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Interviews and Articles Introduction: The following is a collection of many articles + interviews sourced from magazines, newspapers, online news sites, fan contributions and other places.

The band did a number of interviews with the press during their career. A selection of those can be found here. A lot of articles were added in November 2003 thanks to Mike Ziegler, Rob Holmes and their old website "The Happening".

This section presents interesting interviews with the band members from the very beginning of Nirvana's career up until the end in '94. Read all the famous (and infamous) Cobain myths here and learn new facts about Nirvana.

Interviews/articles about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain
(ordered by date of publication in mm/dd/yy format)

09/88 Backlash
One of the first ever articles about Nirvana

03/18/89 Melody Maker
Seattle: Rock City

05/05/89 The Univ. Of WA
Article about Nirvana in the early years

06/89 Flipside
Very early Nirvana interview

10/89 Unknown
Nirvana interview

10/21/89 SOUNDS
Natural descendants of Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana are a high energy explo ...

10/21/89 Melody Maker
Early Nirvana interview

11/89 Unknown
Early Nirvana interview

12/89 The Rocket
Early Nirvana interview

12/89 Pulse!
Heavy Meditation

01/90 Metal Forces
Carl Williams Investigates America's Latest Import, Nirvana

03/03/90 Melody Maker
Nirvana concert review

03/17/90 Melody Maker
This was a tour not for the faint-hearted. Everett True witness the chaos & carn ...

04/27/90 91.9 WOZQ
Radio interview with Kurt Cobain

10/90 Sounds
If any of the US underground bands are likely to break through into the mainstre ...

11/90 PUSH Interview
Early Nirvana interview

12/15/90 Melody Maker
Early Nirvana interview

03/91 Backlash
Kurt Cobain interview

04/06/91 SOUNDS
Nirvana concert review

06/91 Bleach Bums
It's June 1991, mere months before the revolution, and Kurt Cobain is wrestling ...

08/91 New Music Express
Interview with Krist and Kurt

08/22/91 Rockview
Interview with Nirvana

08/24/91 Kerrang
Kurt Cobain interview

09/14/91 Melody Maker
Nirvana interview

09/91 M.E.A.T.
Music styles

11/02/91 Melody Maker
Nirvana's European tour

11/10/91 ROCK HARD
Nirvana interview

11/23/91 Musical Express
Suddenly everyone wants a piece of NIRVANA, the most vital rock band of the mome ...

11/26/91 Village Voice
Nirvana's on MTV and frontman Kurt Cobain's wearing a dress, a floor-length yell ...

12/91 New Route
Nirvana interview

01/92 Spin
Nirvana interview

01/92 Musician
Nirvana interview

01/92 Guitar World
Kurt Cobain tries to explain why Nirvana, third-hand guitars and all, is suddenl ...

01/10/92 BAM
Nirvana's impact

01/23/92 Rolling Stone
Aftergiving birth to the surprise hit of the year, the guys from Seattle fight t ...

01/25/92 Billboard
Nirvana hits #1 on the Billboard chart

01/25/92 Melody Maker
Nirvana fever is sweeping America... which is bad news for their fans over here.

01/92 Option
Punk Philosophers Nirvana

02/01/92 Billboard
Most Top 40 Outlets Reserve Track For Nighttime Only

02/08/92 Kerrang
'Nevermind' has been at Number One on the Kerrang! Album Chart for a month

02/92 Guitar Player
It's Saturday night at San Francisco's Warfield Theater, and an impatient crowd ...

02/92 RIP
Nirvana has struck a chord. It may be out of tune, but it's universal. It is lou ...

02/92 Details
Nirvana interview

02/92 Down Under '92
Interview with Krist Novoselic

02/20/92 Rolling Stone
Nirvana concert review

04/92 Peace
Nirvana interview from 1990

04/92 Sassy
Interview with Kurt and Courtney

04/92 SPIN
It's 1992... grunge goes overground and anarchy comes to the charts.

04/92 E.Q.
Capturing the high-intensity sound of Nirvana meant reevaluating the strengths a ...

04/16/92 Rolling Stone
Inside the Heart and Mind of Kurt Cobain.

05/92 Hit Parader
Seattle Thrashers Reach Platinum Paradise With Nevermind

05/92 Flipside
Flipside's Cobain interview

05/31/92 Circus
Nivana on tour

06/92 RIP
Nirvana interview

07/04/92 Melody Maker
Nirvana Star Rushed to Hospital With "Mystery Stomach Bug"

07/18/92 Melody Maker
Interview with Kurt Cobain

07/25/92 Melody Maker
Kurt going solo rumours ...

07/25/92 Melody Maker
In the second part of his exclusive NIRVANA interview, Everett True meets the ba ...

