NFC Fan contributions Nirvana and Kurt Cobain tribute - Part 2
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dear kurt, you spoke to me when no one else did. you are my love, my life, and my unknown friend. i love you more than myself. at times i get so lonily and i get a thought of death. only because i cant have what you did. your daughter was lucky and i often wonder what she thinks. your wife, the bitch, you loved her more that yourself. i have dreams of you at night. you come to me and tell be things. i talk to you when no one is listening. i wish you were my angel. it is not fair that you left, i want to kill anyone who speaks of you in vain. i always think why did youdo it or did someone else do it. ill never know the answers. you only do. i wish someone was there. i wish you were here to see how everything has changed. i see you in my room. i hear you in my mind. i believe that there is a part of you alive in my heart. i respect the choices that you made in your life. the drugs are yours now. i never turned my back on you when you stuck it in your vein. maybe you ! only knew that heroin would help the pain. i cry for you all of the time. no one around me understands the way i feel for you. they all think im some freak who cant except the fact that you are gone. but i dont care what they think. no one or anything will change my ways of love and envy that i have for you. i still cant believe that i will never see your face anymore or hear a new song come from your mouth. we are alike in many ways. hell i will get your name tattooed into my body when i can. i guess this is an undying thing i have for you. but i dont care. i cant see how i could not ever want anything of you or nirvana. i know your gone and you will never know me or read this but i just wanted you to know. i want to end my life in your name. only because i love what you are and the man that you are. i love you, kurt i miss you, kurt kelli
I think this site is extremly good i love the pics you have put in here and the picture gallery with Kurts death certifercate and all that other stuff is a very good idea because there are some peole who want to know more about what happened that night but can't because the media will not let them out. Kurts suicide note really touched me but you know i think that Courtney killed him because she was jelious of him because he was so big ans she was so little. And why wasn't she crying at his funeral? I don't know if that is true but that is what i heard I strongly believe that Kurt was murdered no matter what anyone else says he did not kill himself!!!!! Once again i would like to say that this site kicks @$$!!! Kristyn
Kurt Cobain was a man who had an understanding for the world that was not shared by anyone else. He saw things in the dark light which is what made him so raw and poetic. People around the world fed off of his music and absorbed his words so closley because in a mysterious and unexplainable way, they coined "life". What made Nirvana special was the fact that they went their own way and gave the world an opportunity to know who they really were. To some people, the truth may be too strong to handle, but Nirvana has influenced the world in a way that no other band has and will continue to survive in the hearts of their many adoring fans. Ilyssa Siegel (IGS2984)
I think that Kurt Cobain was the greatest man to ever live. He is the reason I am the way I am. He has inspired me to do what I want not what other people want me to do. I believe he is still with all of us and that he never died. To all of you who think he didn't care or that he is a loser fuck you all because you don't know anything. Thanks and long live my king.
Since last night I visited your page there was something that was bothering me. Some strange voices in my head were teling me to write and to compose something to the tribute of Kurt. I couldn't help it. The moonlight was shining on my keyboard. Silverchair music had been playing quietly. I've slowly raised my head towards the window. Millions of thoughts came to my mind at once. "Why had he done that!", I asked my self. "Or, maybe someone else did it.". The only person I could think of now was Courtney. I quickly shaked my head and I started to write. I've writen a poem that night, and here it is. Tears of Life. I'm feeling down, I can feel the blade on my arm. I'm feeling down, I can feel the pain going away. "The" life is passing, with sound of grunge. The vital fluid of life is oozing from my left arm like waterfall. Ah, the freedom is closer every second, every second of my pathetic life. I'm starting to regret what I have done. I scream, but nobody hears my voice. I see my whole disappointed life passing through my red blooded eyes like a film: When "dad" was betraying my mother with a prostitute on a "business" trip, when I force drugs into my bloodstream with friends. I have no pride in myself. My eyes are so heavy. I can see my loving mum running with tears to me, and ... evil blackness. I guess the owner of this page is gona put this comment strait into the recycle bin, but there is hope. If you like this poem you can send an e-mail to my friend Joel, cause mine is stuffed. Here is the address: From the reflections of Michal Napora
Nirvana helped change my life. Kurt's death was a wake up call for me. Life is short for our generation. I do believe that it is better to burn out than to fade away also. The essence of Kurt was life rather than his tragic fate. Frances Bean is the one who will endure the most pain. My boyfriend grew up without a father too. Frances and Courtney will always remain in my prayers and Kurt in my heart. As for Kurt he is greatly missed and willnever be forgotten. Liz K. Florida
My name is Jolene Gilbert and i absoulutely love this page. it makes me feel so good to see how much Kurt was cared about. the creators did a great job. Kurt was a special person even though i did not know him personally. I cried when he died and i cried when i read some of the stuff on this page. But it helps to cry sometimes. Anyway i am rambling and i feel stupid. thanx again.
Kurt Cobain is the greatest musician that ever played, today I saw a tribute to him on MTV and it made me think for all the musicians that play today each have learned something or copied it from him he truly changed the way we play and listen to music each song written by him says something special and if you listen you wont understand but if you hear then you know just what I am saying. He changed from being a grunge icon to being a memory but yet each time I hear POLLY or MOLLY'S LIPS it makes me pissed off that the two rappers get this much hype over dying and all he got was a "sorry you killed your self" with Sweet 75 and the Foo Fighters the music legend lives on and allways will. IN MEMORY OF THE GREATEST MUSICIAN TO EVER PLAY FOR US...
To Kurt: You took the oneway ticket for the run-away train but did you have to do it this way? why did you do it this way? I know you had troubles in your life but who havent did you have to do it this way? why did you do it this way? All the things that you did for me yeah, for all of your fans did you have to do this this way? why did you do it this way? Sure, you gave the signals but we wasn't preparet did you have to do it this way? why did you leave us this way? Sometimes I feel like i am helpless without you so, did you have to do it this way? why did you leave me this way? I'm sure you knows wath is best but are you sure about this did you have to do it this way? why did you leave me this way? Mads Just THIS IS A GREAT PAGE!
I just wanna say that this page kicks ass. I have a poem I would like for you people to read it's called-Buddah's Simple-Minded Complainee. I wrote it while listening to Nirvana (As usual!!) I hope you people like it.I'm gonna write it now. Buddah's Simple-Minded Complainee: Kurt J.Huffman I sometimes try not to think outloud. For I fear love and adoration from a crowd. I really can't get enough. My life's just too rough. I feel a need to be numb. I know that soon my time will come. I just don't have anymore ambition. Life to me will be put on remission. It's gotten to the point where I can barely decide. If I told you that NOW I'm having fun-I would've lied. I want so much to live and stay. But,It's better to burn out than to fade away. My life's too erratic. It's almost like a static. I have lost my passion and desire. Lives to me are all like a live wire. My heart and soul are no longer wild. I only want to regain the enthusiasm I felt as a child. Soon I will no longer be a simple-minded complainee. I know after I'm gone I'll be back to a better reality. Life will no longer be embraced. Soon my memory will be erased. I shall see you at the alter,but you won't see me. For now my life and soul are free. I wrote this in memory of Kurt D.Cobain.I feel that we all know that he is still with us even though he's not.We must keep his memory alive at all costs. ~Kurt Jason Huffman~ NIRVANA 4EVER.
Nirvana was the first band I ever truly fell in love with, and when Kurt took his life I was devestated. Thanks to sites like these, we can all keep him in our hearts. A lot of people think he was just a junkie, but we all know he was so much more.... I wanna thank the owner of the site for getting me more in touch with Kurt's memory than I've ever been before.
Sometimes I get crazy because Cobain was my hero and sometimes it is so good to be like him. I live so high thanks to him. I have seen many of his shows on video, and he knew how to do a fuckin show. When I listen to Nirvana I get so high. I have done many crazy things in my life because of his influence. For many people Kurt Cobain is dead but for me he is immortalized in his music and in his attitudes. I can´t say what I want on English so I will say in may langage, in Portuguese: O kurt era muito inteligente e conseguiu achar bandas muito doidas e desconhecidas como: Melvins, Black Flag, Sonic Youht e etc. Ele teve a manha de reunir tudo, e tirar o melhor que tinha em cada banda, e colocar na banda hoje conhecida como NIRVANA, além disso o Nirvana foi feito com as idéias e atitudes incriveis do Kurt.
Wounded Bear has bled across this web site and after a certain amount of glaring and swearing i found piles of ancient whispers creeping across the vast plains of eternity! Listening with my deaf f u c k i n g ears i heard the echoing sounds of the danmed and with thoughts of yesterday i greeted them as if they were my own! Kurt Cobain led us all down to the sacred grunge pit, so let us fall down upon our fasting souls and lick with dry tongues the flaming images which greet us there, thank you Kurt, thank you again and again...Sincerely, Wounded Bear '98
A Tribute to Kurt Cobain When Kurt died, he left behind, beautiful music and art. Those who loved him, and fans who knew him, will keep him in their hearts. He will never be forgotten, but will always be missed, some will cry, others will try, to make the world like him. Some will always love him, but others will be mad, for what he did to kill himself, made the world feel sad. Life will go on, but memories will stay, it is so very sad, that he's not here today. By: Melissa Wagner, Tavistock ON
A Star Is Born He was born He was stoned He was high She got phoned Kurt is dead He overdosed Shes in shock Shes alone With a child She will bare In her mind Did he care? He did care But it's unfair Kurts gone to burn And won't return. By Robyn Graham, Australia
A rose on a pedistool His majesty is there Nirvana will still rule Remember how we care, Kurt; And, we still beleive, you always will be cool So Come As You Are, or as you want to be On the left hand of God, For all of us to see.
