Nirvana for 'Christmas no. 1' - new campaign launched

Our British friends have launched a campaign to get Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the no. 1 slot on the charts for Christmas week in the UK. From Spin:

The hotly debated 'Christmas No. 1' slot almost always goes to the debut single from The X Factor's newest winner, with the reality show's unstintingly stodgy Matt Cardle grabbing the honor last year.

In 2009, though, a grassroots Facebook campaign called "Rage Against the X Factor" improbably helped Rage Against the Machine's 1992 political rocker "Killing in the Name" beat Simon Cowell's latest septuagenarian-friendly selection to the holiday top spot.

Read the full story here. To support the effort to get Nirvana to #1, check the official Facebook group for the campaign - a group that has gathered more than 35,000 followers within a few days.

To get Nirvana to #1, make sure you buy Smells Like Teen Spirit on iTunes, Amazon or other online retailers between December 18 and 24. More info is available from a FAQ at the aforementioned Facebook page.

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