and though in a sense i see that perhaps everything happens with purpose, this world looses a bit of its innocence, a bit of purity and hope. He sung with emotion even though he knew we could never fully comprehend. One last thing before i go, any of you out there who see him as merely another grunge/druggie, please...he didnt think any less of you because your gay, or a woman, etc, etc. His acceptance was pure, and if you cannot offer even a bit of that to him... Peace, Love, Empathy Kurt By
Damn, this is the best nirvana and kurt page i have ever seen. but do you really understand the depth of kurt cobain. i believe he was ahead of his time and opened up a whole new generation of music. even at the cost of his pain and suffering. i worship him as a god and my band can play all of his songs almost exactly like him. the solo to pennyroyal tea and smells like teen spirit were a little tough, but i figured them out. what im trying to say is that i think you should put up more stuff about kurt and the band on this website.
I don't understand all this shit about "who killed Kurt Cobain?" I think that the answer is pretty fucking blatant. I know who killed him. It was you and any other person (including myself) who became a nirvana fanatic. He didn't want us. For him, it was all about the music.
I am depressed Melancholy's so good Let me eat my food Yesterday like today Thought the same old way Kurt Cobain was the king Now he's gone there's nothing Not in life but in music He gave the industry a volatile kick Now he's left his impression for others to follow One day we might meet him - when we die, who knows, might be tomorrow He had a great mind. Artistic and beautiful even on the outside. Goodbye, Yours, Hamlet
Damn, this is the best nirvana and kurt page i have ever seen. but do you really understand the depth of kurt cobain. i believe he was ahead of his time and opened up a whole new generation of music. even at the cost of his pain and suffering. I worship him as a god and my band can play all of his songs almost exactly like him. The solo to pennyroyal tea and smells like teen spirit were a little tough, but I figured them out. what im trying to say is that i think you should put up more stuff about kurt and the band on this website.
i have to admit that this page is pretty cool with the tabs, the songs and all that, but it's a real shame to see how Kurt's extremely -well deserved admiration by a few honest fans who saw what he really was has turned into a rock god/pop idolatry by many others.
I feel sorry for kurt that he had to kill his self,I know he had a few problems but he could have tooken it like a man, I mean just deal with it. He let all his fans down so i guess he did'nt care about us....... ...................................................................... but about him killing him self and about what that BITCH courtney she did'nt seem to sad would'nt be surprized if she did it her self. well got to go. I'll write again.....
What thoughts I have of you tonight Kurt Cobain, for I have walked along the clean river banks of lethe and saw Sid Vicious bleeding all over Charon with Ginsberg's cum in his ear. In my hunger, my stomach misundertood you for an angry one winged angel making my soul full with poetry from your not long to live guitar. What hatred you filled me with. Ugh! You made realize who I really was. Ugh! How could you see through the bubblegum crap of the mainstream. Ugh!!! Ugh!!!! Didn't money bring you happiness? Didn't it end your clinical depression? Didn't it quite your stomach pains? Ugh! Ungrateful bastard. I saw you Kurt with your red and yellow smile full of deciet. Capture a generation, Reject the Generation, and leave the Generation. We walked down this river of lethe, bathed in it together, saw the living cared, saw them cry, felt relieval. You drowned yourself in the water. I left. Ahh, where am I headed? What should I do? What am I going to do? I look back to Cobain and realize he was the smart one, and I was going to regret my sympathy and bravery. Goodbye Cobain, enjoy the endless supply of Heroin Enjoy the happiness we desired. Enjoy the answers we desired, I will continue searching for them.
Hello I'm Gabriel from Uruguay,yeah!! south america. ( e-mail me, I'll tell you that I'm angry with geffen,they are shit you know, they shouldn't forbid people to put material and information about a band that is so especial. Not only that, I also think that Krist should do something about it, becouse we always would support them, and always did and will, so I think he should be nottiffied about this mother fuckers called Geffen. I miss Kurt, so don't be a bitch and let me see what I want to see. Well, I hope this letter gives an example to those ones who feel like me. Nothing more to say except that the system is a shit. NIRVANA FOR EVER.