The sadness ? Kurtie was a saint in my thoughts and so was Courtney and little Frances Bean. Krist and Dave was the brave young men who also had a very big part in kurts life and the legend of the most beautiful ever -NIRVANA!!!!!!!!! I love listen to them and looking forward both sad and happy to kurts birthday the 20nd of Feburary.. Im gonna light a candle at the window that night and remember the saint and the sadness he had in his life. I hope everyone else will do the same as me .. NIRVANA mains to be seen as the worlds biggest and most beautifull legend forever !!!! Love from a very big fan of Kurt and Nirvana Thanx to all who loves Kurt, Courtney, Frances 'Bean , Dave and Krist!! I love You All !!!!!!!!!!!!
INFC tribute Why couldn't yu leave him alone you picked at him, clean, right to the bone he did nothing but express his view you god mad, you knew it was true he helped us see that little light he helped us get through "just one more night" we could face the world you had produced we found joy being drawn in and reclused you gave us shrinks to fix our sad thoughts we tried to be happy, but I guess we forgot you were the kids, the misunderstood boomers, yeah, you left that mark, good who hgave you the right to judge our lives you care now, after ignored cries you killed the person who helped us see he wasn't the leader you wanted him to be you thought make him do it, theyll all fall down he was just one kid from one small town there'll be another one, to help lead the way you know that he's coming, dread the day! you cannot keep us down much longer our anger just grows stronger and stronger you say that we will just self destruct no, you won't have that kind of luck well be back and bask in the night well play in the streets, it'll be alright "can we show our faces now?" (last line by K. Cobain)
I really like what you've done with this site. It's incredible how one person can have such a great looking web site and be so devoted to it! I myself am a web site designer, ( also a huge Nirvana fan ) and I commend you both on your web site design and also your Nirvana stuff. I think you really deserve those awards. TOTAL NIRVANA!
I don't rember the words I said the day they told me he was dead he changed the way that we all play fuck it, i dont know what else to say love is gained and love is lost we'll give it all no matter what the cost he taught us all to be ourselves again and not to sell out, my friend. fuck it fuck it fuck it each time i think oh nevermind
So you're dead I didn't know you but I miss you so there I talk to you like you're there I look at you like you're there I listen to you like you're there but you're not maybe you are there in front of me where I want you to be maybe you see me maybe i'll see you soon maybe we'll meet once and i'll never leave
why do we cry?....why do we care?.... did he care? did he think about us when he pulled that trigger?..... did he cry for us? he didnt....but still..we love him so..... we care for him so....we cry for him so... i guess that just shows how much he means to us....We Love You Kurt.....
He's so so very healthy He dreams that he's wealthy He's so so very happy He's not he's not to patient He's not the slightest amused He wishes he was imuned Please him he's really starving Kill him he's really worth it Rape him he's way to healthy Love him he really wants it (I hope you like the poem personally I think it gives the whole true felling of how we feel hope you liked it)
kurt cobain some think that he went insane he thought he had nothing to gain hes not the one to blame the words he sang were filled with truth then his life went poof his life didnt last long just like a lease kurt may you rest in peace by:
Nirvana is the best band i have ever listented to. i never get sick of listening to them and thats been awhile. the music has a lot of feeling and it always does something to me that other music doesn't. i wish kurt wasn't gone. he was awesome. yesterday was his 31st birthday. happy birthday kurt! i cant wait until i go to heaven (if i go, if there is one, and if kurt's there) and meet him. but he has to be there because it wouldn't be heaven without him. it supposed to be everything you want, isn't it? i wish he could have just stayed and quit the music business. it'd make me happier but he must have thought about that, staying, but i guess its not what he wanted. oh well... you must think im retarded and i have nothing else to do so im gonna find something to do. NIRVANA 4-EVA
No one will know except you Kurt how i felt when i heard the news and how mich it hurt. So how did it happen? Hope your suffering was small tell me every detail for i've got to know it all. They said it was a gunshot a wound to the head but 2 of us know the real truth that one of us is dead. Yes I call it murder I don't care what they say It would be truth rock or death of famous gay. Did you think you were a failure did you think you weren't the best but now your under a cold white sheet and you've now been laid to rest So what else can I say when the god of grunge departs We love you Kurt We miss you Kurt You'll live on in our hearts.
I have read many theroies about how Kurt Cobain was murdered and why. You made a comment on how you don't belive he was murdered. I am not sure if he was or not, I don't think anyone can say. What I do konw is Kurt Cobain was a great man that had graet talent. I think that the reason most people say he was murdered Is they want to beleve it. They can't beleve that this man with so much talent and so much to live for would kill himself. It's almost like there denying the fact that hes dead. What do you think? Please e-mail me at
Boatakk, Abort Christ,God is gay. Sound familiar? It should for most true Nirvana fans. Unfortunately most diehard "fans" look at me like I'm crazy when I ask them. I'm sick and tired of all these people who jumped on the bandwagon of Nirvana's popularity and the event of Kurt's death. I know he would have hated shit like that just like it made him sick to look out at the audience and see all those people he wrote songs about out there cheering him on bacause it was chic and not because they truely loved or understood his message. Enough bitching. Love the site, keep it up. (by the way, if you're wondering where those phrases came from, read "Come as you are" by Michael Azzerad I believe). Until later, well, whatever, nevermind.
In Memory of a Legend what if can never write what if I was never wrong what if could never sing what if I could die in song what if I was just a legend what if I could never feel what if I could be so hollow what if I could die for real
Nirvana is like a religion to me, all their songs, all their music. I love Nirvana as much as I ever did. I've listened to each song at least a thousand times. No band or singer-song writter even comes close in terms of talent to Kurt Cobain. Me and my Girlfriend (for nearly 2 years) both listen to Nirvana daily, we are obsessed. I have no doubt that Kurt aided Courtney in all of her songs, she can't do anything right, except murder, it was a good cover-up. Two Artists have made an impression on me, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, both are dead, both were from Seattle, I am from Seattle. PEACE LOVE EMPATHY.....
Dried in cement a man with wings Played on our sympathy Emotions breeed for our needs Concerns only mess up our needs Vague image in my head People are better off dead Thrilled for thee felling I have lost I thank god for this loss For a brief moment I have forgot Can't black out disturbing thoughts Standing still staring in deep thought looking down on lives that have been spent (Hope you like my poem I think it really emphisizes they way we think.)
This poem (as you can tell by the title) is about Kurt. I'd just like to say that he is the biggest ifluence in rock music in the 90's and in my own composin (attempts) as well. Kurt... Don't listen to the voices in your head, The stinkin' comments about how it ended, It's not over...not yet...not now...or ever It doesn't have to be, Not just because he's dead... His letter talked about not fading away, but burning out, Well his wish hasn't been granted, Fading away he is now... His fate was sealed from the start, Now he's dead But not in MY HEART.
kurt the day i was born was the day u born, u burn blasted the light of day blasted your unborn days,unburned days rejoicing while in mourn as u burn, they born over your cairn of stone weltschemerz
He had alot to say. He had alot of nothing to say. We'll miss him. So long. We wish you well. You told us how you weren't afraid to die. Well then, so long. Don't cry. Or feel too down. Not all martyrs see divinity. But at least you tried. Standing above the crowd, He had a voice that was strong and loud. We'll miss him. Ranting and pointing his finger At everything but his heart. We'll miss him. No way to recall What it was that you had said to me, Like I care at all. So loud. You sure could yell. You took a stand on every little thing And so loud. Standing above the crowd, He had a voice so strong and loud and I Swallowed his facade cuz I'm so Eager to identify with Someone above the ground, Someone who seemed to feel the same, Someone prepared to lead the way, with Someone who would die for me. Will you? Will you now? Would you die for me? Don't you fuckin lie. Don't you step out of line. Don't you fuckin lie. You've claimed all this time that you would die for me. Why then are you so surprised to hear your own eulogy? You had alot to say. You had alot of nothing to say. Come down. Get off your fuckin cross. We need the fuckin space to nail the next fool martyr. To ascend you must die. You must be crucified For your sins and your lies. [sic] Goodbye...
this song is about kurt in my own words (bear with me I;m making them up as I go along) Pain is a beautiful thing cause it makes you feel Pay our tributes for our painful costs Help me stand for I can't walk Elidgable painful thought Emotions breed for our needs Dried in cement a man with wings Played on our sympathy Steady with a mouth full of nails Block out unpatient thoughts Competent painful loss Pay our own story teller Pose for all our blissful needs -Jordan D.K.- If you want e-mail me at
NIRVANA totally changed the face of music, and how I look at it. Kurt's life, is one that will be a legend and I will never forget what his music was and is about. The way that he lived his life the way that he wanted to live, is one that only so few could do. If only he were still here to let all the generations to come know what a great man he wad and the music he made live with them. I will never forget the way that his music has made me change the way that I look at my life and the way that everyone has a well.