07/25/92 Melody Maker
Nirvana: Isle of Calf Festival, Oslo; Sjohistoriska Museum, Stockholm

08/15/92 Melody Maker
Nirvana are being sued by Killing Joke

08/29/92 Melody Maker
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana talks about the records that changed his life.

08/29/92 New Music Express
As "Nevermind" zoomed past Bono & Jacko, so the rumours started: Kurt Is Dead .. ...

09/92 Vanity Fair
Are Courtney Love, lead diva of the postpunk band Hole, and her husband, Nirvana ...

09/05/92 Melody Maker
Kurt and Courtney's daughter taken away

09/21/92 Los Angeles Times
Kurt speaks of his drug use and more

10/92 Monk Magazine
Interview with Kurt Cobain

10/29/92 Rolling Stone
Nirvana at the VMA's ...

12/92 Spin
Kurt and Courtney interview

12/92 Spin
Nirvana is named Artist of the Year

12/04/92 Entertainment W
Somebody has written the unauthorized story of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Th ...

12/12/92 Melody Maker
Kurt Cobain explains why wearing dresses can be cool.

01/07/93 Rolling Stone
After a successful European summer tour and a sold-out show at the mammoth 45,00 ...

01/23/93 Billboard
'Real' Follow-Up Discs Are Due In Spring

01/30/93 Melody Maker
Cobain blows his top at scandals and obsessions

02/93 The Advocate
Kurt Cobain interview

04/01/93 Rolling Stone
It's the Jesus and Nirvana Chain!

04/09/93 Melody Maker
Interview with Kurt Cobain

04/24/93 Melody Maker
Last week, Nirvana, L7, The Disposable Hereos Of Hiphoprisy and The Breeders sta ...

06/93 Guitar Magazine
Nirvana's music

06/24/93 Rolling Stone
A media stink erupts over the band's new album - and who's in charge.

07/22/93 Howl:An Interview
A lenghty Kurt Cobain interview

07/24/93 NME
Goodybe 'Teen Spirit', hello to the strange, anxious, visceral realm of 'In Uter ...

08/07/93 Kerrang
Nirvana interview

08/21/93 Melody Maker
At bloody last! After months of speculation, controversy, title-changes, track-s ...

08/21/93 Melody Maker
This week: Nirvana's Kurt Cobain

08/28/93 Melody Maker
With NIRVANA’s long-awaited ‘In Utero’ due for imminent release, The Stud Brothe ...

09/04/93 OOR Magazine
Nirvana interview

09/93 US
Nirvana and Pearl Jam plunged into the mainstream with their albums ‘Nevermind’ ...

09/19/93 Atlanta Journal
Kurt Cobain interview

10/93 Impact
A worldwide cacophony of loud guitar music, toques and plaid shirts on the runaw ...

10/93 Alternative Press
Go ahead. Hate this band, it’s the cool thing to do. The punk rockers hate them ...

10/93 SPIN
Remarkable. Unprecedented. Phenomenal. The stupefying success of Nirvana left a ...

10/93 Q
On the eve of the release of In Utero, the hungrily anticipated successor to the ...

10/93 Musician
The battles behind Nirvana's new album

10/93 Guitar World
In July of 1993, Kurt Cobain gave a dramatically candid interview to respected B ...

10/18/93 MTV Interview
Nirvana interview

10/24/93 Chicago Tribune
Review of Nirvana at the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL October 23 1993

10/25/93 Rolling Stone
Kurt Cobain interview

11/93 Details
It took two weeks for Nirvana to record In Utero, but two years before they coul ...

11/11/93 Rolling Stone
Wal-Mart censored In Utero

11/14/93 N.Y. Times
Concert review

11/29/93 Kerrang
Interview with Kurt Cobain on tour

11/30/93 Circus
Kurt Cobain interview

12/25/93 Melody Maker
For a concert spectacular to be broadcast worldwide on New Year's Eve, MTV went ...

01/04/94 Nardwuar
Interview with Nirvana in Canada

01/27/94 Rolling Stone
Our man in Nirvana rages on (and on) about stardom, fatherhood, his feud with Pe ...

01/31/94 Circus Magazine
An opening night report from Phoenix, Arizona

02/94 RIP
Stepping offstage at Hollywood's Club Lingerie, Kurt Cobain looks like he's just ...

02/27/94 Croatian TV
TV interview with Krist

03/94 Hit Parader
Will success spoil Nirvana? That seems to be the question filling more and more ...

04/10/94 Port Orchard
Kurt's uncle speaks about Kurt

04/18/94 Newsweek
Article on Kurt Cobain's passing

04/18/94 Time
Kurt Cobain was the dour, brilliant leader of Nirvana, the multiplatinum grunge ...

