New Cobain biopic to feature original Nirvana music

From NME: "The forthcoming Kurt Cobain biopic from Universal Pictures is set to be the first Nirvana film to feature the band's music, NME.COM can reveal.

It had been reported that Universal had recently bought the rights to Charles R Cross' Cobain biography, 'Heavier Than Heaven'.

Cross has since told NME.COM that the package Universal have bought would be a combination of both the book rights and the rights to Nirvana's music, as put together by Courtney Love, who owns the rights to Nirvana's music.

'Courtney Love has packaged my book rights with Nirvana's music,' he explained, in reference to the package Universal now have rights to. 'It's important, as for it to be a definitive Kurt biopic you need the music.' "

The new issue of NME - published November 7 - will have more details. Story courtesy of

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