Kurt is now dead It's hard on my head I wish it wasn't true cause now my life is screwed Nirvana lives on It will never be gone Good-bye Kurt Your fans are hurt But "What else can I say, everyone is gay" -Nirvana fan
He touched millons of people, changed millons of lifes, this one man with bad hair, unshaved face, and a drug problem... who knows how, or mabey why, like Kurt said himself " When i was a alien " hay, maybe Kurt was a alien.....We will all miss the late, but great Kurt Cobain, along with Nirvana..R.I.P
Nirvana is my life. Nirvana is dead. My life is.....!? I don't know. Nobody knows. Nobody knows my life. Nobody knows me. I know something. I'm not like them. And it's so fucking hard to pretend. Life is hard. Especially when U pretending all the time. I do. That's the reason why nobody knows me. I'm a fucking lier. I don't hate myself. I hate everybody else. Or maybe I just love everybody too much. I love them and I hate them. Is that possible? Don't know. I don't love Kurt. I just love to love him. I can't love a person I don't know. I've never meet Kurt. I never will. I getting crazy. Maybe I already am. Does all this make sense? I don't know! I don't want to read it. I know one thing. Nirvana is my reason to live. And my reason to die. I want to live. - C. - Denmark
For all you people who think the age of Nirvana was just about grunge rock and head bangin', you're a buncha poseurs. You hear 1 hit and immediately become a fan? understand what the music stood for? i dont think so...Kurts songs were about the pain and hatred he was feeling, his RAW emotion. Not about heavy bass and guitar...if you "love" nirvana, you love the spirituallity of what the music stood for and how Kurt saw the world through his eyes. This music is obviously from a man who was feeling huge pain and expressed it. he hated his fans because he believed they just liked a good tune, not that they really listened for the other side of what his music stood for.. Another thing..reading through your comments, ya, some of them rule, but some of you say, I hate Courtney and she killed him, she got him to OD, blah blah blah...HOW DO YOU KNOW? you sit here and make false accusations just cuz you read 1 article, or his "suicide" note.... COME ON! can you just imagine what he had to be going through? you people need to let their music live on, not try to find out how he died. Im glad to read that im not the only one going through emmense depression though. I hope you all can let nirvana live on! we lost the greatest man on April 5th, 1994...that day put many of us in mourn for eternity.. i dont think there is a cure..just love kurt, what he stood for, and who he was..I will always love you kurt..why do the best always go first? theres only soo much a person can take before something has to give... NIRVANA FOREVER.." its better to burn out, than to fade away" ill see you at my altar kurt --H.Shaw
..mY oWN.. it was so beautiful she breaks into a million pieces my heart into so many pieces and everything before my eyes always though the day she would break i would go with her and maybe to a place where she was unbreakable, so much easier then when i come she says to me you are my own and i am yours so take my limbs and place me together today i am your heart, and dolly, you and i always forever... (?) tehrakurdt
Kurdt can still think. Kurdt can still see. can he be? let him be. Kurdt hears wut you think. he knows wut you say. how can it be? think wut you may. he has long ago left, but Kurdt is not dead. i can see him still. i feel him in my head. Kurdt can still live. he can still see. i know he is near. look, Kurdt is here. Coda
The life of Kurt Cobain was a life in with no other person could have lived. Kurt was a man who was puzzled yet certain. He loved and he hated, he smiled and he frowned in disgust. He lived and he died. His life is the legacy of Kurt Cobain which will live forever.
Death of a rocker By mary pierceall death of a rocker there was but one, kurt cobain himself took his life with a shot gun. death of a rocker who was comatose, died shortly after a drug overdose,but in out minds he is still the lead singer of sublime death of a rocker whos life was at will, elvis was a strong man but killed by a little pill. death of this rocker who had a master plan, to dominate the world as fast as i can. To end the corrupt, to end the pain To end life for all those who live in vain. This was my plan but now i'am dead remember kids... its all in your head.
when boredom grips you and sadness flows through your veins it must end. When you play your fears repeatedly in front of a crowd of fans you see only that which is negative. And before long you are eaten by pain and self hatred and the winds of dispair engulf you. Music the light of your life means nothing anymore You raise the gun... ...and end it. RIP-Kurt Cobain KURT U WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN BECOUSE WE ALL LOVE U. Gaby F :)
Loss of a Hero BANG! silence the birds are gone Wind does not blow And it rains The only sound is the tip tap of the rain on the roof The world has lost something It has losta great,troubled soul The one that shone a light The one that let us feel One who was not fake The kind you see once in a lifetime if your lucky No one truely knows what we lost when he left He left a peice of him with all of us Which left him empty in the end He knew his fate He predictied it himself But we wish we hadn't lost him that way What we lost was a hero An everyday hero That brought us joy and sorrow A light at the end of the tunnel Written in loving memory of Kurt D. Cobain
I love Kurt Cobain. I'm from Austria and I' listening to Kurt's music for two years. And I'm alwyas estonished about his great songs. I know all his CD's which you get in the shops. My favorite songs are "Polly" "Smells like teen spirit" "Lithium" "Where did you sleep last night" and "Somthing in the way". I like Kurt's music. (please excuse my misspells if there are some) Dear Martin Gratzer
I just want to let you know that your page is awesome. Nirvana was and still is the best band in the whole world! And Kurt was a big inspiration in my life. It's awesome that you, too like Nirvana enough to make such a good page about them. Keep up the good work!
i was instant messaging with krist novoselic, and he told me the truth about the song "old age". kurt really was the one who wrote the song, but they (nirvana) felt the song was too formulated and decided to trade with hole for "come as you are". as soon as i feel like doing it, i'll e-mail you some quotes for the whole story.
Did you know that Kurt Cobain was killed by Courtney Love or somebody she hired? It is true. just about everybody has heard this theory and thought "No, Kurt Cobain was an idiot that killed himself." Well it isn't true!!!!!! Go to this website and find out why!!

Wou will believe me now!! You know what? I hadn't even heard of Nirvana when Kurt died because I am only 12. I am glad though. I probably would have gone into depression or killed myself. If you are a true Nirvana fan, you know it. If you are a true Nirvana fan you don't believe that the late and great Kurt Donald Cobain would kill himself. PLEASE come to my website to see why Kurt's death is being re-investigated. Kurt was murdered, and that's a fact. I hope that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana will live on forever. With this website great website, I think that there is a good chance that they will. A true fan, Aaron

Nirvana and Kurt are just misunderstood. So many parents try to censor Nirvana from their kids. They have probably never even listened to thier songs. Why don't people look at the facts before they speak. Some people will just never realize just how big an impact Nirvana had on the music industry. w/o Nirvana we could have never have heard "Teen Spirit" or any other breakthrough songs. W/o Nirvana we might not have alternitive music as we know it. Everyone has problems, he just chose the wrong way out of it, everyone makes mistakes, we have to learn to accept them. Propaganda01
I don't know what to say. Amongst all of the needless pain and suffering and confusion somtimes selfinflicted, sometimes not, which is beyond the point, Nirvana is the greatest most phenomenal thing I have ever seen/heard/felt. All of my life there have been too many feelings left unsaid because I don't have to capacity to express them, but Kurt could say it all with just a few simple phrases and a Kickass riff to back it up. I may sound like thousands of other distraugt Nirvana fans, and this may sound selfish, but I truely believe that Kurt Cobian was and is my soul mate. I could never love or even be as close to any other person than I am to him even after his death. I know that sounds pathetic and I do have a life, but its just that he means so much to me. Some of my friends think I'm a phsyco for that, but I don't care. I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly even knew Nirvana existed when they got really big which is understandabe cause I was only nine, If i had the resources though I know I would have loved them than. When I was eleven I had my first introduction to them when I saw the heartshaped box video at an uncles (I didn't have MTV then) I remember being mesmerized. I than really got into them in the eighth grade (which was three years after his death) and I've never stopped loving them. Anyway, I hate all those trendseeking, poseur hipster wannabe jerkoffs who try so hard to be alternative and whatnot. Let me give you a hint. You either get it or you don't! And if you don't get it, you can't fake it. Theres so much more I wanna say but I can't cause I gotta go now. Bye!!!!!!!!! Kurt rules!!!!!!!!Keep the spiret alive!!!!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!
Kurt Cobain was one of the greatest musical artist ever known. His voice reached all of our young confused adolecent hearts. Kurt took all his pain and anguish, put it into music and made it beutiful. I won't ever forgive him for killing himself (I don't believe any of those rumors about a murder). But for all of the pain he went through everyday almost makes you wonder how he could go on living. I hope that Francis will be able to appreciate what an extremly wonderful person and talented artist he was. Thank you Jannell Summers IN
Kurt Cobain was great, what ever other people say.For once their was a singer with lots of talent and he took away his own life ,why? That is THE question without an answer, Why did you pull that trigger over? Why didn't you just quit music if you hated it so much? I know your somewhere because a person like you,KURT can't be just gone into nowhere I think you live in the harts of your fans, in the hart of your doughter and in the hart of Courteney, anyway,wherever you are now I hope your happy overthere!!!!! I LOVE YOU, KURT COBAIN!! kisses E.K.C.T.
I have a hard rock grunge band and recently i have written a song which i have named "ode to nirvana". i goes like this: Kurt...we miss you now you're gone / We all love you still our sun /'re still here but where are you? / without you and kurt it's like there's none / know we know it still hurts / you cover it up and try have fun / You started earth's lifeline / and paid the ultimate price / can't happen twice / "smells like teen spirit" / was the song of the year / One day it'll reappear / So many of us still shed a tear / Was the breakdown of Nirvana / A new grunge tradition? / I hope not coz we / Don't need a repetition / An anthem of life / The spirit of death / You'll live on forever / Coz Nirvana are best. Like it? If you put it onto the 'net i just want to say that no-one can copy it because we are going to be recording it late next year. If you do copy it could you at least give some credits to 'AmpleFrugal' (the band) and Erin Stark and Dana O'Neill for the lyrics? Thanx Luv ya from Erin Stark P.S- Nirvana kick ass and so do the 'chair and Marilyn Manson
kurt was a musical genious he may have not been liked by all but the ones who did like him loved him and will never forget his music and talent otherwise. -MARK-
ok- i read alot of the stuff people wrote and they were all great- but you gotta think- kurt did not kill himself- it was that druggy of a wife-it was courtney who murdered him. plain and simple. for all of you who think kurt could pull the trigger and end his life- well- i dont believe that he could do such a thing. it was courtney- all she wanted was to use kurt to gain fame- then got sick of him and killed him to end a not so good life. his life might not have been the best- but kurt and nirvana were moving up in life. R.I.P kurt- ill always member you your music and yourself live on!!!! -nirvanete9
You have the best nirvana site ever. Nirvana is the best band ever, and will be that way forever. Nirvana's music has changed my ideas on everything. and has changed my interested in music. i used to love rap, now i see there is no point to it. just alot of words that ryme that don't make any sense. nirvana music is a music that you can feel not just hear. thank you, and keep up the great work. fUhGaWz
We loved, and will miss Kurt. And we can still fill the hurt. He gave us some awesome music, so we can use it, to find out what is inside. Adn his ghost will always be by our side. Peace,Love,Empathy John Ammons
A LIFE this poem is dedicated to the memory of kurt cobain a life full of pain and unawareness, is a life touched by the words. a life once happy but torwn aprt, is a life that trys to undrestand. a life that didn't offer answers, is a life that new someone was there. a life that wrote such songs, is a life that will forever humm the tune. a man granted but half a life, is a life lost to soon by jennifer maclellan
i don't think kurt killed himself, but he was a great guy that has helped me out alot through his music and i will always love him and all the people that helped him out in his dream. keep rockin kurt, we all miss u, if any fans wanna write to me write to
Some people will sit watching the news ignorantly and say, "what a stupid kid. Those drugs fucked him up. He's a wierdo. Never be like him, girl." They say that because they are ignorant themselves. They don't, nor will they ever understand how genius one must be in order to understand the consequences and trials of being an intelligent person living in world where their elders despise them. And think of them as nothing more than useless punks. Kurt tried so hard to prove those ignorant freaks wrong. I guess he figured if they won't listen, there's no point for me to be here. I agree.
