NFC Nirvana Information General Nirvana-related information The NFC FAQ - Part 1
Introduction: This FAQ was originally made available when the NFC first opened in 1997. Its purpose is to answer the most common questions about Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, this website and related topics. Currently it features detailed answers to more than 130 questions. In other words, if there is something you want answered, this section should be consulted first. Thus, please do not e-mail the NFC webmaster with questions that are answered here. As this resource is more than 10 years old, some questions and answers may seem dated.

Some questions are marked with bold in the list below. These are the questions I get most often. Also notice that some numbers are missing. This is simply because some questions/answers have been removed because they no longer seemed relevant for this document. The questions have been divided into sub-categories:

This site and its author
#01 Who made this site ?
#02 Who are you ?
#03 When did you make this site and why ?
#04 How do I join the club ?
#05 Why are your sound clips only 30 seconds or less ?
#15 I wanna add a link and/or your banner to my site, may I ?
#16 Could you add a link to my site please ?
#17 Do you have e-mails for Krist, Dave or Courtney Love?
#21 Is this the official Nirvana website ?
#22 Do you think Kurt Cobain was murdered ?
#23 I want FREE NIRVANA STUFF .. can you send it to me ?
#24 I have this cool file I want you to see, can I E-mail it to you ?
#25 I wanna chat with you, where can I find you online ?
#26 Can I advertise on your page with a banner for my site ?
#28 Can you send me a full length movie version of the song "xxxx"
#29 Can you send me a full length sound file of the song "xxxx"
#36 Hey, why do you keep this site up when you don't make any money off it ?
#47 Do you have the complete Nirvana version of Old Age ?
#51 I'm not very good at English, can I E-mail you in other languages ?
#52 Why do you have the suicide note on your page ?
#57 How do I [Insert question here] to the Nirvana Fan Club Newsletter ?
#62 I'd like to use some of your files, such as the lyrics, on my page. Can I ?
#65 Why don't you have more info on bands such as Foo Fighters & Eyes Adrift ?
#66 I found several errors in your tabs and/or lyrics !
#67 I'm trying to download this file from your site, but it's so slow!
#68 Which HTML editor did you use to make this site ?

Nirvana recordings and songs
#06 Where can I find full songs ?
#07 What exactly is a bootleg ?
#08 So, how do I get Nirvana bootlegs ?
#09 But how can I trade when I don't have any bootlegs ?
#10 So do you trade Nirvana bootlegs ?
#14 I want some rare Nirvana stuff, where can I get it ?
#31 Where is the hidden song on "In Utero" ?
#32 Where is the hidden song on "Nevermind" ?
#38 Where can I find the song "Sappy" (aka. "Verse Chorus Verse") ?
#39 Is "Verse Chorus Verse" the real title of that song ?
#40 Where can I get the "Outcesticide" bootlegs ?
#41 I can't find the Nirvana singles anywhere !
#42 What is 'NTSC' and 'PAL'? I have VHS!
#43 Where can I get Nirvana videos ?
#59 What's this "Fecal Matter Demo" I keep hearing about ?
#70 When did Nirvana perform on Saturday Night Live ?
#71 Is there a list of all Nirvana songs ?
#76 Which songs were cut from the MTV Unplugged performance ?
#78 Where can I find a list of bad Nirvana bootleg traders ?
#85 I have obtained a rare Nirvana item that I would like to sell. How ?
#88 Where do I get the song "I hate myself and want to die" ?
#91 What's this "The 'Priest' They Called Him" song I keep hearing about ?
#92 How many music videos did Nirvana make ?
#93 What Nirvana bootlegs are the best ?
#108 What is "Hormoaning" ?
#109 What is Kurt mumbling in the beginning of "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" ?
#110 Where can I get a video/DVD of Nirvana's MTV Unplugged concert ?
#113 What is that song Kurt is playing in the living room, seen in LTSO ?
#116 Have any Nirvana DVD's been released?
#117 I found a rare Nirvana song on Napster/KaZaA/WinMX!
#120 Did Courtney Love write "Pennyroyal Tea"?
#121 What about "Old Age" then?
#123 Where can I find setlists for Nirvana's concerts?
#126 What is the deal with "You Know You're Right" (aka. "On A Mountain") ?
#128 What is "Token Eastern Song" (aka. "Born in a Junkyard") ?
#129 What is "Montage of Heck" ?
#130 How do I find MP3s of Nirvana songs on the net?