In 1991, Kurt was extremely jealous when he saw Courtney with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, though Kurt hadn't yet had a relationship with Courtney. So jealous was he that when the Smashing Pumpkins followed Nirvana's trail across Europe that fall, they found that Kurt had spray painted graffiti about Courtney on many of the dressing room walla of venues they played in. However, Billy later told Courtney that he didn't want to see her anymore, and so Courtney went to a nearby bar in Chicago where Nirvana had played to see Kurt. THis is the first time that Kurt and Courtney actually met. However, after they married, as you probably know, Courtney became emotionally abusive to Kurt, and even if she didn't actually kill him or have him killed, she contributed to the depression that eventually made him kill himself. Just thought I'd get that out of my system. Sincerely, Justy Lavine, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkin fan/hater of Courtney Love
Today I was at the Warehouse and was shocked to see a discusting degrating shirt. It had a picture of Kurt with his head blown offf. then it had the top ten reasons why he killed himself. The only ones I rember is Just another dead rock star, If I was married to courtney I would kill myself too and He gave hole its name. I found this to be the most horrible joke I had ever seen. I spoke to the dudes at the counter and they said they couldn/t do anything about it they were very rude to me and my friend. I feel you should warn you visitors about this and sugest they boycott The Warehouse. Until they take the shirt away and appolise. Thank you, Bob Nirvana rules!!!!!!!
i believe courtney love killed kurt or maybe she hierd somebody to kill him. there were no finger prints on the gun found next to kurt cobain. and besides kurt wanted to get divorced and courtney refused to. courtney is a bitch,she never really loved kurt,she just used kurt. fuck her!!!!
dear all nirvana friends i don't like all this talk about weather it was a suicide or murder.does it really mater he is physicaly gone we should think about his music not his death.wouldn't he want it that way? i know he was one of if not the most importiant musicians.i know we all feel close to him.we all love him.we all miss him.but we can't bring him back to life by thinking about how he died we bring him back to life by listening to his music.well there's my 2 cents
I am a huge Nirvana fan ,but I didn't hear them until after his death my friends say I jumped on the bandwagon but the first time I heard them I didn't know who it was and ever since I have been obsessed buying any thing that says Nirvana, I believe I am a true fan but everyione I talk to disagree's what do you think can you be A real fan if you stared liking Nirvana after he died?
kurt--- is the one who wrote all the greatest songs and he liked to sing a long(?) and he liked to shoot his gun but he knows not what it means(killing me) knows not what it means and i say:why kurt???why???????
I am a true fan of the man himself-Kurt Cobain. This band kicks ass! I live for the music that this band has created. I love U Kurt!! As for your wife, she can go strait to hell!!! She was just a basketcase anywayz and U deserved better. I Love U Man-May U live forever and always in our hearts!!!
Hello my name is Tia and I'm writing regarding Kurt Cobains "suicide" in my humble opinion he was murdered by geffen records because if you look close to his suicide note the only thing about suicide is not even in his handwriting it's bigger and only at the bottom. I think that Geffen records killed him because he was going to quit the band and they knew they would loose money if he quit so they figured they would make more money by killing him... and i swore to myself for Kurts sake to never buy another geffen record again thoes stupid fucks did it i know they did. why would kurt kill himself he had just had a beautiful daughter and he is not selfish enough to do that to francis. if you want you can e-mail me at
After the books I've read on Kurt something struck me as odd. I don't really think that Kurt wanted to die. I think he wanted the world to think he was dead. I think this for 2 reasons, 1-He wanted to stop being hounded by the media and 2-Being dead is a way to not be hounded by the media and still get a lot of press. (It's better to burn out than fade away) KEEP IN MIND WHAT I'M ABOUT TO WRITE IS JUST A THEORY!! I CONSIDER IT A POSSIBILITY, NOT A DEFINITE FACT!! I think Kurt Might still be alive. I think the whole thing might be rigged. Kurt wasn't stupid. He and Courtney could have worked it out so that they made a fake death certificate, took some fake pictures. Keep in mind he supposedly shot himself in the mouth, so no dental records. Please E-mail me with a response.