I enjoy nirvana to the fullest. I am often made fun of or told they were just junkies . Why do people only think about the bad part or a mistake that kurt made alot of people make mistakes he led a good life . Hos life wasn't easy . i'm writing this out of anger and frustration so to go with the mood i'll listen to Negetave creep . oh yeah music sucks right now especially creed and crap like that and the foo fighters have gotten prett crapy we need a new NIRVANA or maybe just ............
Sure, everyone says that Kurt was a genius and I do believe that they are right. I also feel, however, that the rest of the band should get their credit. Nirvana was a excellent BAND. Rest in peace Kurt!! Carry on with the good work Dave, I love Foo Fighters. Kris, I haven't heard much about, but what I have heard was cool. Keep truckin'. -rusty
i hate it when people are like "oh, yeah, i love nirvana" when they dont even understand the have to be able to relate with kurt in order to relate with the music.these people live with their heads in the clouds and up everybody elses butts.they have to get a reality check.i wish they wouldnt lie like that, saying that nirvana kick if they dont really feel that way.please dont say you like them if its untrue.stop trying to impress others.its not worth lying to yourself like that.sorry if anyone disagrees with me, but its just how i (strongly) feel. see you.
Lost in an angry storm, Made him burn out, Creative forse couldnt hold on, Memories are only on the surface, The legacy, The Talent, Th real person, Who was left to Die, WHo was killed by his own will.
People don't realise what affection us Nrvana fans have for Kurt Cobain, and I'd just like to say "for all you people out their mocking us because we mourn over Kurt Cobain, you must be heartless not to realise what affect his death had on us. Luke Roberts, Aged 13
Kurt was an amazing song writer, who will never be forgotten. When i heard that Kurt Cobain was dead, i took my dad's gun and put it to my head content on blowing my brains out But then i thought about all the people who hated Kurt for going, it would be the same for me. So i stayed in my room, and sat there for days. Kurt came to me and said," I want you to be happy. Don't do it unless you have to." So in honor of Kurt, lets remember Kurt for who he was, and he did for music, not for commiting suicide, or doing drugs. And remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away. PeACe, LovE, EmpAtHy, Travis HAll
You know some people think Nirvana doesn't exist anymore. They only released 4 cd`s but it was so good and true. I get this feeling listening(sorry) to their music, and I feel sad only knowing Nirvana from `95. I missed it, and now I want to talk to him see him it would make me so happy, oh I feel so sad. Every day a different song fits in with what`s up at the moment, he lived all of our lives and he could`nt anymore, maybe he was really killed maybe not it does`nt really matter, his music lives on and that`s why I bought a guitar, I`m just playing their tabs. I want to write a lot more but ... Rudolph Pretorius
Good Bye Kiss This sorrow hid behind my eyes you will never see, the pain hidden in my heart you will never know. I hold my life in my hands, I'm afraid I'm letting go. The struggles of life make me weary. The tears sting my frightened eyes and make them dreary. I'm scared and all alone. My life no longer smells of sweet perfume, but of bitter cologne. As I hold a knife to my wrist, I realize that life has a fatal good bye kiss. -Megan Fix In memory of Kurt D.Cobain.
"Kurt" By Neil Kurt could sing, he could play gitar but he had a flaw. Drugs took control of his life, they pushed him way too far. So far that he put a fuckin' bullet in his head. On April 8th they found him. Already three days dead. Kurt Cobain, we all luv u. We wish that u were here. Your life had touched so many. Your death gave me a tear.
I like the way you seem to actually devoted this page to the greatness that is Nirvana. So often all I hear and see is shit about Kurt Cobain, while Krist novoselic and Dave Grohl are to seemingly be the two who just were permitted to join the ride. i'm offering no disrespect and in no way trying to take any credit away from Cobain, but they were the gods of music not just him. Novoselic and Grohl are two of the best at what they do, and I personally believe Dave Grohl is the greatest drummer ever to cross this earth. Plus if you do put this up, which i doubt you will, I want to say to all the tennie-bops who thought Nirvana was "cool" because MTV said they were or to all the macho 80's metal fucks who just thought they "rocked" to piss off and give the rest of us what little we have in this world. Although most people can't realize it, we can't find too much in Kurt's lyrics. If you've read up, most of his music was just bits and peices of poetry that only made sense to him, if even that. Almost all of the rest was written about something he read abot or saw on TV. But we still have the music that allowed us to vent, feel, and know we're alive. We still know the man. He's us. He never wanted to be the unknowable myth. He never asked to be the unapproachable enigma. He just wanted to be an make some beautiful music along the way. Another thing to all of the people who condone his suicide ...FUCK YOU! He quit on us. As much as it may piss you off to hear he quit on us. Eddie Vedder, as much as hate him, said it best, "the best revenge is living." So to anyone who may read this (in any form) I have something. As I said Fuck You posers who only hear distorted music that your parents wouldn't approve of. To those who are true fans live the music, love the music, it's usually all we have. To Dave Grohl, you are a god. And to Kurt Cobain, thank you for the hope and FUCK YOU!
I´m writing on 5 April 1998.The day of Legendary Kurt Cobain's suicide. Nirvana was a great band.They were unique. Sometimes I wish that they hadn't stop playing. My greatest wish was to se them live... Now when Kurt is dead I wish he is happy in heaven, I'm sure he got there, because we all do. Rest in peace Kurt, now and forever... At last I will thank NIRVANA for the great music they played and I wish Chris and David much success in their future carreers !!! Thank's also for a great NIRVANA site !! Johannna, Finland.
The Date today as I write this is April 5th 1998, the day when four years ago a man who was one of the greatest inspirations to myself and many others around the world, passed from this life to the next. I write this in tribute to the life and memory of Kurt Cobain and the work he, Krist and Dave left for us to enjoy. I'm not sure if Kurt even realised the profound effect he and his music had on his fans, having the ability to connect with us at such an emotional level. It pains me when I sometimes try to contemplate the immense depression and anxiety he must have endured to lead him to such a tragic end. I'm sure many of those who visit these pages wished they could have been there for Kurt to reach out to in his time of need and prevent happening what is now part of our history. I know I do. To me, Nirvana was the greatest band to have walked the face of this planet. And so I ask you Kurt, wherever you are now, hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved as you will always be remembered by the many whose hearts you touched where your spirit now dwells. You will always live forever.....Rest in peace. A. Mamo London, England
even though we fall of the departure of kill of kurt 4 years ago,we still remember him even though he and his music is dead now.he will be dead,but he will always have a place to sleep in our heads.dave has moved on and now has a band which he reaches fame in.chad tries his hardest as he works towards the music which he wanted.krist still trys his best also to get what he wanted.these people don't really much care for fame,but they still wish for kurt back.may not only kurt,but the whole nirvana band itself live forever for people who cared like me and you.i hope every one remembers this incredible band and the impact they had to music.... signed, chad
Kurt was a person. Not a god, not a king, a person. But he was the best damn person he could be. Growing up in a broken home, bouncing from one couch to another, struggling to find some sort of kindrid, an understanding, maybe, of life (thats what all of us are looking for i guess)and turning out to create the best fucking band in the world isn't something just any one can do. It takes someone who wants it. Someone who beleives in it. Kurt, obviously, was that person. For the past 5 years of my life I've been obsessed with fact that Kurt was dead. It's just now that I'm realizing that Kurt being dead means nothing unless you understand what an awesome person he was when he was alive. His music spoke to kids everywhere in a way that no parents or teachers seemed or seem to understand. It spoke to us as a whole and it means something different to each of us individually. It breaks my heart to see "fans" of Nirvana drift away. It seems to have been just a trend to them. But to those who really get it, those who understand, those who have the passion and love for the man and the music as they did from the beginning won't ever forget ( at least I hope not) the happieness they felt when they first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, the empathy they felt when they first heard Dumb, the freedom they felt when they first heard Francise Farmer Will Have Her Revenge....., and the utter misery, confusion and emptiness they felt when they heard Courtneys not so empathetic voice stuttering the words of the suicide of a hometown hero. He wasn't supposed to die (and Im not going to argue how because I know Kurt's gonna look down and say "You don't know what the hell ur talking about, you werent there") but he did. We still have the music. We still have the passion. And Kurt's still making music...wherever he is. So I'll go now. Just remember, he was a person, an absolutely amazing person, and we'll never forget him. Rest in Peace, Kurt.....I miss you. You burned out but you'll NEVER fade away. from a fellow Kurt-ian :) Loren in Dallas e-mail me k :)
There are certain people that come and go that we never forget. they touch our lives and their footprints will never go away. engraved into our soul. kurt was this for many. and there are others for the different souls we are. either way, this person can bring us pain and happiness. share feelings and comfort us. but it's a valley of saddiness once they leave. and you just can't help but have that lump in your throat grow when thinking upon it. i've lived my life. i've had clashes with death, but i'm left here still breathing in my own pain. i'll always have respect for Kurt Cobain...he's just one of those guys that you see and say to yourself "they know the life of pain. they're..." the touch of them is great and just want to walk up and say "i don't know you, but i love you. i love you for who you are." you know, i just want to say thanks for keeping the memory of Kurt alive....he'll live on inside of each and every one of you guys (fans).... -lost soul angel
We love you because you hated us. We love you because you saw us all for the fakes we were. You never wanted to be famous. You always said you didn't, but we made you be famous. Its our fault you ended your life. We pushed you to be something you weren't. You weren't a god, but we have made you our god, our ideal and our idle when all u wanted was to play your music. All apologies for everything we did. I know its to late now but we will always love you for the genius you are, Kurt Kelly
When I think of you I cry. I know I never knew you, and now I never can but in my own way I love you, Kurt. You were everything I wish I could be you had the courage to rebel against all the "norms" of society. You fought for 27 years to keep from being like them but in the end it was a fight you lost and you chose the easy way out instead of admitting defeat you left us, your disciples, to deal with this fucked up world without you, our savior, now we are lost all we have left of you is your music, in tough times in life I turn to your songs to help me through, you have never let me down, I cannot forgive you, Kurt for what you did, 'cuz I never knew you. but I don't blame you, at times I wish I had the courage to end it all like you but I'm too weak I admire you for being able to make the final decision, maybe one day I will be able to do it to. Kelly RIP Kurt D. Cobain 1967-1994
The truths of life are always found, but often in death. Someone to die, and someone to cry in the death of someone so magical. He died in love and took it with him. Forever he is gone and so is his song. Words of patience and words of guilt. His music touched brains, but mostly hearts. The fate of life results in death. I love you and I treasure everything that you ever and for ever will stand for. You were a truly charismatic person with a lot of depth in your soul.