General Nirvana-related information
#11 Can you send me some information on Nirvana and stuff please ?
#13 What is the name of that baby on the "Nevermind" cover ?
#33 When will there be a new Nirvana album out ??
#37 How do you spell Kurt Cobain ?
#48 What does "Fuhgawz" mean ?
#49 What does "Chaka" mean ?
#50 I need Nirvana information for a school project !
#53 Who is the girl on the In Utero Disc ?
#54 Where did the title for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" come from ?
#55 What is the meaning behind [Insert song title here] ?
#56 Where can I find a list of Nirvana's albums ?
#63 Where is Kurt Cobain buried ? And was he cremated ?
#75 What is the exact date of Kurt's death ?
#77 Where can I find Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note ?
#83 Which brand of cigarettes did Kurt smoke ?
#84 Which brands of clothes did Kurt use ?
#90 Which bands were Kurt, Krist and Dave in before they joined Nirvana ?
#95 Which equipment, such as guitars and drums, did Nirvana use ?
#96 What is "waif me" all about ?
#99 What is the big deal about Nirvana's single for "Pennyroyal Tea" ?
#100 I have seen "24k GOLD" editions of some Nirvana albums ?
#102 Where do I get the latest news on Nirvana ?
#105 What was the first name of the band, now called "Nirvana" ?
#106 Why doesn't my "Incesticide" contain liner notes ?
#111 What does the word 'NIRVANA' mean ?
#122 How many times did John Duncan play with Nirvana ?
#125 What exactly is Nirvana's record label?

#34 Where can I meet other Nirvana fans to talk with ?
#64 Did Puff Daddy do a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ?
#72 What is "JAMPAC" ?
#81 Who is Lynn Hirschberg ?
#86 How many Nirvana websites are out there ?
#87 Where can I find the autopsy pictures of Kurt Cobain ?
#89 I'm looking for pictures of Frances Bean Cobain ?
#97 I have a Nirvana item that I believe to be rare. What is it worth ?
#98 What is up with that movie "Highway" (aka. "A Leonard Cohen Afterworld") ?
#104 Is the Foo Fighters song "My Hero" about Kurt Cobain ?
#107 Are there any official websites for Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Eyes Adrift & Hole ?
#112 Why did Kurt get in a fight with someone at the Dallas '91 show ?
#114 What did Kurt think of Pearl Jam ?
#115 Who was Frances Farmer ?
#118 Where do I find the bridge, mentioned in "Something in the way"?
#119 What does the sticker on Kurt's guitar say?
#124 I saw some Nirvana albums called; "Orange & Blue", "All of Us" ... ?
#127 Have the remaining members of Nirvana ever reunited after Kurt died?
#131 Did Kurt have a tattoo on his arm?
#133 What are some good Nirvana or Cobain-related places to visit in Seattle or Aberdeen?

Q #01: Who made this site ?
A: I did, with help from numerous contributors.

Q #02: Who are you ?
A: I'm Rasmus Holmen from Denmark. I created and currently maintain this website. I'm a graduate who finished high school, college and a 2� year course in computer science. I have a BA in English and business communication. I became a fan of Nirvana in late 1993 - probably after watching one of their videos on MTV. I never saw 'em live. I currently work for Ticketmaster in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Q #03: When did you make this site and why ?
A: First I had a small site called "The Danish Nirvana Homepage". I opened it around March of 1996. I made that one merely because I wanted to try and see what it was like to have a homepage and I wanted to make something dedicated to a great band. So, I started out with a few pictures and sound clips, plus some information, and put it together into a small website hosted by the ISP I used at the time. I kept adding new stuff all the time to the site and it quickly became more and more popular - it was even mentioned in magazines and stuff like that. I had it up for about a year, until I closed it by the end of March 1997 where it had been visited about 36,000 times.

Then I decided to get a domain for the site and I thereby re-named the site to "The Internet Nirvana Fan Club" which is the title of the website today. This "new" site was opened to the public on April 8th 1997. Exactly 3 years after Kurt Cobain had been found dead in Seattle. Anyway, I had a little financial trouble during that first week and around April 20th the site got closed again! Then a few days later, I had the old "Danish Nirvana Homepage" running on my ISP's server for a short while - until I finally decided to re-open this domain, and bring "The Internet Nirvana Fan Club" back to life where it was re-opened on May 10th 1997 and is still running this very day.

With this domain I got the opportunity to host hundreds of megabytes, so I decided to make a section of the page only for the people who wanted to pay to get access. This wasn't a great success so I scrapped the idea again and today the site is a total non-profit place although I still have to pay money to a host, every month, to keep it up and running. In March 1998 my host at the time, Tierranet, decided to terminate my account for no apparent reason. They had even chosen a date for this termination - April 8th 1998. It remains a mystery if they picked this date for no reason, or because it was the 4-year anniversary for Kurt Cobain's death! After that I have switched hosts numerous times but hopefully found the right one now. I am quite happy with the host I currently use. The NFC now has its own dedicated server and thus no longer uses shared hosting.

That's about enough history for now. The reason I decided to put up a site like this was, and still is, basically to provide the many Nirvana fans with lots of things helping them to remember this great band. For more information on the background of this website, try out the
NFC Museum.

