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Introduction: This gallery primarily contains pictures of the band Nirvana and its three principal band members; Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl.

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  • Visit Digital Nirvana for bootleg artwork, scans and information.
  • Visit The Nirvana Discography for artwork to all official releases.

    Disclaimer: All of these pictures are copyright the original photographer, unless noted otherwise. Should you be the rightful copyright owner of one or more pictures presented here, and wish to have them removed from the gallery, please contact the webmaster. Some of these pictures have been used by permission from photographers John F. Gannon, Steve Gullick and Gilbert Blecken. Scans in the "paintings/drawings" section are copyright Aaron Williams, Tyler Martin, Rolling Stone, Coulter D. Young, Nathan, Dimitri, Solly Mohamed, Rita Braga, Tim Gabor, Jack W. Morefield, 'wolfi' and many others.

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