First of all I'm tired of hearing about all this Who killed kurt?, bullshit. He's dead and there's nothing any of us can do about it. So everyone can stop bitchin about how their idol was taken away from them. If you really love his music shut your mouth and go listen to it. That's all we have, that's all we ever had, in case you forgot that while you were busy, proclamining,"nirvana rocks" to the whole god damn world.Just forget about everything else, how cool you look in your brand new kurt shirt, how intelligent and deep you sound when you explain nirvana songs to your friends (which by the way you probably got word for word off some random site) and all those posters off kurt with a false grin doing something you think looks really cool with krist and Dave standing behind him, that you have hanging on your wall and that you cry to every night saying,"Kurt please come back". Forget it all just put in that Cd , turn it up, sit back and enjoy. If that's not enough Nirvana to please your craving then your not a true Nirvana fan . So sorry to break it to you.
Kurt- I see your piercing blue eyes, and I look away they, they molest me. They're cloudy and I can't quite grasp what it is that gets to me. My head spins and I see flashes of your face in my room. I don't want to look it feels so hypocritical, but I have them there just in case I get the courage. I hear your voice lacking a candy coating, but I'm left with a sweet after taste just the same. I look in the mirror and I see the face of the majority screaming out against its peers, and it's smeared with dirt and nothing can wash it clean. But yet out of desperation I try and in doing so I only soil it further. There's orchids there, without a meaning, they only relate to my own tragedies. There's pages of words with your own personal touch, I had hoped to make them mine. There's videotape ruined by salt, the result of all my misplaced pity. And all of it to build myself up in your light. And I taste it, at least I think, but I can't remember why. It all rings a bell, but it's silent to me, and my head rings with confusion to compensate. -Jessica Herman
An Ode to Kurt Cobain You never wanted what they gave you. Fame was never appealing. All you wanted was someone to listen, To your songs, which had so much feeling. You played your guitar, As only a genius could, Screaming from the inside, You were so misunderstood. You weren't ready for what awaited you, When that infamous cd came out. Headbanger's Ball, Unplugged, You were what mtv was about. Everywhere we went, We could see your face. Billboards, magazines, tee shirts, To you, it was a disgrace. Falling deeper into depression, All the drugs sealed your fate, The world wasn't ready For what happened on that fateful date. No one here really knows What went on in your brain, But trust me when i say, "I love you Kurt Cobain!" -Amber Schumaker ( 1999
INSOLUBLE You hung but you rose Reflected sun Water became sky uninvited guest I watch at the sky See someone staring The emptiness around me Filled up with tears The difference in what I do And what I am Carrying the world Should not have been up to you - Ezekiel
serve the servants serve them pennyroyal tea, then show the the heart shaped box then theyll scream rape me! but the one servent has a moist vagina and theyll scream TALK TO ME! then youll say, son of a gun! and the youll kiss mollys lips then theres this funky odor, and your partner says, hm, smells like teen spirit while you both do lithium, and then a horny girl comes up and days, im gonna drain you, then you say, ill spank thru And thats The End (kinda sappy, huh?) The Story of Nirvana Written by Me, one of Kurt Cobains Apprentices (he said i was scentless) haha, did ya like that? oh, the guilt of writing that story but the story is endless, its also nameless, i dont know what to call it - by David Moore.
I just wanted to say that although according to alot of 'real' Nirvana fans I am just a teeny-bobber who only likes Nirvana because my parents don't-because I am only 16-I think that everybody should stop dictating to each other about 'true' Nirvana fans. I do actually think that Courtney-bashers and 'I LOVE KURT' screamers may not actually quite get it but this is their way of loving Nirvana and the music so what right does anybody else have to tell them that Kurt didn't want this and 'thats not what he did it for' etc etc. At the end of the day him-along with Krist and Dave (oh yeah there are 3 people in nirvana)- wrote and performed fucking good music and whether they liked it or not people would like it and enjoy listening to it, so just shut up with the whole image and 'real fan' crap and be a fan and enjoy the fucking music. - Claire
Kurt Cobain is my idol, I'm not ashamed or hesitant to admit that. He has forever influenced me through his music in the same way he has so many other people. I believe that we can keep his lasting impact on the world living throughout other generations by simply listening to his music, and introducing his genius to others. The more I listen to Nirvana's music, the more it draws me in. Now I have become addicted, and will probably never stop listening to it. I have tried to create a poem, and though it doesn't rhyme, it shows mine, and maybe others, feelings on Nirvana's music and Kurt Cobain. "The more I learn, the more I understand the music. The more I learn, the more I understand him. As I see it, I have learned too much to turn back now. Your fans will remember you forever, because you live on inside us. Rest In Peace, Kurt Donald Cobain." -Dan Shambro
I was on a plane looking for the man who sold the world but I couldn't see him because there was something in the way. I found him. He always wore deodorant that smells like teen spirit, but it wasn't. He said "stay away from me, I'm sick!," so I did. Hours went on. He kept saying To himself "Jesus don't want me for a sunbeam." I had no idea what he was talking about. So the plane landed and we got off. It rained a lot so I realized that the flowers I have planted were in bloom. Polly "my bird" died a couple days ago. I remember that weird man gave me a heart shaped box. Before I burried my dead bird I put one of her beautiful green feathers in the box. I buried her in my garden right by my flowers. I wasn't feeling so well. I sat down and made myself some pennyroyal tea. I started feeling better the next day. My mother was on vacation this year, so I was home alone. Today a woman came up to my door and asked: "where did you sleep last night?" I said "in the junkyard." She turned around and left without saying a thing. I thought that was pretty strange. I figured she was up to something. Well I got a new bird named Marigold. She kept saying: "Polly want a cracker?" -- that made me think of Polly a lot. I miss her. So then I didn't want a bird anymore. And I didn't want a new one. So I sold my new bird. I figured that when my mom were gone nobody was stopping me from doing anything, so I was free at last. I did miss my mom though. I was an only child. So I was all alone. I listened to the radio and a new band developed called "Nirvana" I started to listen to it. I really liked it. Years later I kept on listening to it and realized that all the songs Kurt made up were all about parts of my life! I didn't know if it was a coincidence or if he was telepathic or something. I was scared so much I thought I was dreaming at the moment. - By Joey Headrick (age 10)
Oh well, here we go for the Big Long Now, with the new Hairspray Queen. Oh look. There's a Stain on Molly's Lips. Are you The Man Who Sold The World? Polly seems to think you are. Is that you? Something Smells Like Teen Spirit, but, Come As You Are and I'll make All Apologies. Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Was in a Plateau, near a Lake of Fire? Oh, it was in a hotel. Okay then, whilst in your hotel, did you do a Lounge Act? Did you Breed? Please take some Lithium with your Pennyroyal Tea, there's also some Big Cheese and some Mexican Seafood Thank you for my birthday present. I'll put the Heart-Shaped Box on my bed side cabinet. There's a Scentless Apprentice over there who's going to Serve The Servants, Beeswax. There was a Downer who was telling me About A Girl. He'd got the Love Buzz. Apparently, she was In Bloom. I'm going to the Middle East to be On A Plain. I'll make sure everybody will Stay Away. There's Something In The Way of my plans. Oh Me, I know what it is, David Geffen told me that Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam. The question at the moment is; is it possible that Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle? Oh my God, you Son Of A Gun Are you Very Ape, a Negative Creep or just Dumb? I met a wiseman ... but it was a woman. She suggested that my father was a Radio Friendly Unit Shifter. When I go to Saudi Arabia, there will be Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flowing Through The Strip. Somebody Rape Me and then find a cow and Milk It. The tourettes were coming to town, but their bus driver has an Aneurysm. How's your School? Mines okay. On Thursday, fifteen students had Paper Cuts. There's this one kid, his nickname is Mr.Moustache, and his Dad is called Floyd The Barber. There's also another called Polly. She's started a New Wave. We held a Swap Meet at Sifting Hall the other day, and this Mercedes Benz just Blew up outside the Hall. Turnaround! Dive into the carpet. Or you could Sliver. Have you ever Been a Son of Aero Zeppelin? Err ... don't Scoff at what I'm saying. Now I'm going to have to Drain You because you have been Unplugged In New York and your sister is In Utero. It may be jealousy, but oh well, Nevermind.