Q #04: How do I join the club ?
A: Ok here goes ... this is probably the question I get asked most, even back when it said "click here to join the club" on the main page. Anyway, as of February 1st, 1998 you can NO LONGER JOIN THE CLUB. As mentioned in one of the answers above, I decided to remove the fee to join the club and the member area has now been removed as well. This means that there is no club to join and therefore you can't join it :)

This site is just (for now) a fan site and it's not really a "fan club". I know this sounds weird since the site is called "The Internet Nirvana Fan Club", but at the moment it's just a fan site, like all the other Nirvana sites out there (more or less). If I do decide to make some sort of club again, I will post information about it on the page. This Nirvana Fan Club is not official. I don't know any official Nirvana Fan Clubs. For information on the address for Nirvana, as listed on the back of the "Bleach" album, read this

Q #05: Why are your sound clips only 30 seconds or less?
A: It is illegal to provide full length songs with Nirvana on a website - in accordance with the general copyright laws and the policies of Nirvana's label: Geffen/DGC (now Universal). "There are to be absolutely no unauthorized full-length song files -- regardless of format -- on your site for members or non-members. Any clips must be 30 seconds or less." (quote: Jim Griffin, former technical director of Geffen Records).

I used to have full songs on the site for a short period, but they were removed as the site would have been shut down if I didn't remove them. So I did. This means that I can't put up full songs now, since it is against the copyright laws and Geffen's policies. Thus, if you want to hear the full song just go out and buy the CDs or videos when possible, or buy the songs from an authorized online store.

Q #06: Where can I find full songs ?
A: You can either buy the albums in stores, or purchase songs individually online from a store such as Apple's iTunes.

Q #07: What exactly is a bootleg ?
A: "Essentially, bootlegs are recordings that have not been released by an artist's main record label. They could be live recordings, studio outtakes, rehersals, or just jams. The source for these might be CD's that are put out by various bootleg labels, tapes/CD-Rs made by tapers at concerts, or tapes/CD-Rs that one way or another 'escaped' from the recording studio." (quote: the official bootleg FAQ).

I'm not sure where the actual word 'bootleg' stems from, but I believe it originates from the wild west where people were hiding booze in their boots, to smuggle and sell it. Or something to that effect!

Generally speaking, a bootleg is usually a CD or analog cassette tape containing a recording that is unreleased. This is commonly a recording of a live concert or an unreleased (or released for that matter) studio session. Most artists and record companies only have serious problems with bootlegs of studio sessions, for example, or bootlegs made of stolen tapes etc. Many bands don't mind bootlegs of live recordings. Bands that directly support these include Metallica and The Grateful Dead. On the contrary, the legendary Bob Dylan is very much against this. Two of the most famous companies living off of selling and manufacturing bootlegs with Nirvana are Blue Moon Records and Kiss The Stone (neither are online at this point). Bootlegs and bootlegging is ILLEGAL, and it is a federal offense to sell and distribute bootlegs for profit. However, many people trade bootlegs openly and don't get in trouble. Analog trading is not a great concern for many record companies, while digital distribution (such as with MP3 files and/or CD-R discs) is a much more serious violation of the legislation. For a list of many Nirvana bootlegs, with detailed reviews, head over to
Digital Nirvana. Check out Livenirvana's "Bootlegs for Beginners" guide for more info.

Q #08: So, how do I get Nirvana bootlegs ?
A: Well, since it's illegal to sell and produce them - it's difficult to find web sites for companies that do so. One of the most popular was Kiss The Stone Records, but they are no longer up. Most people get bootlegs by "bootleg trading" which is, as mentioned previously, non-profit deals.

You may be able to get Nirvana rarities from these online sites;
Eil, eBay, CD Europe, 101 CD, ATW Music, CD Gold, Obiland, Lost Horizons, Music Master, Second Spin, SLCD, Scrounge King.

Q #09: But how can I trade when I don't have any bootlegs?
A: Well, some traders are willing to do 'blank trades' aka. 2:1 trades. This means that you send the person 2 blank tapes and get one of them back with a bootleg recorded on it. Same goes for CD-R discs. This is a good way to start a collection.

"Regular" trading goes like this: you offer the trader a recording he/she doesn't have, and the trader offers you something you don't have. There are also some people who are willing to sell their bootlegs, often much cheaper than what the bootleg companies are charging. The advantages of purchasing bootlegs from a company, or 2nd hand record store is that you get an actual CD with liner notes, real artwork etc. If you purchase a bootleg from a 'regular' trader, then you would probably only get a cassette tape, or a CD-R, with the recording ... and usually nothing else. Again I must stress that selling and purchasing bootlegs (with this artist) is illegal and I do not condone it. Also, in most cases, the company manufactured bootleg CDs are inferior in quality and do not offer the best source of a given show or session.

