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Introduction: This section is quite unique in that it features interviews conducted by the webmaster of this site. The people interviewed range from relatives to Nirvana members to authors and journalists, not to mention an interview with Pat Smear who actually played with the band on their final tour in 1993-1994. These people offer exclusive insight into the Nirvana legacy and provides their take on the whole story.

Chad Channing's parents
Chad Channing was Nirvana's first real drummer and stayed with the band for more than two years.

Bev Cobain
Bev, Kurt Cobain's cousin, has written a book for depressed teens.

Alex Coletti
Coletti is the producer of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged performance (and ALL other Unplugged shows).

Kennedy Grey
Kennedy got hold of many letters written for the first Nirvana fan club - this is his story.

Charles R. Cross - from 1999
Charles R. Cross - from 2001
Cross wrote the book about the Nevermind recordings and the Heavier Than Heaven biography.

Tom Grant
Shortly before Kurt's passing, Grant was hired by Courtney Love to locate Cobain.

Gillian G. Gaar
Gaar has written many Nirvana articles, including a comprehensive piece on their recordings.

Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna
Carrie wrote the "Eyewitness: Nirvana" book - a day-by-day account of their career.

Kurt St. Thomas
Kurt interviewed Nirvana for "Nevermind: It's an Interview" and co-authored The Chosen Rejects.

Earnie Bailey
Earnie Bailey was Nirvana's main guitar technician and also worked with the Foo Fighters.

Pat Smear
Pat Smear was Nirvana's second guitarist in 1993 and 1994. He joined them on their last tours.

Bob Ludwig
Bob Ludwig, president of Gateway Mastering Studios, has mastered several Nirvana albums.

AJ Schnack
AJ is the director and producer of a Kurt Cobain documentary which was first screened in 2006.