Kurt.... Rest in peace Kurt Donald Cobain There'll never be someone just quite the same You've left your talent and your pride Even Courtney by your side Your little daughter Frances Bean Has just one partcular dream Of seeing you alive again As her dad Kurt Cobain With all our love we still care We think of you high up there You weren't a night in shining armour But you were the soul of Nirvana -Kelli
*God Of Grunge* I go and buy your records... I walk with shirts advertising your name... I read your poetry... And try to understand your pain... I feel so cheap... And insignificant... Your pleasure was your pain... You brought us your voice... We watched... as your hope diminished... In her.. In us.. But most importantly, yourself... We were just onlookers to the pain... You had nothing to gain... The minute you picked up your first guitar, it was all downhill from there. Now I hunt for your ashes... And say your name... I sing your songs... And praise you... You taught me everythingn.. At the expense of yourself. You didnt want what you got... You hated who you were... You were nothing in the eyes of thousands... You are something in the hearts of millions. . . . . - Alex
Here today gone tomorow, you lived your life to the full KURT. You have been an insperation to so many people, inspired them with your music. although you took your life your soul lived on in all of your fans and we kept your soul alive so that your music is not forgotten.And the fact still remains you were the one and only hero for so many people and so may people come to appriciate your music in the years to come. like you said "It is better to burn out then fade away , love,peace,empathy."
"Why Did You Go Away?" I stare into your eyes My knees ae getting weak cause I can almost see your tears rolling down your cheeks as you were broken from our eyes when you're precious life was stolen Its OK to cry if it keeps all of us going Why did you go away? (X8) I stare into your eyes My knees ae getting weak cause I can almost see your tears rolling down your cheeks as you were broken from our eyes when you're precious life was stolen Its OK to cry if it keeps all of us going Why did you go away? (X8) - Brandon
Kurt Cobain: The most dynamic lyricist of our time. A man who wrote about real people, raw emotions and the stupid, insignificant predicaments we get ourselves into. In many of his hypnotizing and influential songs, he tells us about how humankind is trapped in this theory that we are victims of circumstance. He also told us how much bullshit that was and that it was all in our heads. He taught us to wake up and stop living in a dream world-> that life is not always perfect and shit will happen. He hated his fans for adoring him and that's why we will forever adore him!! We will never forget that tragic day of April 5, 1994 -I know I never will, I went to the rainy vigil in Seattle!! LONG LIVE KURT To Kurt: Forgive me, for I was limited to words in writing this. We all love you and I know how much you hated that but we can't keep it in. You've influenced us beyond what we can comprehend and that deserves praising, even if you don't want to believe it. You taught me personally how to dream and to forget all the losers who antagonize me and hold me back. I LOVE YOU, KURT. NOW. FOREVER!! -ChinaMarie Tacoma, Washington, USA
Last night I had a dream that everyone's favorite rockstar Kurt Cobain of NIRVANA was on The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn. Kurt had long blond hair like he did before he died it pink and cut it all off. They were just talking like anyone on a talk show would. Kurt seemed very happy and content while he was laughing and joking around with Craig Kilborn. Then Craig sent the thing into a clip of Kurt's band NIRVANA playing on MTV's live and loud (the special they had on MTV). In the clip, they were wrecking the stage like usual and then there was a shot of Krist throwing his bass in the air and it hit him in the head and he fell to the stage. Then Kurt came over and playfully kicked him. When they came back on, Kurt had shortish hair, kind of like how he did in january 1993. Craig said something to the effect like Kurt is really a violent person. Everyone in the crowd laughed and so did Kurt. You know, they were joking around somemore and Kurt was very happy. It made me happy too. This dream made me think. I wonder if this would of happened if Kurt was still around? Who really knows? I don't. - Ben
his eyes glissened as if they were an ocean with the sun glazing upon them His voice spoke calmly but scratchy and seemed with an everlasting drift. His blonde hair hung in his face looking as if her weter hiding something hiding pain, hiding anger, but when everything was cleared, the oceans flowed through. he could no longer hide He is now rested, but still awake in many eyes. underneith the bridge he will forever stay, and stays in the hearts and souls of millions everywhere. no one will ever forget the look when He came out of hiding, when the oceans flowed through, and the last advice he gave to us, "It's better to burn out than to fade away." - Marisa
The Way I Cry The way i cry is always the same The emotion the felling the pain The melodic science i see bleeding through my ears changing me I say to my self he'll come back I know he's not but I love that The uncertain true remains His feelings his pain I love this man And I love his soul The only thing better is the way they roll No one hears his bleeding heart Open your ears and tear it apart He shaped my life and my views His music is now in my soul I can't say all i have the truth is gone And he's alone no one cares We care too much Even in his youth He WAS something Took himself away and now he's done His thoughts live on thru me Take it to the grave or put in the sky won't someone save me This trap i love Kurt Cobain Pieces Emasculate Jesus Man Bleeding Stomach and aching bakc Sonic Overdrive I'll always look back Kurt Cohen 2000
Kurt, not a day goes by when I dont think of you. I am doing my best to remember and to try to get people to realize how awesome you are, were, and always will be. Sincerely Seth
Of you I dream and will always dream about if there where a different way to say how much I love you Kurt I would do it. But for now I don't let a single person talk bad about you and I let other also know that you are the best and greatest man that has ever lived on earth. You're music got to/us me and we love you so much. You where great and not a single person in this universe can prove me wrong. Kurt? where ever you are I now that in my heart/our heart you will always stay and will never be forgotten. I love you ,I Love You Peace,Love and empathie Denise.S: )
This song is called a Tribute To Kurt because, well, that's what it is. I'm a 13 year old female, but Kurt is everything I live for... everything I ever will live for. Everything I do, I do for you. I love you Kurt Tay ~**~ Tribute To Kurt You started off as a pretty face. The first words I spoke of you were "he's a rock god" You with your long, golden hair. Eyes like Saphire tears. A walking angel. Then I heard your voice. Your words. Your crys of pain. So deep, yet so clear. Chorus: And I understood. I understood every excruciating, lonely, helpless word. I soon learned your background. Who you were. Who you still are deep inside. And you live my life, like I live your life, while we live each others lives. You were so strong in being weak. So perfect at being an outcast. So gentle while being demanding. 'Cuz like me, you were afraid of the world, your feelings, yourself. You thought you hid it so well. You thought no one understood. Chorus: And I understood. I understood every excruciating, lonely, helpless word. I soon learned your background. Who you were. Who you still are deep inside. And you live my life, like I live your life, while we live each others lives. Bridge: You're gone. I was strong, but strong like you. You made me who I am - a pathetic loser. Like you. And I thank you.
Nirvana has meant more to me than any other band or group ever. While I am too young to fully remember their initial impact, I do know their impact on me. It may sound like a clique', but I feel like everything I have felt and feel, is converyed in Kurt's words and music. Whenever I put on Nirvana record, I just feel great and relieved and I can forget all the bad stuff in my life. They have been one of my main musical and lyrical inspirations, and after having read numerous interviews, books, etc, on them, they have also been a life inspiration; in my values, the way I treat people and the way I see the world. They've turned me on to SO many great bands like the Breeders, Fugazi, Flipper, Mudhoney, the Raincoats, Patti Smith and many others. I probably sound like some gushing, melodramatic fan, but I do feel a special connection to "About a Girl" and "Sifting" and "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Sliver" and "Downer" and "Scentless Apprentice" and Nirvana's version of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" and "Polly" and "Drain You" and especially "Dumb". I love all their songs and I know all the words and I love them. However, something about them bothers me ALOT. Well, I guess it's not so much them, but MANY of the people who own their records. People who have Nirvana's Nevermind right up there with Appetitte for Destruction or some Motley Crue record. It's really a contradiction, to like a sexist, rascist, homophobic-loser-rockstar band and then like a caring, empathic, intelligent band like Nirvana. It's so stupid. Especially when you consider those are the same kids yelling at the kids in Punk Rock T-shirts and calling them 'faggots' when Kurt Cobain was such a energetic Gay & Lesbian Rights Activist. These are the kids 'rocking out' to "...Teen Spirit" and that's wrong. It's a total conflict of interest and those type of people should buy Nirvana records. I think Kurt summed it up the best in the Incestide liner notes "At this point, I have a request for our fans. If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us-leave us the fuck alone! Don't come to out shows and don't buy our records." Thank you for listening, I know I harped on forever. Here's the greatest quote Kurt could've ever left us(far better than the 'better to burn out than fade away'): "Peace, Love, Empathy" -Mike
Genius is not a generous thing In return it charges more interest than any amount of royalties can cover And it resents fame With bitter vengeance Pills and powders only placate it awhile Then it puts you in a place where the planet's poles reverse Where the currents of electricity shift Your Body becomes a magnet and pulls to it despair and rotten teeth, Cheese whiz and guns Whose triggers are shaped tenderly into a false lust In timeless illusion 2 The guitar claws kept tightening, I guess on your heart stem. The loops of feedback and distortion, threaded right through Lucifer's wisdom teeth, and never stopped their reverberating In your mind And from the stage All the faces out front seemed so hungry With an unbearably wholesome misunderstanding From where they sat, you seemed so far up there High and live and diving And instead you were swamp crawling Down, deeper Until you tasted the Earth's own blood And chatted with the Buzzing-eyed insects that heroin breeds 3 You should have talked more with the monkey He's always willing to negotiate I'm still paying him off... The greater the money and fame The slower the Pendulum of fortune swings Your will could have sped it up... But you left that in a plane Because it wouldn't pass customs and immigration 4 Here's synchronicity for you: Your music's tape was inside my walkman When my best friend from summer camp Called with the news about you I listened then... It was all there! Your music kept cutting deeper and deeper valleys of sound Less and less light Until you hit solid rock The drill bit broke and the valley became A thin crevice, impassable in time, As time itself stopped. And the walls became cages of brilliant notes Pressing in... Pressure That's how diamonds are made And that's WHERE it sometimes all collapses Down in on you 5 Then I translated your muttered lyrics And the phrases were curious: Like "incognito libido" And "Chalk Skin Bending" The words kept getting smaller and smaller Until Separated from their music Each letter spilled out into a cartridge Which fit only in the barrel of a gun 6 And you shoved the barrel in as far as possible Because that's where the pain came from That's where the demons were digging The world outside was blank Its every cause was just a continuation Of another unsolved effect 7 But Kurt... Didn't the thought that you would never write another song Another feverish line or riff Make you think twice? That's what I don't understand Because it's kept me alive, above any wounds 8 If only you hadn't swallowed yourself into a coma in Rome... You could have gone to Florence And looked into the eyes of Beeline or Rafael's Portraits Perhaps inside them You could have found a threshold back to beauty's arms Where it all began... No matter that you felt betrayed by her That is always the cost As Frank said, Of a young artist's remorseless passion Which starts out as a kiss And follows like a curse
" MY TENDER FRIEND " (Song dedicated to KURT COBAIN composed by UNREAL alias LAETITIA) When I'll fly through the beyond, I'll see you, you who are my tender friend. We are never promise each other to be friends, But I swore myself to love you like the one I had wanted, all that I must for you, all is due to you. You dropped me without reasons, and me I love you with ways and reasons. Why did you abandon me ? I had wanted to say to you, to write to you all that I felt, but you killed yourself and it's the worst. Alone I am on earth, I feel myself crushed in this greenhouse. I had so wanted to see you but you let me imagining you, Yet, I shut up me, continually, in a black hole. I often think of you, among the stars, and to cast off the sailings. I often feel like to be number's up, but thanks to you, I always fall again the feet on earth. I am, I exist ... I breathe, and you? What did you become ? I don't even know where you are, I would never know no doubt who he is. But there is one thing I know, it's you'll always stay my tender friend. You really left me, but NIRVANA will always give the key, Thanks to your voice, I'll never have at all the sound. KRIST had wanted to rise you but in advance you'll go to refuse. DAVE gave again the taste of life, but someone stole it to you, ruined it to you. I had simply wanted you followed me in my bed, To only know you exited. If we listened to you, not let, you'll be still among us no doubt, but we didn't know you too much, say too much " you ", and you didn't succeed to bear, too sensitive to confront it, you didn't know bearing it. I would have been there to support you, I would have been there to ring out you. But never we'll know each other, in any case, I hope we'll see each other.In my heart, you stay my tender friend. Too early, you went, you let us with nothing, now, I feel no more very good. I pray more in rite, but in my eyes, you're my only site. You let me all alone, to face the life which scare me. Your music, halas, didn't rather bewitch you, and us, unlucky, you broke us. Will I say to you one day, how I love you my tender friend ?