Q #11: Can you send me some information on Nirvana and stuff please ??
A: I can, basically, only offer the information that you can already find on my site. Check out the information section. You can also look at some of the many books or magazines about Nirvana.

You can purchase several different Nirvana related books from the Amazon book store - or at Barnes & Noble. The best book to get about Nirvana is definitely Michael Azerrad's "Come as you are - The story of Nirvana". You can purchase the book here. If you want a very detailed biography of Kurt Cobain you might want to check out "Heavier Than Heaven" by Charles R. Cross. You can get that one here. In addition you should be able to find magazines with articles about Nirvana/Kurt Cobain at your local library, or at an online auction such as eBay. Finally check the link section for a list of other sites with info.

Q #13: What is the name of that baby on the "Nevermind" cover ?
A: The name of the kid is Spencer Elden, and he was four months old when this famous picture was shot in late 1991. The one-dollar bill on the fish hook was added to the picture later. Check the "Nevermind" book by Charles R. Cross and Jim Berkenstadt for more information about this. For a September 2001 issue of Rolling Stone, the picture was re-created with the then 10-year old Spencer.

Q #14: I want some rare Nirvana stuff, where can I get it ?
A: Well, it's always hard to find 'rare' stuff. Hence it being described as "rare" in the first place! First of all, check all your local record stores and especially second-hand record stores for rare Nirvana items. Also check this this, and finally check the selection at Amazon's site.

Furthermore, you can often find rare Nirvana items up for sale on the auction website eBay. There are many stores online selling rare Nirvana records and CDs. Esprit Records is my prime choice. Online stores: Push Posters,, Encore, Weathermen Records and Newbury Comics. Also see the answer to question #8.

Q #15: I wanna add a link and/or your banner to my site, may I ?
A: Yeah sure. Actually I would be pleased if you added a link to my site. I think its funny when people ask for "permission" to add a link to my site. Of course you can add one! :-) If you want to add my banner to your website, you can use the following HTML code. Just cut and paste it to your page.

<a href="index.html">
<img src="" border="0"></a>

This will link to the 440x80 banner below (courtesy of Dave Wolinsky):

If you just want to add a link and not the banner, just use the following HTML tag:

<a href="index.html">The Internet Nirvana Fan Club</a>

Q #16: Could you add a link to my site please ?
A: If you look in the links section, there is form you can fill out to submit a link.

Q #17: Do you have e-mails for Krist, Dave or Courtney Love?
A: Nope. But you may be able to find Krist Novoselic's e-mail address on his website.

Q #21: Is this the official Nirvana website ?
A: I am not a member or former member of Nirvana. Just a fan that has a fan site up dedicated to a great band. That's it. I don't have any direct affiliation with the members of Nirvana and my site is not official. If you send me an E-mail, it won't reach ANY members of Nirvana and I don't/can't accept fan letters directed to members of Nirvana. I don't have an official address to Nirvana and they are (obviously) not active anymore.

Q #22: Do you think Kurt Cobain was murdered ?
A: No, despite what Tom Grant and many others believe - I still think he committed suicide. I don't think it should have an influence on how much we like the band and music whether he was murdered or not.

Q #23: I want FREE NIRVANA STUFF .. can you send it to me ?
A: Well, you can get a lot of Nirvana-related files on this site. So, no ... I can't send you free stuff. Start by getting the free stuff on this site. If you want some Nirvana file, get it here. If you can't find it here ... check out the hundreds of other Nirvana sites on the net. A lot of those are listed on our link page.

Q #24: I have this cool file I want you to see, can I E-mail it to you ?
A: Please ask me first before you E-mail any file to me. Small files, like text files, are okay though.

Q #25: I wanna chat with you, where can I find you online ??
A: An IRC channel for this site, #NirvanaClub, on is also available and has many regular users. Visit our online chatroom here.

Q #26: Can I advertise on your page, with a banner for my site ?
A: I can't put your banner on the main page since it doesn't fit with the layout and because there is no room for it. Sorry.

Q #28: Can you send me a full length movie version of the song "xxxx"
A: Nope. I don't have any full movies on my computer right now, and they are usually very large in file size, up to about 50 MB or more. It would be quite stressful to send such large files per e-mail to people.

Q #29: Can you send me a full length sound file of the song "xxxx"
A: First, read the question about free stuff. I can't send out full length songs on e-mail since it takes a lot of time to record it, and send it. And on top of that it's illegal too. But that's another story.