I would just like to say that it's a shame that Kurt is gone. The day I heard was one of the worst in my life because he and his group were wonderful no matter how many probs he had, and all you posers out there who call yourselves Nirvana fans just cuz you saw them unplugged on tv or heard "smells Like Teen Spirit" and sorta liked it fuck off! Their music had a lot of meaning and meant a lot to many people as did Kurt. R.I.P. Kurt love Peace Empathy -Zoe-
I think/know Kurt was talented. It's amazing how he can sing such hard-core rock (Teen Spirit) and suddenly launch into something mellow (Plain, Polly). He was a truly talented and gifted man and this site does alot to keep the memory of Kurt and Nirvana alive. Good work and keep up the good work.
I really know that He will always stay in our hearts, in our souls, in our minds. He was, no, He IS the best! And I love Him. And I want you to remember Him forever. You wake up in the morning and say: "I love you, Kurt!" And you're allright! You do feel allright! As I do. I only wanna say that it doesn't matter who you are, there is just the only one thing that is important -- if you love someone, if someone loves you and if your soul is full of love to NIRVANA and to KURT. I'm happy, because I have all these things. And do have it? Love, Olga
In reply to some of your comments.... Kurt cared about all of his fans and all of the people who didn't like him. He didn't care what anyone thought of him. And whoever said that Nirvana should get back together and get a NEW lead singer that was JUST AS GOOD AS KURT?????????????? No no no no no!!!!!! No one will EVER be as good as Kurt! No one could EVER replace him either! I was utterly horrified that you (refering to that person) even wrote anything like that. I couldn't even imagine anyone matching Kurt's skills at music. That will never happen. He was very intelligent.. I mean, look at his suicide note! Most people don't even use those words when they write letters. And that was just a small portion of the note that is on this web page! Anyway, I just thought I would give my opinion on this stuff and Courtney Love is a BITCH.. I couldn't believe the things she said about the suicide note when Kurt killed himself. She's very gorgeous and all, but she's just a bit! stupid for even saying that stuff about Kurt... calling him an asshole? Yeah. If anyone wants to e-mail me, my address is Luvs! Peace, love, and eternity, Jade
I remember when he died....i had a 103 temp. and the only thing that made me feel any better was listening to let me know that i would feel better soon...after school my friend eric came over (like he always did) he knew i was a huge fan...except this time he was crying uncontrolablely... i asked him, "eric what's wrong? what happen?" and then he told me that kurt cobain had killed soon as he said that i could feel a hole rip inside my stomach...soon after that (about 30 minutes) he went home..we were both in tears... kurt had fooled himself along that things would get better for him... he made us open our eyes and made us happy......i miss you KURT COBAIN!!!! and we will always love you.. P.S. i listen to verse chorus verse for the rest of my life.....
My infection's gone My sores have healed My wound have mended My disease is cured My relief is here My pain has gone Happiness returned And my smile returns And I'll be happy And I'll be happy And I'll be happy And I'll be happy I've the world From here to far I challaged my mind Many times I hope my friends Love themselves Cause i love them so And I'm healed........ Something that no one can ever steal And I'll be happy Something that no one can ever steal And I'll be happy And I'll be happy You made me happy
I love nirvana i cant live without him it is so sad though that he couldnt enjoy is life! I really love his music but the problem i know this sounds funny but my mom wont let me get the cds i only have inutero and nevermind and i am hooked. If u can help me out i would really appreciate it please write back.
I am a child with herion eyes, I love to inject it I'll tell you no lies- I love your webpage, it rocks all hell. Nirvana was and always will be the fuckin coolest grunge band ever. All of you Nirvana haters have no balls to sit there saying stuff about Kurt cause you have no where near as much talent as he did. I love you Kurt ~~~~~Laura~~~~~
Kurt cobain was and will always be the greatest song writer of all time. And for all you melodramitic losers out there who think he commited suicide think again he was murdered. Heroes Live forever But legends NEVER DIE! Kurt Donald Cobain Feb.20,1967-April 5 1994 COPYRIGHT ON SLOGAN TOM OVERTON FEB 20 1995