New album by Ohio band Nerd Table features Nirvana cover with Chad Channing

Nerd Table, hailing from Columbus Ohio, will release a new EP on January 15th, 2015. Featuring a Nirvana cover Big Long Now with Chad Channing (Nirvana, Before Cars) on guest vocals, Chad also sings on Bitch Eat Baloney All Day which also has a really cool guitar solo from the legendary Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers). There will be 30 limited edition copies available. Each CD is an original piece of art by Galactic Turkey. The cover has art by Elmo Kirkwood (Meat Puppets).

Read more about the album at:

Nerd Table IV The Quest For Peace
1. Fucking Nazi Bitch - Mastered by Kramer (Noise Miami)
2. Big Long Now - Mastered by Tad Doyle (Witch Ape Studio - Skyway Audio)
3. Bitch Eat Baloney All Day - Mastered by Big Bass Brian Gardner
4. In The P.M. (this is a "hidden" track)

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