Q #31: Where is the hidden song on "In Utero" ??
A: First of all, the so-called "hidden" song called "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip" is only on the European version of the album In Utero. The track is described as a "Devalued American Dollar Purchase Incentive Track". The story behind this statement is that by putting the song only on the non-US albums, it will be a track US people will be willing to pay $$$ to get because they can't buy it in their local CD store. So, basically, it's a joke about putting hidden tracks on some CDs, and not on the US ones. On the cover of the European version of In Utero there is a sticker reading "Exclusive International Bonus Track". So, if your version of the album doesn't have this sticker, and if the track isn't listed on the back cover - then it's not there! This version of the album will stop after All Apologies, while the CD that contains this extra song will keep playing after All Apologies. About 20 minutes after "All Apologies" has finished (at 23:59) - this "hidden" track will begin. The song doesn't have it's own track number (it would be #13 here), but it just begins 20 minutes after All Apologies has finished. Note that the song is apparently also on the Australian version of the album. Thanks to Stuart.

Q #32: Where is the hidden song on "Nevermind" ??
A: This 'hidden' song on Nevermind is called "Endless, Nameless" and it appears on random pressings of Nevermind. It did not appear on the first pressing because the pressing plant was not aware of it. It appeared on the second pressing, because the second pressing was extremely large due to the album's growing popularity, and the band *made sure* that it was included. After that, it only appeared on random pressings of the album, because all future pressings were relatively small and spread across many different pressing plants...and not every plant is wise enough to include the song on their discs. "Endless Nameless" will appear 10 minutes after "Something in the Way" has ended (at 13:51). As with In Utero, this song shares the same track number as "Something in the Way" which is #12. If your CD stops playing after "Something in the Way", then it doesn't contain the extra track. A copy with or without "Endless Nameless" CANNOT be recognized by looking at the cover or the artwork, and the track is not listed on the back. However, the CD with "Endless Nameless" is approximately 59:23 min long and the CD without "Endless Nameless" is only 42:39 min long. The only way to be positive that you are purchasing a Nevermind CD with the track "Endless Nameless" is to ask a store clerk to open the disc and tell you the total length of the disc is before you purchase it, or to buy the MFSL Gold Disc version (which is now out of print) because all Gold Disc copies definitely contain the song. Thanks to Juan for this info.

Peter added some extra info; "I have known about Endless, Nameless being on Nevermind for years but have only acquired a copy this year in February (2nd hand). I think I know why Australia doesn't have the special CD in every Australian store. When Nevermind was published Geffen wouldn't have sent the master copy to Sony Australia Unlimited (our main pressing company), Geffen would have sent them one of those first 20,000."

Q #33: When will there be a new Nirvana album out ??
A: A box set was released in November, 2004. When a new album is coming out, I don't know.

Q #34: Where can I meet other Nirvana fans I can talk with ?
A: Try NFC's discussion board here. Also try the IRC channel #NirvanaClub through our chatroom.

Q #36: Hey, why do you keep this site up when you don't make any money off it ?
A: Well it has grown to be quite a hobby maintaining this website. I enjoy talking about Nirvana, and I'm flattered by all the attention this site has received over the years. Those are the main reasons I keep it going. Despite what some people believe, I am NOT currently making a lot of profit by this site. Some people think the money will roll right in when you have a domain name. In my case that is not true. I don't earn anything by this, actually I pay $$ every month to a host that keeps the site up. I guess one of the main reasons I keep it up is the massive support I have received and the fact that the site is visited thousands of times every single day. And as I am a big Nirvana fan, I want to show them my support, and pay them a tribute, by having this website on the Internet.

The only financial support I receive is through the advertisements and when you click on their banner you directly support the site. Thus, please click on the ad banner, which is located on the top of the main sections. That, and by supporting the companies I'm affiliated with (, and is the only way to pay the bills to keep the site up! You can also donate money to the webmaster by using the PayPal button found on the main page.

Q #37: How do you spell Kurt Cobain ?
A: Kurt Cobain. Tons of people can, for some reason, not spell Kurt's name. The name "Kurt" is presented as "Kirt", "Kirk", "Kurdt", "Kart", "Curt", "Curdt", "Qurt", "Cirk" and what's even worse. Most people get "Cobain" right, though. So people ... The correct spelling of the name he used in 1994 is KURT DONALD COBAIN ! You might think this question is stupid, but I've seen it being spelled incorrectly many times now, which is kinda annoying, and makes the misspeller seem dumb. Indeed, it is worth to mention that he did spell his name differently in the earlier years, but the point is that it was spelled "Kurt" in 1994 prior to his demise, and that is the only recognized spelling now.

Q #38: Where can I find the song "Sappy" (aka. "Verse Chorus Verse") ?
A: The song is available on the 2004 box set "With The Lights Out" and a different version is found on the 2005 "Sliver: The best of the Box".

