NFC News 02/2001
- - - February 28, 2001 - - -

Over at the official Hole website, Courtney Love posted an interesting message mentioning a book she had been submitting material to, and she briefly mentioned the upcoming Nirvana boxed set. Check out quotes from her message in the new album section. It's near the bottom. The book in question is not the one by Charles Cross as I had initially assumed. I apologize for the mistake. Thanks to 'dada' for pointing out the news.

Speaking of Courtney, she has now launched yet another lawsuit. This time against the Universal Music Group for not allowing her and her band to part ways with them. Courtney was sued herself earlier by Universal, for attempting to terminate her relationship with the company, which they deemed breach of her contract with them. According to AllStar News; 'In the latest action, Love is continuing to seek freedom from her recording contract with Universal and is citing a California labor code known as the 'De Haviland Law.'" Love also alleges that major record companies "force" artists to sign "impossible-to-perform" contracts. Read the full story here, courtesy of AllStar news and CDNow.

"I picked up a copy of Fender's Frontline 2001 Guitar catalog today, and there's a picture of Kurt from Reading '92 (in his doctor's smok) right above a big picture of a Fender American Vintage '62 Jaguar. They put the picture there because he was playing a sunburst Jaguar in the picture, although it surely was not from the American Vintage series (because it had humbuckers), more likely a Japanese model or an older model." Thanks to Bruce for that one. I'm not sure where you can get the catalog though.

Apparently Dave Grohl ran into Krist Novoselic at the Grammy Awards recently. According to a report from AllStar; "The talk of the party, though, was the sight of Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl and his former Nirvana bandmate Krist Novoselic talking together out back by the hotel swimming pool. 'I'm just here rocking and having fun,' said Grohl, still glowing after his band won two GRAMMY Awards." Story courtesy of AllStar News.

Forbes put up an interesting article about Napster, mentioning Nirvana as examples of how Napster is being used. Read it here. Thanks to James for the link.

"On Kurt's birthday, 20th February, a Malaysian radio channel , Hitz FM, played a Nirvana song every hour as a respect and rememberance to Kurt. It was called, 'Hitz FM Remembering Kurt Cobain.'" Thanks to Melisa for this bit.

"I just thought I should mention that in a magazine called 'Guitar World' March 2001 Nirvana was mentioned. They had this thing in the paper about 'The history of hard rock'. There they had an article about Nirvana and their album Nevermind. They wrote a lot of stuff but one to me interesting thing though was this: 'There's a rare bootleg tape of Kurt Cobain in the studio wherein he sums up both Nirvana's approach to recording and, paradoxically, the sound of hard rock music in the nineties'. Then they quote Kurt saying to his bandmates: 'We're going to start off real quiet during the verses but we're going to come in real loud during the chorus'." Thanks to Mattias for this interesting story. I have not personally heard of this bootleg before, unfortunately.

The server where most of the picture gallery for this site was hosted decided to cut our account, so the gallery was unavailable for a few days. It has now been moved to this server and should be working 100% again.

- - - February 22, 2001 - - -

From Sam; "In Québec, Canada, there's a great rock radio station called CHOI 98.1 R@dio X ( Last weekend (Feb. 17 & 18) they set up a list of the 100 greatest rock albums ever. Nevermind was #2. I thought it would be on #1 but the band that got the #1 spot was Led Zeppelin." Thanks to Sam for that story.

"In an interview I read in a magazine called 7 Jours, Fred Durst [of Limp Bizkit] said: 'I predict that in 2 years, a revolution comparable to the one of the grunge in the early 90's, when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the undisputed kings of rock, [will happen].' Later on he talks about how he traveled to find the perfect place to record 'The Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water': 'I went to Los Angeles, then to Seattle, probably because it's the native city of Nirvana.' " Also thanks to Sam for that one.

At the Grammy Awards last night, the Foo Fighters picked up an award for 'Best Rock Album' with "There is nothing left to lose". The first single off that album, "Learn to Fly" won the Grammy for 'Best Short Form Music Video'. Metallica got the Grammy for 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' with their S&M opener, "Call of Ktulu". View the full list of winners here.

- - - February 21, 2001 - - -

The NFC Compilation, released officially yesterday, is now available to download online in MP3 format. The compilation is a collection of songs, made by people who post on the NFC Boards, or their bands. The CD offers everything from slow acoustic tracks to classic rock n' roll. To get more information on the CD or to download the songs, just go here. Once again a huge thanks to all the artists who contributed.