04/27/94 The Rocket
When Kurt Cobain committed suicide recently, I found myself, like everyone else ...

Fall 94 Fender Frontline
One of the last interviews Kurt Cobain did

03/95 Guitar World
A behind-the-scenes look at Nirvana's brilliant performance on MTV's Unplugged

03/95 The Rocket
Great albums are born, they are not made. Music that lasts over time requires no ...

04/05/95 The Rocket
Kurt Cobain's Year of Rest Without Peace

1996 Guitar World
The evolution of Nirvana, and how they came to record Nevermind-the great radio- ...

10/96 Guitar World
A sneak preview of Nirvana's upcoming live album

02/14/97 Goldmine
A comprehensive article about Nirvana's recordings, sessions and other projects

04/99 Circus
Biographies of Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl

05/99 Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone Magazine names Kurt Cobain as the best artist of the 90s

06/28/99 Newsweek
Article about the impact of Nirvana's Nevermind album

09/99 Spin Magazine
Article about Nirvana's Nevermind album

10/99 Rolling Stone
Article with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic interviews

12/07/00 Rolling Stone
Article about Smells Like Teen Spirit

05/2004 Mojo
Article about You Know You're Right and the final Nirvana recording session. By Gillian G. Gaar.

Nevermind: It's an interview
The interview officially released on CD by Geffen/DGC

Various newspaper articles about Cobain from 1994
AP press releases from March and April, 1994
Larry Smith - Kurt's uncle by marriage - shares stories

Miscellaneous articles/interviews related to Nirvana
(ordered by date of publication in mm/dd/yy format)

05/85 Klipsun Magazine
Article about one of former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing's first bands, Color M ...

Fall 1994 Spin
Article about Courtney Love dealing with the passing of her husband

05/21/94 Melody Maker
An Interview With Eddie Vedder Of Pearl Jam. It Is Mainly About His Reaction To ...

09/08/99 MTV
The following is a transcript of an interview with Courtney Love, broadcast Sept ...

09/26/94 Newsweek
Interview with Michael Stipe of R.E.M. about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain

11/04/94 Entertainment Weekly
FAME BEGETS FAME: That's one lesson Kurt Cobain took pleasure in teaching

12/94 Spin
Article about Kurt Cobain

08/16/95 RAW Magazine
A brief Courtney Love biography

01/96 Playboy Magazine
Courtney wants to go mass market, but can pop's punk princess shelve her anger a ...

02/96 Esquire
Crisscrossing the country with Courtney Love and the ashes of the deceased (whic ...

03/24/97 Barbara Walters interview with Courtney Love
Barbara Walters' infamous interview with Courtney Love from TV

Addicted to Noise
Thousands watch in awe as Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Pat Smear were joined by ...

02/26/98 San Mateo Times
Documentary banned at Sundance Film Festival will premiere at Roxie Friday

02/27/98 San Mateo Times
Review of 'Kurt and Courtney' documentary

08/17/98 Seattle Times
Article about Kurt's cousin, Bev Cobain

03/99 Guitar World
The grunge equation of success = death sealed the fate of guitar music in the Ni ...

02/00 FHM Magazine
The former Nirvana drummer - now Foo Fighters frontman - on weapons, hygiene and ...

Various articles and documents posted in the news section

Michael Azerrad statement about 'Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana'
Article about Courtney's lawsuits. html | word
"When there's Love, there's war". Article about the lawsuits
'Live Through This' (book) press clippings
'Live Through This' (book) press release
The NFC Essay. Lengthy essay about the life at the discussion board
Press release for the Nirvana photo book Winterlong
Article about the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle
A personal account from a person who visited the EMP museum
'Nirvana - A Retrospective'. Press release about a 1999 photo exhibit
Article about the 12/1999 riots in Seattle over the WTO summit
Dave Grohl interview about Kurt, Nirvana and more
Press release for the Kurt Cobain biography 'Heavier Than Heaven'
List of items that Krist Novoselic sold in an online garage sale
A touching story about Kurt Cobain's influence
'The Vigil' (movie) press release
'The Vigil' (movie) production notes
'The Vigil' (movie) reviews
'The Vigil' (movie) rogers video press release
Review of "Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters, Nirvana & other misadventures"
Review of "Of Grunge And Government - Let's Fix This Broken Democracy!"
Review of "Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects"
Eyes Adrift biography (Krist Novoselic's former band)
Story from BBC radio winner Daniel Sasto's trip to Seattle
Story from Eryn Mulloy about her trip to Seattle for the 10th KC anniversary
Story from the Aberdeen Daily Word, April 2004
Story from the Aberdeen Daily Word, May 2004
Press release for new Charles Peterson photo book

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