Q #39: Is "Verse Chorus Verse" the real title of that song ?
A: When the song first turned up, Kurt called it "Sappy". But later on it is believed to have switched name to "Verse Chorus Verse". Chad Channing and a few other have said this. Though, since we don't know for sure if this is correct - we will just refer to the song as "Sappy". That title was confirmed by Krist Novoselic in November 1999 to be the name of the song on "No Alternative".

As for the Sappy/VCV thing, James Emmons provided an interesting theory which could very well be true; " 'Sappy' had been around since at least 1988, when Kurt called it 'Sad'- That song was recorded with Butch Vig at the Smart Sessions in April 1990. Later that year, Kurt wrote 'Verse Chorus Verse,' more commonly known as 'In His Hands (or Room).' Even early setlists showed 'VCV' when 'In His Hands' was played. Just because of this, everyone seems to think that the song on 'No Alternative' is 'Sappy,' because there couldn't be two songs titled 'VCV.' What most people forget, however, is that after the original title 'I Hate Myself And Want To Die,' the second title for 'In Utero' was in fact 'Verse Chorus Verse.' At some point between late 1992 and May 1993, the song's title was changed from 'Sappy' to 'VCV'. 'VCV,' the song that is on 'No Alternative,' was originally slated to be on their upcoming album. There were originally supposed to be thirteen tracks on the new album, with 'VCV' falling at number 12 (in between 'tourette's' and 'All Apologies'). Kurt decided to change the album title from 'Verse Chorus Verse' to 'In Utero,' but the song 'VCV' was still slated to be on the album. Eventually, Kurt decided that he didn't like the version that was going to be on 'In Utero' and, at the last minute, cut the track from the album. Not wanting to just throw the track away, he gave it to the people who were making the 'No Alternative' compilation. He specifically requested that the song not be listed on the back cover because he didn't want people buying the compilation just for the unreleased Nirvana song. He wanted people to buy it for the compilation's true purpose: raising money for AIDS awareness. So, basically, there were two songs, 'Sappy' and 'Verse Chorus Verse.' 'VCV' was the original title for 'In His Hands.' Somewhere down the line, Kurt switched the title from 'Sappy' to 'VCV'. The original 'VCV' became a forgotten gem that the band never really worked on. Hopefully this provided some insight into this uncertainty." Check the list of
songs for even more info. Thanks to James for this. Note that "VCV" is just an abbreviation of "Verse Chorus Verse".

"Imodium" (aka. Immodium) and "Pay To Play" changed names too. The Nevermind track was called "Imodium" when it first turned up, and the name was changed to "Breed" after Nevermind came out, apparently to avoid possible copyright infringements with "Imodium" being the name for some sort of medicine. The other Nevermind track "Stay Away" was called "Pay To Play" when it first turned up, and changed to "Stay Away" when Nevermind was released. In the early days they actually did have to "Pay to Play" with their earnings being so small - of course this changed after "Nevermind" got out. Early versions of the 3 songs have alternate lyrics.

Q #40: Where can I get the "Outcesticide" bootlegs ?
A: A lot of people seem to be interested in these bootlegs. I guess some of the massive popularity of these bootlegs is due to the fact that they contain a lot of rare songs & rare recordings for Nirvana. Blue Moon Records have released, so far, five volumes of the Outcesticide series and all five of them have become pretty popular among traders and even people who are not really into trading. Due to the huge demand for "Outcesticide I", Blue Moon re-released it in a remastered edition, in 1999. It sounds far better than the original Outcesticide I disc and most of the technical errors are now gone. There are also tons of fakes and clones out there with the names "Outcesticide 5", "Outcesticide 7" etc. Anyway, I can't exactly say where you can get the Outcesticide bootlegs. A lot of traders own them.

I believe Blue Moon released their Outcesticide V in early '99, maybe it was in 1998. It reached the stores in early 1999. There is a rather long article about the five Outcesticide bootlegs in the April 1999 issue (#236) of "Record Collector" magazine. Apparently, Outcesticide VI was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2002, but I think it was scrapped.

Q #41: I can't find the Nirvana singles anywhere !!
A: Well, first off, it's very difficult to find the old Sup Pop singles. The first single ever - "Love Buzz" - was only made in 1000 copies and has become a collectors item today. Sometimes you can find one of the copies in various auctions usually going for more than $500. The Sliver single is fairly easy to find though, pretty cheap too. All the Nevermind and In Utero singles (six CDs) can be rather hard to find individually, but a while ago Geffen released a singles box set containing all the singles from Nevermind and In Utero - collected in a cardboard box. As a special "bonus", the complete lyrics to Nevermind are included in the liner notes for one of the singles. This box is good to get if you want the most recent Nirvana singles, and it's not very hard to find. Besides these singles, there are also some split singles .. one of them is with the Jesus Lizard featuring the Nirvana track "Oh the guilt". Check this Nirvana discography for a somewhat complete list of Nirvana singles and promos.