The words you say are so true Took me a while to understand But now I have the feeling that you are my helping hand You are a 100% pure But few people know for sure. I love you with all my heart I hope you do believe And if you're watching from heaven I hope you will recieve. You're not another junkie that bites the dust Now you have been exploited And it's hard to avoid it All apologies is well said But now it doesn't matter 'cause you''re dead. Thank you. - Alexander Bol (Holland)
Can you tell if this is real? I don't know I don't know I don't care I still care But every time I think of you it makes me want to cry We talk at night And I think of things we did God it hurts I can't tell you if this is real Just a daydream Just a dream You say you care You say you still love me But in a different way My soul mate my alibi I can't tell if this real I don't know I don't know It hurts too much to breathe I want to die I loved you so much it made me sick I loved you so much it made me sick Take me away Kill me I can never tell if this is real Or ever was Just a daydream You're a mist It hurts too much to breathe Kill me Kill me Kill me I loved you so much it made me sick
Poem Rain Dance Dead Sew the juices and cut off the waterflow to where we know we cannot grow. Spade the laughter and fight my disease with an utter in my side now I bleed. Soft as the handle I handle my time To write these words and make them rhyme. We found the cabin and placed the bet and before I knew it the world was wet.
This goes out to all true NIRVANA fans out there who admired and dwelled in the heart of Kurt. In all things,who would have thought, we could make a page about the one thing that has changed our lives in the greatest way possible. Our personal hero, KURT COBAIN >From the bottom of our hearts we say, Thanks. So here is a little something.... In a state of confusion where little girls play with little boys take their time and lose their minds with space to spare with those who dare dissociate but conform Overwhelmed and on cue take the pill and learn the matrix to understand what really is really not In the eyes of the beholder resting lungs and fighting hearts sway rythmically in perfect harmony nestled on the palms, whose clothes are closed and worn
Frances has Eyes as Blue as the Ocean What should I say oh what could I say some more lyrics to please our fashion that I wont be into for long. Oh how gross they say her hair looks gross. They'll die young , so i can be happy. My parents have guns My parents have guns My parents have guns and their divorced. My parents have guns My parents have guns My parents have guns and their divorced. Everyone follows everyone needs an understanding. Why do they have to be so mean. As if I can't hear them. Yep I've never tongued. My parents have guns My parents have guns My parents have guns and their divorced. and their divorced. (my sisters name is Frances so this has no relation to Mr. Cobain's daughter)
*~*goodbye*~* why did this happen?, why are you gone?, after you healed pain and suffering for so long, how quickly years flew, how quickly they passed, why is it true that good things never last, i thought you were immortal, i thought you'd never die, how come i never got a chance, just to say goodbye, but you'll never leave me, you'll always be in my heart, you always will and always have been from the very start, Kurt-i love you, Kurt-i always will, it's that empty part of me that you have fulfilled, did you know how much I loved you, did you even care, did you know about the love that I'll always share, here's my chance now, I'll say goodbye to you, I miss you very much and I need you too, I hope you're happy now, I hope you are at peace, It's hard for me to be when you are deceased, there is only one thing that's left for me to say, "it's better to burn out than to fade away". I Love you Kurt!! *~* Christen Alicia Perry*~*
Ink black Silence, In Outro, Fading infinate, Devine. Sprillaing into: Intro, Explosions of light, shattering this womb. Brutal NOise. we gasp for air, cold, its cold, we shiver. our airWAY's open we let a cry, Frightened by the sound of our own voices, we writhe in silence. Throw our arms OUT but find, dificulty in moving, everything is amplified. blinding pain, the chord it is severed. We cannot go back. Kurt you changed my life, I cannot thank you enough. - Anthony
Kurt Cobain was a great guy. I just wanna say 2 ne 1 who likes nirvana coz it's the cool thing 2 do, please go away and find some stuff out about the people behind the music. kurt cobain went through a helluva lot of stuff, and some people don't appreciate that. he died b 4 i even heard of nirvana. a friend introduced me 2 their music and i was completely moved by the whole thing. i've listened 2 their music, and read their interviews to try and get an idea about their character. there was a great passion in their music. even though i didn't even know about nirvana, kurt, and kurt's death till two years ago. his dying still touched me. he is an idol. oh yeah, and can i just say that even is dave and chris re-formed nirvana again, with a new lead, it wouldn't be the same. i love you kurt. r.i.p - hugs 2 everyone who feels nirvana. bex
Kurt- It's been seven years since you departed from us and left us wondering, pondering, and asking. The guilt still lingers, along with the pain, confusion, and some anger. The resentment's long gone, but our open wounds still sting with the images of you on that fateful spring day. We still remember. We wonder what we could have done, but then quickly realize it was out of our control. We haven't forgotten you and we never will. Just do us a favor: continue to make music...and THRIVE on it!! I love you and I miss you immensly. -Raye Clevenstine from Vashon Island, Washington
Lethal Dose Of Life The world set you aflame The world abused your name The world smothered you with fame The world must take the blame. Infected by Hopelessness and despair Internal conflict The reasons were there Wife and daughter Loved but not whole The glass is empty When it’s so close to full Didn’t give in Only gave up Experience has told Life inevitably tough Clear exit One bullet Dismiss the pain Kill the brain It’s all ended. You told us. by Kate Adele Brotherton
Wasted Bullet Talent was stolen by a shotgun trigger The impact Kurt made could not have been bigger Exploited by the media he treated with contempt Subjected to critics who made an attempt To question his integrity with every breath Their morbid fascination was fueled by his death He bore the burden of creating grunge A style of music that begged us to plunge A knife in the heart of social hypocrisy A call to assassinate American plutocracy In Cobain we found a voice to express The frustration and anger we could no longer suppress Our generation they labeled and chose to ignore They pimped Kurt's talent like sex from a whore They lured our hero with money and fame Yet when Cobain pulled the trigger they denied any blame - Mark from Canada.