The kiddie ABBA-cover band A*Teens are scheduled to release an album entitled "Teen Spirit" on February 27, 2001. I don't believe this album, despite it's interesting title, is related to Nirvana at all - but still. One reviewer noted that; "This album is a far cry from their first album, 'The ABBA Generation'. Their sound is a lot more grown up as displayed in their song 'Rockin'. There are no ABBA covers, which I find to be a little depressing." Depressing indeed! Pre-orders, anyone? :) A more interesting release on February 27 is Pearl Jam's first leg of US concerts from their recent tour. This time around, a whopping 48 US shows get released to the public on CD. In September last year, the band released 25 double-CDs with shows from the European leg of their latest tour. In other words, last year 50 CDs were put out - with another 96 on the way (assuming all 48 shows take up two discs). 144 CDs all together, AND they are ALSO releasing a DVD shortly. 144 CDs ... a DVD, and it's not even a joke. Too bad we're talking about Pearl Jam here and not Nirvana! The second leg of those 48 shows is scheduled to be released March 27, while the first will be out on February 27 as mentioned. More info about the DVD here, courtesy of Yahoo! and Wall of Sound.

Someone sent me a picture of a beautiful painting he made of Nirvana; "The attached picture is of a painting I did in June-August of 1994 titled 'Drowned in Fame but Never Fade Away'. The painting represents how Kurt was overwhelmed by Nirvana's success. The painting shows all three members drowning, while being surrounded by elements from their album covers (or art seen on the back of the albums)." View the picture here. Along with the picture of the painting, I received a very touching story that you can read here. Special thanks to the person who sent me this.

Today, the talented and beautiful actress Jennifer Love Hewitt turns 22! Happy birthday, Jennifer! There is a terrific website about Miss Hewitt here.

- - - February 20, 2001 - - -

Today, the late Kurt Cobain would have turned 34. Born on February 20 1967, Cobain passed away in early April of 1994 - some seven years ago. Happy birthday Kurt, wherever you are !

Soon to be aired on the US television channel, CineMax, is a documentary called "The Target Shoots First" which gives an inside look of the Columbia House mail order club. Maker of the docu, Chris Wilcha, has a love for Nirvana and eventually quit Columbia House when Kurt died; "... when Kurt Cobain killed himself, Wilcha got a jolt. He realized mail-order marketing wasn't his goal in life and documentary-filmmaking was. He quit, moved to California to get a graduate degree in film, and is now a freelance documentary filmmaker and producer at MTV." The docu gives a unique look on the daily routines of Columbia House, including "everything, from the absurd paperwork, meetings, and memo-mongering to the intricacies of navigating relationships in a well-defined hierarchy and his feelings about his changing role within it." Chris was quoted as saying that; "'"Columbia House has basically nothing to do with music,' he says. '[It] was on the margins of the culture industry. It was a backwater.'" The documentary was aired on German television last year and mentioned in this news section on May 21, 2000. Story courtesy of Yahoo! and Wall of Sound.

- - - February 17, 2001 - - -

The Nirvana book "Winterlong", originally published in 1999, is set to be re-published with some various improvements. According to a press release from the publisher, Vision On, the book has been "re-mixed into a new, luxury edition featuring previously unseen images and [is] accompanied by a new introduction by music journalist and Nirvana expert Everett True." As previously noted in this section, the book features photographs by Steve Gullick and Stephen Sweet. The new edition includes color images omitted from the original book, and a more detailed introduction by Everett True. The new book is 160 pages and will be published in the UK on April 25, 2001. The ISBN is: 1-903399-17-3. Shortly, you will be able to pre-order the book directly from the Publisher's website. For more info, read this press release. Special thanks to Sarah Marusek for information and pictures regarding the book. You can also view the picture used for the new cover here.

"Chris Rock was on Much Music in Canada the other day and he stated how NIRVANA's 'Heart-Shaped Box' was his favorite video. Also, on Much More Music on February 20, 2001 they are doing a tribute to NIRVANA at 11:00 AM. Much More Music will also be doing a special on the FOO FIGHTERS, February 26, 2001 at 11:00 AM." Thanks to Brian for this one!