Q #42: What is 'NTSC' and 'PAL'? I have VHS!
A: The short answer: NTSC and PAL are both names of the type of signal that has been recorded on the tape/disc and the name of the type of output signal from the video player to the screen. NTSC and PAL are not compatible with each other. Unless it is advertised to be a dual standard player. A video player that supports the NTSC standard will only play videos recorded in NTSC. Similarly, PAL standard players will only play PAL format videos. The PAL standard is mostly used in Europe and Australia. The NTSC standard is used in the United States + most of the Pacific Rim.

The longer answer: In the world there are 3 different VCR formats, color formats actually. This basically means that if you purchase a movie in the US, you won't be able to watch it when you bring it home to Sweden - unless you have a special VCR. In countries like USA and Canada - a VCR format called "NTSC" is used - and in most European countries, the format "PAL" is used. So only PAL movies/video tapes can be watched with other PAL VCR's, and same thing with NTSC. It's difficult to explain exactly what PAL/NTSC is but you could say it is the way the picture is recorded on the video tape. The actual format of the video tape (the size of it) is called VHS, and VHS is currently used in every single country of the world. Previously, the video tape format was called "Betamax" and those tapes are smaller than VHS tapes but Betamax and VHS has nothing to do with PAL/NTSC. Also: Betamax is not used anymore, only VHS which is the world standard now.

I live in Denmark so my Nirvana tapes, my movies and whatever I record from TV is in the PAL format because my VCR was purchased here in Denmark and Denmark is one of the countries that use the PAL format. This means that my video tapes cannot be watched in a country that uses the NTSC format. If you try to view a European (PAL) recorded tape with an American VCR (NTSC), the picture will be very poor and there is usually no sound. Same thing if you attempt to view an American tape (NTSC) with a European (PAL) VCR. Because of this, if you want a Nirvana tape from me and you live in a country that uses NTSC, you won't be able to watch it unless you get the tape "converted" to NTSC in a store like Radio shack. And vice versa. The third format, SECAM, is used in countries like France and Iran and the same "rules" go for this as with PAL and NTSC. SECAM is not as common as PAL and NTSC, though, and I believe SECAM can be played with regular PAL VCR's.

BBC's definition of this strange thing is: "Countries around the world use various different parameters for transmitting TV signals". I personally have a VCR that is able to view both PAL, NTSC and SECAM recorded tapes, but I can still only record in PAL. So if you are a Nirvana trader and looking to purchase a VCR - it's a good idea getting one that can view NTSC (if you live in a PAL country) - or one that can view PAL (if you live in a NTSC country). You can also get advanced VCRs that can record and playback all three formats.

Q #43: Where can I get Nirvana videos ?
A: As far as I know, there are only three official videos with Nirvana. The most popular is "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!" which is a great video with lots of live clips and many rare interviews. This one was released by Geffen a few years ago - and can be purchased here. The Sonic Youth based video "1991: The Year Punk Broke" features some Nirvana songs recorded live as well as some interviews with the band. This one was also released by Geffen but can be somewhat difficult to find in stores, but you can purchase it online here. Another video which features the early 'In Bloom' video is Sub Pop's "Video Network : Program One". It can be purchased at Sub Pop's site. Apart from these, there are a bunch of bootleg videos with live recordings, and TV performances etc.

"Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!" was released officially on DVD in 2006.

Q #47: Do you have the complete Nirvana version of Old Age ?
A: This song was released as part of the 2004 box set, With The Lights Out.

Q #48: What does "Fuhgawz" mean ?
A: Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam once wrote "Fuhgawz" on his shirt just before a photo shoot, misspelling the word "Fugazi" which is a punk band from Washington, DC. Kurt was basically making fun of Eddie for misspelling the band name. In addition, Kurt of course enjoyed misspellings - even misspelling his own name as "Kurdt" sometimes.

Kurt wrote Fuhgawz on his shoe.

Q #49: What does "Chaka" mean ?
A: Apparently there was some infamous graffiti artist in L.A. who tagged everything as "Chaka", and after he was caught and sentenced with community service, he was told not to tag anything else. However, supposedly after he left the building, they checked the elevator to discover that he had written "Chaka" inside of it. Dave Grohl wrote "Chaka" on his drum, it can be seen in the SLTS video.

Ed Burmila came up with a different reason for the fact that Dave wrote "Chaka" on his drums. I don't know which one of these two reasons is actually true, but here it is: "There was an old, awful TV series on here in the states during the 70s called 'Land of the Lost'. It was about people living on a planet of Apes, sort of like ... well, Planet of the Apes. Anyhow, there was a skinny, long-haired monkey named Chaka on the show who flailed his arms and jumped around like crazy when he got excited. On the drums, Dave is quite animated, and when his arms and hair start flying around ... you can see how the nickname stuck to him."