Kurt Cobain... Such a rare and unique name but then again he was a rare and unique man himself... On april 5th a hero died and memories were born. On that fatal day of early april a young man's life was ended. One shot was fired that ended his life. That shot hit both him and all of the Nirvana fans heart's. The sound of that shot was loud and echoed threw the Seattle home. But... for the true fans that shot still echoes threw are minds....
dear kurt, i fell asleep beside my gun only to find there was no fun left inside my dead body this dream is really scaring me i'm taking a bath in red mudd it kinda feels alot like blood turn off the lights courtney your blinding me o my god thats real heavy thats not a regular light i see looks like the gates to eternity i geuss this dream is real shit i pulled the trigger besides my wit i think this sleep will make me fall into the deep not to awake at all well by my foes and by my freinds with every story there comes an end but this lil' story came to soon well cya tommorow don't check my room sry mom i have to go just wrote you this so you would know i'll be whatchin down on you to make sure you don't do the stupid stuff i did just because i'm a messed up kid luv always, Frank Pasquini
Peace, love& empathy... Kurt Cobain R.I.P. You'll always remain a part of me... Heres the other poem, it's called "kurt's way out" i am mentally insane for the one the only kurt cobain i dreamed he was in front of me so pure and true i screamed "take me with you!" toward him i started to run but in the distance i saw the light of a glimmering gun a loud noise went off that hurt my ears and kurt lay dead at 27 years - Bonnie
Kurt can be described in no other way than a savior, a messiah, a God. Kurt reached out to thousands and thousands of hurting and anguished young people and touched them. He touched them so deep that they felt as if they knew as a brother, as a close friend, as a family member. He gave us all something. He gave us an insight into the real world, showing us that not everything is as sugar coated as our parents led us to believe. Through his broken, sad songwords, we all felt a connection, a sense of being and worth. As if we belonged, as if someone cared. When Kurt left us, we were plunged into darkness, our light was gone, our hope was shattered. We had no one to communicate with. Teenagers find expressing emotions hard enough, but when their one true outlet is stolen from them, they don't know where to begin. Kurt's death left so many young hurting people alone, with no one to turn to. 90% of Nirvana fans, never met Kurt, never knew Kurt, never even saw him live but we knew him better than anyone, we knew his darkest secrets, and his most tormented feelings and through those feelings we began to explore our own emotions and we found that by listen to Nirvana those negative emotions can relieve themselves. Kurt was the leader of a lost generation and will be remembered by thousands forever. I personally owe my life to Kurt and I would just like to say, he is an amazing man and listening to his words have given me the will and the power to live. Thank you Kurt. We love you, may your legacy live on. - Jordan
Kurt. Why did he die, closed those blue eyes I wanted to save? Took his needle and a gun and made a grave. Hurry and find him, that little boy all alone. Wake him as quick as you can call back his soul. Revive the voice that I hear in my dreams. Get out his guitar and put on his jeans. Don't let him die, tell him life won't always hurt. Open your eyes, sing to me KURT. - Michelle (
I was only 2 when Nirvana formed and 7 when Kurt died. It's a shame for me to know them just for a year, or less. By a lucky chance, may be a sad one, I finally hear their song, their words to the entire world. It breaks my heart. Now I cry everynight and ask, 'Why did you do this, to yourself and to all of us that love you so much?' I know it is silly and unbelievable to say that I love him,and I would have died for him that day if this could save his life as well as many of our souls as I don't have ever see his face, but , please, do not believe me, believe him, believe his power of music. Now I live in pain and his shadow, but I enjoy it in tears, I pray for him everynight before I go to sleep, hope he could go to heaven and R.I.P. If I had a son, I would name him after Kurt, I am serious. Here are my words to Kurt: You are a selfish, foolish idiot, do you how much it hurts?your death is like a needle, it stings into my heart, the wound is so small that nobody can find it, but it is hurting me, deep into my soul, and it will never recover. Why did you do this? That bitch, she doesn't worth you to do so, it is a shame for her stinking blood to mix with yours holy. She only knows to ruin your life by drugs. Don't feel down if she gave you no love, because we would give you more than you could have. Everynight I cry to sleep and wet my pillar, I imagine you are by my side and trying to comfort me, I am so sorry, so sorry, if the people, the mass media had ever done something that hurt you(although I know you after your death, that is too late, I now live in regret), please forgive them for 'raping ! you', giving you no privacy amd ripping you out of your life. You will be in our mind forever, until the end of our lives, until there is no music in the ugly-fucking world anymore. R.I.P. Kurt...... - Diane
in the wake of suicide my friend in your death i cried/ an i know you wouldnt try or have tried/ todie in the wake of suicide/ your leaving was planned i know but not by you/ an im not sure but only god knows the truth/ if only your green house walls could speak *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* oh the pain an fright you must of gone thru with a shot gun to your head/ so much drugs in your system/ its a shame your gone but i wont beleive your dead/ i know your in a better place/ with out the media in your face/ youll see your little precious one some day *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* i feel so hurt for you/ if only i had met you/if only i ahd been pretty in an out an had been older/ an you wearing your heart on your sholder/ if only i had taken your heart away/ you wouldve still been alive to this day / ver happy with out no stomach pains all bad memories for u erased an its my fault i ahve myself to blame *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* your poor sore injected veins i say in your better place rest in peace! by:debbie giron
This is a story about how I found out about Kurt's death. I was only four at the time but I still remember what happened. I was watching NBC Nightly News with my dad and I saw alot of people holding candels at an outside arena and there were pictures of this man with stringy blond hair and vibrant blue eyes. They played the recording of Courtney Love's voice that sounded very sad and angery. "Daddy" I asked " what's wrong? And why does that lady sound so sad?" He answered "A really great man died." To a four year that doesn't mean very much. It wasn't untill years later that I relized the greatness of Kurt Cobain. I started listening to Nirvana and reserching Kurt. Then one day I picked up a book tittled 'Hevier than Heaven' it was a deep insight to Kurt's troubled mind. It made me think about how Kurt was just a person that you wanted to go up to, give him a hug, hold him in your arms and tell him that everything was gong to be alright. Kurt hated his fame and the media, but bitched every time his videos wern't played on MTV. ! When you have a certain feeling about the world and then that world that you belive in is yanked out from under you, it puts you in a state of shock, and Kurt never recovered from that with his fame. Kurt, as much as he despised the name, is a God and WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! Sincerly, Peace, Love , and much empathy, Jessica C.
He had a bad child hood He hated his parents He got beat up a few times He was one of the best Musicians ever He was in one of the best bands ever He married a Whore He had a beutiful daughter He was Tortured soul He was on drugs to cure pain He wrote songs to cure pain He tried to stop His life ended in the wrong way He was Kurt Cobain By Matt Mosz
fall down on your knees help me he begs and pleads don't bother the rain it will drop don't hit me now i wanna be on top you are shit to me i have no heart i have no love we are gone he does not care cuz i burned my heart inside your cold flame suicide is the same hear his shouts in your heart there's no need to listen there's no need to care it's bullshit it isn't fair leave him to die starve him thin rip his hair and tear his skin he's a teenage wreck he killed leeann and cut her neck she didn't support his wish so he made her into a whore dish in my opinion it's just fun suicide is the same i don't think rapers have shame everything is suicide but suicide is grunge
in the wake of suicide my friend in your death i cried/ an i know you wouldnt try or have tried/ todie in the wake of suicide/ your leaving was planned i know but not by you/ an im not sure but only god knows the truth/ if only your green house walls could speak *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* oh the pain an fright you must of gone thru with a shot gun to your head/ so much drugs in your system/ its a shame your gone but i wont beleive your dead/ i know your in a better place/ with out the media in your face/ youll see your little precious one some day *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* i feel so hurt for you/ if only i had met you/ if only i ahd been pretty in an out an had been older/ an you wearing your heart on your sholder/ if only i had taken your heart away/ you wouldve still been alive to this day / ver happy with out no stomach pains all bad memories for u erased an its my fault i ahve myself to blame *in the wake of suicide my friend i know you wouldnt try with me priceless memories of you i keep* your poor sore injected veins i say in your better place rest in peace! by:debbie giron
Society rules over the ongoing truancy of life Taking short cuts and dipped corners Powerful sources of the need to be original Rise up steadily through the boughs of life’s forest Never again shall this day be upon us Seize the time, the power and the force And continue this repetitive daze which pollutes our minds Our minds, half empty with knowledge, half known to our inner child Replicas of the dead carry on what was once but now is gone. Never forget, never know but commemorate the presence and go as they did. Join the club of dead at 27 and start a craze, a mystery, a fable.
My mind is blank My soul is leaving Tears are dripping like rain from the seiling I´m feeling blue but my face is green I must be the most beautiful maid you´ve ever seen My hands are shaking Hearts are aching Serpent ghosts are all around Hollow eyes and hollow body Greetings to ya, everybody! My soul is blank My mind is leaving Rain is dripping lika tears from the seiling I´m feeling green and my lips are blue Good night to all of you.
the sun may not shine were i am in my lost mind- things may be wrong with no words to explain theres no one to hear me when i scream the madness and rath i can put on paper may not be what everyone makes it to be people are like mosquitos sucking the life out of me for i am drained laying here naked and bare for everyone to see i may never know peace or no the feeling of true love because the grimness in my life effects everyone with so many to relate and deserve attention more than i, for that i may never understand with the hollowness of my heart falling into depths that no one can reach beyond the border of hell i fall into tranquility for once i feel no feelings even though i have so much to live i am striken with the decsion to live or die with the ones i love always in my heart the pain subsides now he is gone but not for long half the man in him will be brought back to life in frances my feelings have begon to fade i am in denial along with my true meaning of life i turn the lights out `you will be remembered always in my heart Kurt ` i may only be 14 but i admire you and your music deeply you are my inspiration in life it makes me cry to think that such a man can be taken for granted its just wrong - kayla padilla
Your rage and apathy splinters many deep Hearing you on the radio, echoes in my sleep Bi-polar's mania is wasting me too Addiction, abandonment - isn't nothing new Your shadow will stick upon me like glue Goodbye Cobain, I will eternally miss you -JP
A vinda ao mundo do Kurt Cobain foi a melhor coisa que aconteceu à musica nos últimos tempos. Não posso dizer que ele era o melhor guitarrista do mundo, nem o melhor cantor do mundo, não é verdade. Mas como todos os génios, ele desenvolveu, ao longo da sua vida, vários tipos de arte. Pintava, esculpia, cantava, escrevia, e acima de tudo, compunha músicas. É desta herança que lhe vem o título de génio, e não por gritar bem e conseguir sobreviver à droga. Quando ele se viu agarrado à heroína, a Babilónia total começou para ele, o mundo desabou, mesmo que se tenha reconstruido com o nascimento de Frances. O que é que interessa, que um fã como eu, insignificantemente estúpido e mísero no meio de tantos comentários e livros escritos dobre ele, venha para aqui dizer o que é que ele era e deixava de ser? Esta é a melhor forma que encontrei para dizer: Obrigrado Kurt por teres dado um rumo à minha adolescência, por me teres posto a tocar baixo eléctrico, e me teres ensinado a mim, e a todos esses filhos da puta comprados por editoras multinacionais, que "We'd rather be hated for who we are, than loved for who we're not". Esta foi a lição que aprendi." Sebastião Botelho Moniz Bustorff de Burnay, PORTUGAL. 2007.