MTV Asia recently posted a pretty entertaining story about how Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys was a fan of Kurt Cobain. Apparently, the singer was meeting fans in Canada when one asked who he admired musically. Before a stunned crowd, Carter's answer to the question was Kurt Cobain. "An onlooker said, 'Some of the fans were so upset they started crying. Nick is not supposed to be a rock and roll star.'" There you have it guys. The Backstreet Boys -- Nirvana connection is hereby official! Story courtesy of MTV Asia. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

- - - February 13, 2001 - - -

Another NFC Competition is finally up! This one features 4 spectacular prizes. The 1st prize is a copy of the Nirvana book "Winterlong", signed by all three authors. The 2nd prize is a copy of the rare book "NIRVANA: 'The Alternative CD & Vinyl Collectors Guide'. The third prize is 5 cassette tapes containing 6 unreleased Nirvana live shows. The 4th price is 2 copies of the unreleased NFC Compilation CD - a CD with songs made by people who post at the NFC Board. This CD isn't even finished yet, but will be completed within the next couple of weeks, and thus it will be ready by the time the competition is over. To participate and enter your name to the competition, all you have to do is go here.

"Dave Grohl was on the Daily Show w/Jon Stewart (the best show on TV these days, IMO) last night. He was REALLY funny. He talked with Jon about a number of things, and mentioned a story about he and Krist Novoselic at the 1995 Gammy awards winning the 'Best Alternative' band award for Nirvana. He said it was before the actual taping so the only people there so far was him, Krist, and the bands from the 'Best African Country Duet' nominees and how Krist forced their way up stage just to say 'thanks' & leave like it was nothing. It was very funny, and it will be on Comedy Central tonight @ 7pm and after that in random reruns. Thought you all might want to check it out." Thanks to Justin and Jeremy for that story.

- - - February 12, 2001 - - -

"There is an interview CD with Green Day from 1994, which is now available at any store. It has a 120 page booklet. On pages 39 and 71 there are mentions of Nirvana. Here are the qoutes; 'Predating Nirvana by 12 months by coining the slacker motto ''Oh well, never mind'' and 'Green Day is showing all the signs of becoming the next Nirvana, or damn close.' On page 77 theres a picture of Kurt from MTV's live and loud with the qoute 'Billie on being a fan'; 'I remember standing right next to Kurt Cobain backstage at a Nirvana concert about 2 years ago. I really admired him and looked at him and said ,'Oh fuck it.' I just walked away. I'm sure he had people hounding him all the time, so I chose not to.' On page 79 theres a picture of Courtney Love." Thanks to John Doe for that one.

- - - February 8, 2001 - - -

"Just some news .. I don't think it's important but today there was a broadcast on a German TV station called 'ZDF Theaterkanal'. It was a portrait of Courtney Love and there were also about 10 minutes about Kurt's death and Nirvana etc. The title [of the show] was 'Rudi Dolezal und Hannes Rossacher - Pop-Galerie: Courtney Love'. It is 60 min and will be broadcast on; 07-02-2001 @ 20:40 - 12-02-2001 @ 20:40 - 17-02-2001 @ 20:40 and 22-02-2001 @ 20:40." Thanks to Martin for that one.

- - - February 6, 2001 - - -

"On page 36 of the current issue of Sports Illustrated (Feburary 5th, 2001) Nirvana is mentioned, for their wearing of Chuck Taylor all star shoes. It's in the 'Style File' section of the mag, and the story reads, 'Long before Air Jordan, there was Chuck Taylor. The best-selling athletic shoe ever, more than 600 million have been sold worldwide, the canvas topped Chuck Taylor All Starts debuted in 1917 and became the sneaker choice for five decades of basketball players, as well as athelets in other sports...' and continues from there. The pictures on top are of people wearing the shoes, Marion Motley, 1950 Bob Cousy, 1955, Wilt Chamberlain, 1970, Nirvana, 1988." Thanks to Justin for this story, courtesy of Sports Illustrated Magazine. View a scan of the article here.

Apparently, The Internet Nirvana Fan Club was mentioned on the French version of MTV; MCM. I am not sure which show mentioned the site, or in what connection. Thanks to Vishal for sharing his interesting observation.

Two of the homepages hosted by this domain recently changed their design and main layout. Check out Maria's page here and boddah's updated page here.

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