Q #50: I need Nirvana information for a school project !
A: Check out the information section for lots of documents where you can get information about Nirvana. If possible, get a book called "Come as you are: The Story of Nirvana". For information about Kurt Cobain, you should get the book "Heavier Than Heaven" by Charles R. Cross. Order it here or use your local library.

Q #51: I'm not very good at English, can I E-mail you in other languages ?
A: I only know Danish and English, so you can only E-mail me in those languages. Therefore do not e-mail me in Spanish or Portuguese. E-mails in languages apart from Danish (Norwegian and Swedish is also ok) or English will be deleted. Escriba en ingl�s por favor.

Q #52: Why do you have the suicide note on your page ?
A: It has now been removed. Search google if you wish to read it.

Q #53: Who is the girl on the In Utero Disc ?
A: Actually it's a guy in a drag. The guy is Michael "Cali" DeWitt and he was nanny for Frances Bean at some point.

Q #54: Where did the title for "Smells Like Teen Spirit" come from ?
A: This answer is from the Nirvana FAQ: "One day Kurt and a friend were having a discussion about teenage revolution, they later got drunk and his friend wrote on the wall 'Kurt smells like teen spirit.' Kurt was inspired, he thought she meant he would be the type of person who could incite a teen rebellion. So he went and wrote the song. She thought that he just smelled like the deodorant. Kurt hadn't even heard of the deodorant at the time, and he claimed to have rarely used it himself."

Q #55: What is the meaning behind [Insert song title here] ?
A: There is a whole book about Nirvana song meanings entitled "Smells Like Teen Spirit: The story behind every Nirvana song".

Q #56: Where can I find a list of Nirvana's albums ?
A: Here is a list of full length Nirvana albums:

In Utero
Unplugged in New York
From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah
Nirvana (Best-Of)
With The Lights Out (box set)
Sliver: The best of the box

These albums above can be purchased from
Amazon. Besides these there are a ton of singles, EP's, compilations and much much more with Nirvana material. It's impossible to list everything here. Most is listed here. For a list of live recordings check out this site.

Q #57: How do I [Insert question here] to the Nirvana Fan Club Newsletter ?
A: The NFC Newsletter was sent out to subscribers between June 1998 and September 1999. It has now been replaced by the news and updates section. This section basically contains the same as the newsletters did, just with many more details. Thus, you can no longer subscribe to the NFC newsletter. All you can do is read past NFC newsletters that were published. Find them here.

Q #59: What's this "Fecal Matter Demo" I keep hearing about ?
A: Fecal Matter is the name of the first rock band that Kurt Cobain formed. This band consisted of Kurt on guitar and vocals, Dale Crover on bass, and Greg Hokanson on drums. They recorded a fifteen song demo in late 1985 at Kurt's aunt Mari Earl's house. This demo is the holy grail of Nirvana bootlegs, because it is the earliest "real" recording that Kurt ever made and it contains over a dozen unheard Kurt Cobain songs that have still never been released (except for "Spank Thru" which is available on the 2005 album "Sliver: The best of the box").

In 1997, an online group calling themselves FMQ found a tape which they claimed to be the Fecal Matter Demo. This recording turned out to be a FAKE. Unfortunately, this recording has been traded by the thousands, and many people are STILL trading and selling this fraudulent recording. DO NOT buy or trade this recording - it is not really Kurt Cobain. It is some kid playing loud guitar and banging and screaming ... it was recorded by a fan as a "practical joke", and it is not even good for entertainment value. It is not at all like the real Fecal Matter demo, which is actually quite musical in comparison. This "fake" recording always consists of seven songs with the following titles, in various orders: Bambi Slaughter / Buffy's Pregnant / Downer (Instrumental) / Laminated Effect / Spank Thru / Sound of Dentage / Suicide Samurai

This demo was proven to be fake when the person who actually made it posted sound files of separate instruments on the internet, and when people who have heard the REAL demo confirmed it to be a fake. Anybody selling or trading this demo is committing a fraudulent act, and anybody who pays for - or trades a copy - is making a big mistake. The above tracklisting, however, has been around for years and has been published in several Nirvana books. Thus, it can't be ruled out that a different demo was in fact made, with these tracks. But a recording of this has not surfaced.

The REAL "Fecal Matter" demo consists of fifteen songs. Information about the REAL "Fecal Matter" has been provided by a Melvins roadie who actually owns it, and it is NOT available in trading circles at this time. Thanks to Juan for corrections.

One song, "Spank Thru", from the Fecal Matter Demo was released officially in 2006 with "Sliver: The Best of the Box". In addition, clips of other songs from the demo are circulating online. To date, the complete demo has not been released officially or shown up in trader's circles.

here for part two of the NFC FAQ.